All You Need To Know About Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark

    Several different methods, substances, and processes have been discovered throughout the years to treat and manage pain and general upper respiratory tract infections.

    Most of these involved the use of natural botanical products. The use of roots, bark, and leaves started long before modern medication. But, unfortunately, before modern medicine, that is all that people had! 

    With time, humanity made newer discoveries; technology was developed, and lo and behold! We are where we are right now.

    But not to discredit modern medicine or anything, many natural biological products are still used heavily to this day for their effects and convenience of use. One such thing is the Mimosa hostilis root bark.

    The mimosa bark has cultural and medicinal significance, and to this day, it is highly sought after for its effects. If you’re curious, we have compiled all the essential details that you should know about the Mimosa hostilis root bark.

    What Is a Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark?

    A Mimosa hostilis is a kind of small tree or shrub that has a long-standing association with spiritualism and rituals. The root bark of this tree has been used in many concoctions and teas by shamans for the treatment of mild ailments and even more so for its hallucinogenic properties.

    Basic Information

    Botanical Name : Mimosa tenuiflora

    Synonym: Mimosa hostilis. Jurema preta. Columbia. Black jurema. 

    Family: Fabaceae. 

    Part Used: Root bark. 

    What Does The Plant look like? 

    It is a small tree or shrub with fern-like branches with leaves that grow as leaflets all over. It can grow up to 26ft in height and often has white fragrant flowers. In some varieties, during the Nov-July period, fruit is also produced. It has a dark red-brown colored bark, while the inside of the tree is yellowish. 

    Why Is It Called a Pioneer Plant? 

    The tree is renowned for being strong enough to withstand environments affected by forest fires—making it one of the “pioneer plants” that were one of the first species of life that inhabited the lands. 

    Where Did It Originate From? 

    This perennial tree or shrub is native to the Northern regions of Brazil and the Southern regions of Mexico. However, you can also find this shrub all over Venezuela and Colombia, as it is readily found in areas of lower altitudes. 

    What Are The Main Constituents Of This Plant? 

    Mimosa bark is rich in tannins. The same chemical found in tea and coffee is helpful for its styptic and astringent properties. Besides that, the bark is also rich in other valuable substances such as lipids, alkaloids, glucosides, etc. And some essential sugars like Xylose and arabinose. A necessary part of this bark is the DMT content present in it. 

    The Medicinal Uses Of Mimosa Root Bark 

    1. Generally, mimosa bark was widely used to treat pain, cough, and bronchitis. 
    2. It was also used as an extract to heal wounds. Because of the high concentration of tannins present in it, it helps speed up the process. Tannins precipitate the proteins and hence, help close up wounds. 
    3. In recent years, this root bark has been widely popularized by internet celebrities for skincare. They claim that products containing extract of the mimosa bark were sure to make your skin feel firmer and tighter, and since then, the plant has been mass-produced as a cosmetic ingredient as it does stimulate collagen production. 
    4. The plant also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and is an excellent antiseptic against bacteria and viral agents. 
    5. A tea made from the root bark is used to help with toothache. 
    6. The bark also has anti-aging properties where it is used to help with wrinkles and blemishes. 

    Some Of The Important Uses of Mimosa in Industries 

    Due to the presence of tannins, mimosa bark is also used to a significant extent in the leather tanning industry. As mentioned, tannins help precipitate proteins and so are used to make leather from animal hide. 

    Besides that, Mimosa bark is also a good source of purple and brown pigments and is frequently used as a dye in different cosmetics and textiles. 

    What Is the Cultural Background Of The Mimosa Hostilis Root bark? 

    A strong culture is associated with the Mimosa bark for its hallucinogenic properties. For example, the Jurema cult in Northern Brazil uses it as a shamanistic ritual. 

    This ritual consisted of brewing a tea made from this bark and drinking it to help people with their depression or recover from PTSD


    The scientific reasoning behind this is about 1-1.7% DMT present in the bark. DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is a psychedelic drug whose effect is strong enough to cause auditory and visual hallucinations. Due to it being used for this psychedelic effect, DMT is considered a “spirit molecule” because of the visual hallucination a person experiences. The effect lasts for a short while but is powerful enough to be misused easily.

