7 Most Relaxing Kratom Strains

    Are you in search of organic ways of keeping your mind and body relaxed? Do you find it hard to overcome unease and discomfort? No worries we have got everything covered for you. Kratom is a tropical herb that is well known for its relaxing and sedating effects. It is available in different veins out of which the most potent for relaxation are red, green, and yellow. For many people, red is the ultimate choice as it is the most efficient.

    But if you are new to kratom you need to know that sedation and relaxation are two different things. Therefore you need to select the right strains that may help you relax rather than sedate you.

    With so many options on the shelf, making the right choice becomes difficult. Here in this article, we have designed a list of the best relaxing strains on the basis of the information collected from the kratom users, vendor reviews, and their chemical nature.

    How Does Kratom Relax Our Bodies?

    Every botanical is composed of a number of chemical compounds that account for the effects it has on our body. Similarly, kratom contains many alkaloids that account for its relaxing effects. These include; mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

    Although kratom also contains several other alkaloids these two are mostly responsible for their viable effects on our bodies. Out of these, the 7-hydroxy mitragynine is more involved in soothing our nerves, inducing euphoria, sedation and hence causing relaxation.

    A  survey conducted in 2017, to answer various questions on the use of kratom for mental health and stability hinted at the efficacy of the drug in treating discomfort and uneasiness by relaxing our nerves. Kratom is known to cause relaxation by rebalancing emotional and physical health by improving brain functions.

    As it is commonly seen that those suffering from restlessness and nervousness fall prey to discomforts and unease, kratom targets these root causes by enhancing mood, improving brain functions, focus span, and rescheduling and regularizing our mood patterns. It leaves the patient feeling completely relaxed.


    It is to be noted that the effects of kratom are always dosage-dependent. According to

    The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association,  low dosages from about 1 to 5 g have a stimulant effect on our body and for relaxing effects, people usually take it in about 5 to 16 g. This rule holds true for almost all veins and strains.

    What Are The Best Relaxing Kratom Strains Of All Time?

    It would be an overstatement to call a single kratom strain to be the ultimate body relaxant because the relaxing effects of every strain depend on the dosage and the metabolism of the consumer. Therefore we prepared a list of the top relaxing strains based on consumers’ and vendors’ reviews. On the whole green and red strains are most widely taken for their relaxing properties. Here we have discussed the most effective species from both of them.

    1. Red Maeng Da Kratom

    Red Maeng da kratom grown in the tropical forests of Maeng da is a typical red vein kratom strain. Red veins are made from the leaves of the plant which is in the last stages of its cycle i.e. the most mature stage. After careful picking, the leaves are then dried under the scorching sun or sometimes the UV rays to achieve the wild red color. The drying is followed by fermenting which is responsible for the flavonoids in the strain.

    Alkaloid Content

    Not all red vein strains are rich in the alkaloid 7-hydroxy mitragynine that accounts for relaxing properties but Red Maeng Da contains the highest amount of this alkaloid. Along with alkaloids, it is also rich in flavonoids. When asked by various kratom users about which strains they prefer for relaxing and soothing effects the straight answer was the Red Maeng Da.


    When taken regularly, Red Maeng Da Kratom with no side effects can be an ideal relaxant. It helps in improving mood and relaxing the body. It produces the best result when used in the day. Another plus point of taking it in a day will be getting proper time to practice calmness and smoothness of nerves through therapies that enhance the effect of the herb. While feeling relaxed you can work on various endeavors without burden. Resultantly you will live a productive and happy life.

    2. Red Bali Kratom

    Bali Islands Indonesia are popular tourist spots. The Bali kratom is available in a number of strains such as white, green, and red. The red strain is most commonly consumed by users looking for a calming and soothing kratom strain.

    Alkaloid Content

    The kratom strains grown in Bali are rich in more than 25 alkaloids 7-hydroxy mitragynine, Mitragynine, mitraphylline, speciogynine, and 9-hydroxycorynantheidine to name a few.


    Due to this large number of alkaloids, it has a range of benefits and is one of the strongest kratom strains. Another perspective feature is its price. It is comparatively less expensive than other red veins. The most prominent effects of red Bali kratom on the body are in enhancing mood, relieving discomfort, and helping alleviate suffering. At higher doses, no strain can come closer ineffectiveness in relaxing nerves and body to Red Bali Kratom.

