7 Ways To Boost Your Matcha Tea Effects

    The pandemic has made people take care of their health more than usual. They have switched the items in their diet to healthy and immunity-boosting ones. Amidst other items, Matcha Tea’s consumption has been skyrocketed lately. People have been using Matcha Tea in Latte, Tea powder, Leaves, and even desserts in almost every café and shop. One can not deny the benefits its consumption has been provided the people lately.

    Is Matcha Tea different from regular tea? It is one of the most asked questions. The answer is, Yes, it is. You cannot compare it with regular green tea just because its color is green. It is similar neither in appearance nor in benefits. Matcha Tea has been prepared from the plant Camellia sinensis. Its leaves are harvested and crushed to make the powder after the stems and veins are removed. It contains a greater amount of leaves with antioxidants.

    Matcha Tea can be prepared by following simple steps:

    • Make Matcha sit into a bowel and add water.
    • Whisk it and make the paste out of it.
    • Pour steamed milk into it, and your tea is ready.

    If you consume the tea like any other regular tea, you can not get the maximum benefits. Unlike other beverages, you can boost up Matcha Tea’s effects, and you can do this by keeping a few steps in mind while making and consuming Matcha Tea.

    Brew The Tea In Cold Water

    As you have studied earlier that Matcha Tea acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are the defense agents of the body. They delay aging and chronic diseases. If you brew the tea in hot water, then all the antioxidant properties of the tea fade away, and the purpose of consuming matcha will not be the same. You have to extract the best out of it, and you can do that after you brew it in cold water. Its antioxidants will remain safe and active. This way, it can boost up its effects.

    Aim For Small But Regular Doses For a Greater Mental Boost

    There are many myths about beverages that “the higher the dose, the more the effects will be.” But it’s not correct for Matcha Tea. You can not increase its effects by taking the tea in high doses. On the contrary, it will reduce the effects and make you sluggish. Its controlled and suggested dose mimics the action of dopamine which makes you feel pleasure and relaxed. Its excessive dose will increase brain activity, and as a result, you will feel anxious, and it causes iron deficiency. That’s why Research says that to enhance its effects, you need to consume small but regular doses.

     If you are a frequent tea drinker, then take Matcha Tea 4-5 times a day but each time with small doses to have the maximum effects. A study shows that for Adult male consuming 200 milligrams (mg) is the ideal dose and gives maximum effects. But it should be consumed regularly, keeping suggested doses in check to boost up its effects.

    Consume Tea At The Right Time

    According to the Research, timing is a very important factor in the consumption of a beverage. There is another common practice among people that they like taking hot beverages right after they wake up. This is a wrong practice. You lose the effects of the tea if you consume it right after waking up early in the morning. You should follow your morning routine, and then almost 9:30- 10:30 am, you should drink tea. If you wonder what difference it makes, let me tell you that Matcha Tea’s effect will decrease instead of boosting up if you don’t get it at the right time. You should drink it to get the maximum output, which can only happen if you keep the timing in mind.

    Drink Tea Before Workout

    Matcha Tea is not like regular or green tea. You need to understand how it works and the methods to make the best out of it. It would be best if you took it before working out. Let me tell you why. Matcha tea itself is a performance-enhancing Tea. It is legal, cheap, and gives benefits like no other Tea or drug. It also improves athletic performances. Many athletes had witnessed performing better than before after they added Matcha Tea in their diet. But there is a trick that you should drink Matcha Tea before your workout or any strenuous physical activity to have its maximum effects.

    If you drink Matcha Tea after you complete the task thinking that it will soothe you and reduce the lethargy, then it’s not going to work this way. It will not make any difference, and you will not feel active no matter how much tea you drink. This would happen because you haven’t consumed it at the right time, and the effects will not boost. Want to boost up Matcha Tea’s effect? Drink it before you work out so that it helps you to stay the course and go further during your activity.

    Consume The Dose of Tea According To Your BMI

    Body Mass Index (BMI) is the scale to determine the person’s value of height and weight. It is very helpful to know your BMI and then consume the Matcha Tea accordingly. What would be the use to taking the beverage if you don’t take the dose according to your weight? As you know, excess of everything is bad, and taking tea more than your body needs at a time is not going to give you any benefit. On the other hand, it loses its effects. That’s why consuming tea according to your BMI boosts the effects and gives you the energy it claims to provide.

    Drink Tea Before Your Nap

    You are drinking tea before or after a nap is not an issue when it’s regular tea. But for Matcha tea, you have to consume it before the nap to have its maximum benefits. People who struggle to have a peaceful sleep should follow this. It helps you have a peaceful sleep and keeps you active after you wake up. You can drink Matcha Tea after you wake up, but that’s not going to give you the maximum effects. To boost up its effects, you should consume it before you take a nap because the right time will help you adjust your sleep cycle.

    Drinking Tea Over a Longer Period Increases Its Effects

    There is a common understanding among people to take the cup of tea one after another to have maximum effects. It’s a completely wrong concept. You can’t drink 3-4 cups at a time and expect it to work more effectively. Matcha Tea doesn’t work this way. To have its maximum benefits, you need to learn how it works. If you want to drink more tea thinking that it does affect your body more, then take tea with breaks. There should be a gap of a maximum of 3 hours before you take the next cup. This way, you can consume more tea, as you want, but with greater effects.


    Learning and understanding how Matcha Tea works will make you get benefited from it. It has more benefits than regular or green tea, but its effects can also be suppressed if not consumed correctly. The methods mentioned above will increase its effects, and you will have the maximum effects of the beverage. Studies have shown that the people who used the Matcha Tea following the protocols have witnessed its maximum effects compared to those who didn’t. This proves that it can increase Matcha Tea’s effects following the instructions.

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