    What Is The Relationship Between Mimosa And The Tradition Of Ayahuasca? 

    Ayahuasca is a psychoactive brew used as a spiritual drink in different religious and spiritual ceremonies and rituals. Traditionally made with other notable plants, it is simply a strong decoction obtained by boiling these barks and roots. This brew has a strong psychoactive effect on people and provides them with a state of euphoria.

    Although not precisely the same, the mimosa root bark is also used in the same way and is often talked about interchangeably. However, there are slight differences in the extraction and preparation processes of traditional Ayahuasca and mimosa root bark extract. 

    What Are Some Of The Side Effects Of Using Mimosa? 

    People can abuse this plant for its psychedelic properties. However, it is not strictly regulated in most countries. As a result, many people may feel nauseous, dizzy, or even vomit after using the extract or root in any way. Diarrhea is also familiar with its use, and some people might even have an increase in anxiety at a higher dose.

    Where Can You Find Mimosa hostilis Root Bark for Yourself?  

    There is a large market for this root bark. You can virtually find it at any online vendor that sells natural medicinal products. The best part might be that you can get the root itself or even have extracts or powdered root delivered right to your doorstep. 

    Online Vendors:

    Amazon, eBay, and even sites solely dedicated to the sale of mimosa bark are readily offering different products with mimosa bark in it. So you’re sure to find something that benefits you. 

    We found some sites that you might want to check out. 

    The Mimosa Company 

    They seem to offer 100% pure Mimosa hostilis root bark, and they have different forms in which you can buy it. 

     Available Products:

    1. Root Bark Powder. 
    2. Finely Shredded Root Bark. 
    3. Coarsely Shredded Root Bark. 
    4. Whole Root Bark. 


    50g of any of these will cost you around 14 euros. But, if you want to know, the company also claims that their harvesting process doesn’t damage the plant, and they only use the inner bark.

    So, if you’re looking to buy the bark, but you’re also careful about environmental damage, then you should look into this company and see what they’re all for and if it’s a good deal for you. 

    Avalon Magic Plants 

    It is an online store that offers a lot of herbs and other medicinal plants. Especially plants that are widely available throughout the regions of Brazil. The website curates exotic as well as commonly used medicinal plants for a cheaper price and you’re sure to find a good deal on there as well.


    Here, you can find 50g worth of bark for around 12 euros.

    India Mart

    This site might cater more to people that live in India than internationally. But you can find and buy the mimosa root bark about 1-5kg for varying prices. The site also sells other Ayurveda products and can be a good source of other natural medicines.

    These sites are registered for the Netherlands and offer delivery to various places. And seem to be legit service sites and have been accepted well by people.

    How To Use Mimosa Root Bark

    If you can get the fresh plant, you can extract the bark out yourself. All you need is a sharp knife, some time, and patience, and then you’re done.

    Cutting: Cut the fresh branches into stripes, then piece them out into your desired lengths.

    Drying: Allow the strips to dry out completely. For this, you can either let them be in the sunlight or keep them stored in an airtight container.

    Usage: Once dry, you can either make a tincture with your root bark or even go for the infamous tea. Allow the bark to infuse by using hot boiling water entirely. Then, allow it to cool and drink. 

    Final Thoughts

    Mimosa root bark is one of the best naturally available psychedelics. So, if you’re in the market for such a thing, you can easily find it. But, of course, the best thing to do before you do that is to check the legality of use and ownership of the plant. Since it is a psychedelic, it has abuse properties and shouldn’t be used for the wrong purposes.

    Mimosa does seem to have a good list of benefits that anyone would be willing to invest in and try out for themselves. From healthier hair to good skin. Even relief from toothache and bronchitis.

    The uses cover a wide range of interests for people. But it would be best if you always were more brilliant when it comes to things like this. Despite it being a natural product, you can still get adverse reactions from the use of the root bark, and so you should consult with a doctor or a physician and see if you’re able to use it or not. Always be careful with substances that have any relation to brain activity, as any alteration in doses can also cause long-lasting harmful effects.

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