    3. Red Borneo Kratom

    If you are suffering from generalized nervousness, lack of productivity, restlessness, and are in a low mood for some time, Red Borneo Kratom can be like a charm for you. It has its origins in various tribal areas of SouthEast Asia.

    Alkaloid Content

    Similar to Red Bali, Red Borneo is rich in alkaloids that make it really effective. 7- hydroxy mitragynine responsible for relaxing effects on the body present in it is sufficiently greater than many white and green strains. The presence of this alkaloid is why it is the first choice of many consumers.


    Many consumers actively share their experiences on social media platforms like Reddit. According to the data collected from various Reddit users, red Borneo is very much effective for inducing sedation and relaxation of the nervous system. The regular dosage of Red Borneo works on your energy levels, helps you fight uneasiness and discomfort, enhances your focus, and increases your productivity.

    4. Green Malay Kratom

    This potent and very popular kratom strain grows mainly in Malaysia. Malaysia and Indonesia are among the major producers of kratom and Green Malay kratom is an abundantly produced blend. Various kratom strains induce sedation along with relaxation when taken in higher doses. Consumers who look for strains that produce relaxing effects but are not sedative are usually very inclined towards the Green Malay.

    Alkaloid Content

    The strain has an average quantity of the alkaloid 7-hydroxy mitragynine. It also contains Mitragynine and that is why it usually does not cause overpowering or excessive sedation. So don’t worry about dozing throughout the day after consuming Green Malay.


    Various users love Green Malay for its relaxing properties and increasing focus while working. Users have reported that this is an ideal strain to pass an upsetting day with calmness and a relaxed mind. It is often regarded as a wonder pill especially for those working from 9 to 5 or more.

    5. Green Maeng Da Kratom

    The next green strain on our list is the Green Maeng Da kratom. It is to be noted that not all green kratom strains are effective in relaxing the mind and body but Green Maeng Da is one of its types. The Green Maeng Da is actually the blend of the white and red strains. With this, you get to taste the benefits of both worlds. Therefore with this strain, you can expect to feel relaxed as well as energetic.

    Alkaloid Content

    As we know that red strains are rich in 7-hydroxyMitragynine and White strains in Mitragynine the green Maeng Da resultantly contain both of these in approximately similar quantities.


    It has strong relaxing effects and is an ideal supplement for people looking for a calm, cozy and relaxed feeling. The mixed effects of both the strains are why the strain is often preferred over the others. It has helped many people in their journey against

    restlessness and nervousness. For all those looking for a solution to reduced

    productivity and no-focused episodes at their workplace, this is an ideal strain for them.

    6. Gold Bali Kratom

    We already discussed the details of the Red Bali Kratom. Here we have his cousin Gold Bali. Do you know what would be better than the Red Bali and white Bali kratom? the gold Bali kratom because it gives out the essence of both. For all those who suffer from restlessness due to discomfort, Gold Bali can be a perfect choice.

    Alkaloid Content

    The red strain after being sun-dried is fermented. The process of fermentation is largely responsible for an increased amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine making the gold strain much more effective than the two strains used separately (the white and the red). Where Red Bali causes relaxation and sudden shift in energy levels the gold Bali has more of a sedative-relaxing effect.


    Gold Bali is a very potent kratom strain. It also helps you restore your appetite which most people lose during restlessness and agitation. It relaxes our muscles, enhances mood, and has an overall calming and soothing effect on our body.

    7. Red Thai Kratom

    As the name indicates the Thai kratom is native to Thailand. On the whole, Thai is available in white, green, and red veins and also comes in different strain varieties. Red Thai kratom is what most vendors suggest for relaxation and fighting discomforts, restlessness, and uneasiness. Red Thai kratom, although of Thailand, is widely grown in Indonesia. According to farmers, it is very profitable and delightful to have it in their farms due to its high yield and resistance to molds and diseases.

    Alkaloid Content

    The Red Thai we mostly get here is from Indonesia. Due to Indonesia’s soil and its heritage, Red Thai possesses a complex alkaloid profile. It is defined as a perfect balance between the green and the white strains. At higher doses it is more potent in enhancing your mood, causing relaxation and sedation than other red veins.


