7 OHM Labs Kratom – Then and Now

    Life has many surprises in its bag for you. But no one can be more sincere to their work or the product they sell more than a person who once reached the pinnacle of success and ruled the market but then fell on their face and almost disappeared. Yet, they continue to sell the same product because they believe in their work and their product. 7 OHM Kratom or 7 OHM labs Kratom is one of such vendors.

    7 OHM Kratom was one of the most famous Kratom selling sites for two whole years, i.e., 2016 and 2017. Then for some reason, the vendor disappeared and is now struggling to make a fresh appearance with a new set of wonderful products available on their site.

    Their commitment to their products cannot be questioned since despite facing a plethora of difficulties in establishing everything from scratch, they are not ready to compromise on the quality. This is apparent from being the first-ever independent vendor to get their products checked from a third-party lab.

    Yet, they have more than just accountability to offer. To know more, we have compiled a detailed and well-researched report-cum-review for our readers so that they can have the most authentic and updated information regarding their favorite vendor.

    7 OHM; What Do They Stand For?

    As you may have guessed already, 7 ohm is an acronym. It stands for 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which represents the indole alkaloid obtained from the Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) plant. The receptors that Kratom activates, such as the kappa, delta, and mu receptors, are said to reduce pain, relieve stress, and have euphoric effects. 

    7 ohm was the first of all kratom vendors in the U.S to introduce one of the most popular forms in which Kratom is taken now, the Kratom extract. That too, not just in liquid, but kratom powder form as well. Thus along with quality and control, they have yet another thing to offer, i.e., innovation.

    Another one of the selling points of the brand is its response rate and speedy delivery. The product will be reaching your doorsteps as soon as in 2-5 days after you have placed your order. 

    Products Of The Vendor

    7 Ohm indeed has an exciting and unique blend of extracts to offer. The concentration level and purity of their products are also admirable. Moreover, the third-party lab check, which is also available on their website, creates an air of trust between the vendor and the customer. 

    7 ohm has a ridiculously large number of choices offered on their website because of the availability of almost all the strains of Kratom that could be found, such as green, red, and white. Apart from the products sorted and labeled in accordance with the strain they are prepared from (e.g., green kratom vein and red kratom elephant), 7 ohm has some special products. 

    An introduction to their special products and extracts is given below, which will give you an idea of the quality and uniqueness of their products.

    • Extract Special: Since the concentration level of the products you will find in this section is exceptionally high i.e., 200 XS, the rates are also high, i.e., 40$. It is also important to note that the extract comprises different products such as EGMD, red elephant, and super green. 
    • CBD Special: Costing about 25$ per gram, this product is not only 9.98% pure but also has gained approval from CBN lab test, which certainly justifies the rate. 
    • CBD Tincture: It is a product that is said to have two times the strength of normal Kratom powder since it contains a mixture of raw Kratom alkaloid and CBD. Combined, these two substances can produce excellent results and are great pain relievers by many users.

    Pricing And Sample Packages

    Like almost every other vendor, their pricing depends greatly on the quantity and kind of product you intend to buy for yourself. Yet still, starting primarily from $5/20 grams, their prices are pretty reasonable. 

    Moreover, they also give free products. You can get one free product on the purchase of at least three that cost you $20/100. Also, if you are buying three products that cost you $40/250, you will once again get a free product on delivery. 

    It is also important to note that you can obtain the product in bulk quantity as well. But for this purpose, you will have to first explain it to them via email before placing a large order so that you can avail their reduced prices. 

    Also, 7 ohm adds samples to the packages if demand for the new customers to try out their product first. This, indeed, is a plus point for the vendor.

    Payment Method, Refund And Return

    Unlike the Kratom vendors with a limited number of payment options available, 7 ohm has a number of them for the ease of their customers. Their payment methods include Money Order, e-checks, and even crypto-currency as well. And as mentioned before, they have a super fast delivery system, and once the order is placed, you are guaranteed to receive the desired product within days.

    Now let’s talk a little about the refund policy of 7 ohms. Many vendors do not even have a refund policy. Many complicate the process that the customer would rather throw the undesired product away instead of requesting a return and refund.

    7 ohm is unlike any of such vendors and they even accept the product that is opened and unused up-to 75% with a full return of the amount paid for the product by the customer.

    Customers’ Opinions

    While making a purchase online, the people’s feedback on the product is extremely valuable to the new buyers. However, since the vendor is trying to make a comeback, taking a fresh start, and building everything from scratch, not many reviews are available on their website.

    Yet if one follows the Kratom community on the internet, one is bound to find many good reviews and positive comments about 7 ohms on different sites. The brand is often praised by the users and has been mentioned by people for having a high quality and offering a wide range.

    7 Ohm: Trustworthy or Not?

    At the beginning of this article, it has been mentioned that the vendor was out of business since 2018 and is now struggling to make a fresh start. If you try to access the site, you will come across a number of alerts that the site is currently out of function. Moreover, even the 7-ohm labs released an alert that since they are out of function and unable to access their database, the customers should avoid placing an order or making any payment.

    Thus, despite all the qualities they have, the products they offer, the variety, and uniqueness, it is advisable to avoid making a deal with 7 ohms until they are fully back with an authentic online representation.

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