    Many Red veins are often very difficult to cultivate and are therefore not readily available. Red Thai on the other hand is commercially easy to produce and therefore you may not have much trouble finding it. If you are looking for a strain with proven effects in soothing and calming your body, you cannot go wrong with the Red Thai.

    Among all the other effects it is best known for causing physical well-being, muscle, and nerve relaxation. The alkaloids present in it are dominating and pose a magical effect on the mind and body. One of the major ways through which it relaxes our muscles and nerves is by regularizing our brain functions.

    How To Choose The Right Strain For You?

    A  Reddit user posted his personal experience explaining different kratom strains. According to him, all strains are produced from the same plant and farmers in

    Indonesia does not even know which leaves will form which type of strain at the time of cultivation. Rather all these strains are a result of different fermenting and drying techniques and are formed by blending two or more strains. In addition to that, he mentioned that every vendor has his own recipe for making a strain.

    Therefore changing a vendor every two months can actually cause a little change in results. It can be better than the previous or God knows worse. But one thing for sure is that the vendors do not have their own stocks and produce different strains from the leaves of a single tree. The good vendors however blend crumbs and not the powder. These crumbs can be powdered when needed or on-demand.

    There is no doubt in the fact that all the strains and varieties mentioned above are effective and relax the mind, body, and nerves. The right kratom strain for you however depends on the combination of effects you are looking for. If you are looking for strains to relax your body via sedation botanicals like Red Thai are ideal.

    On the contrary, not all like to feel relaxed through slumber and prefer a mood enhancer, or mild stimulant, and can find their peace in strains like Maeng da kratom. Mixing kratom strains on your own for gaining multiple effects is also a good idea after you have made sure that the two strains do not interact with each other in any way.

    Can We Increase The Relaxing Effects Of Kratom In Different Strains?

    As discussed earlier the relaxing effects of each strain depend on the dosage and alkaloid content. Nevertheless, there are ways through which you can increase the relaxing

    effects of these strains. One way is mixing them with other herbal extracts often known as potentiators as they potentiate the effects of these strains.

    For relaxation mixing, kratom and red poppy seeds is a common practice. Ginseng herb can also be mixed with kratom in the form of tea for enhancing its relaxing and calming effects. According to regular kratom users mixing higher quantities or using intense stimulating herbs does not produce ideal results.

    Final Thoughts

    For all those in the troubled phases of their lives relaxing kratom strains are like a haven. Even those living regular lives catering to day-to-day challenges become problematic when you are not relaxed or are restless. A relaxed body and a calm mind

    are two major requirements to be the best of yourself. In conclusion from the opinions collected from the users, red strains are often the most relaxing kratom strains. Green strains on the other hand are piece and parcel of consumers who love to have mild, non-sedating yet relaxing effects.


    All the information mentioned above is in no way enforced or prescribed by a physician or health specialist. In addition to that keeping in view the lack of latest research that the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  has not allowed the consumption of kratom for treating uneasiness and restlessness. Since kratom is not a drug it is not however regulated by the FDA. In case of any disease, it is always better to consult your physician before getting on a regular dose.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How To Take Kratom For Relaxation?

    The best way of taking kratom for you would be according to your convenience and ease. However, according to most consumers, there are three major ways of taking kratom for relaxation:

    ● Toss and wash

    ● Making a cup of tea

    ● Capsules or tablets

    How To Find The Best Vendor?

    It is always suggested to not compromise on the quality of the kratom strains. It is, therefore, necessary to buy kratom from well-trusted and renowned botanicals. You can choose the best vendor on the basis of the users’ reviews or try one or more vendors before reaching a conclusion.

    Does Taking Kratom For Relaxation Have Any Side Effects?

    According to renowned vendors and experienced users, kratom is taken for relaxation does not harm the body. But it is always suggested to be cautious about the dosage and avoid over-consumption.

    What Side Effects Can Occur If We Don’t Take The Right Dosage?

    A well above the recommended dosage can interfere with the normal functioning of the body to cause conditions like:

    ● dry mouth

    ● itching

    ● frequent urination

    ● headache

    ● constipation

    ● drowsiness

    ● dizziness

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