Advice For Flying With Kratom

    Kratom has been the subject of on-and-off discussion for quite some time. Due to its healing and curative effects, the botanical substance is consumed by many, suffering from anxiety, depression, and other chronic health issues.

    The therapeutic and medicinal nature of Mitragyna can cause a long-term dependency on the powder. Which prompts its habitual consumers, to carry it with them whenever they travel. However, things aren’t exactly as simple as they seem, because many countries do not perceive Ketum as a medicinal herb.

    Therefore, it is recommended that before planning your journey you should always review the legal status of Speciosa to the country or state you are traveling to. This will save you from getting into any unnecessary trouble with the law.

    Why Traveling With Kratom Is Deemed Controversial?

    There are many misconceptions associated with the banning of Korth. Most of which are based on vague and obscure interpretations of the law. Moreover, the policies and regulations regarding the powder keep changing time after time, which can be confusing to a lot of people.

    The curative powder is legal in most American states. Which raises questions like, If Ketum is legitimate in most parts, then why traveling with it is deemed controversial?

    Well, the issue lies with the addictive nature of the plant. It is often included in the category of addictive drugs such as; Marijuana and hashish. Which led to its prohibition in many countries around the world.

    Another reason why the topic is considered controversial is that most people do not really know much about Speciosa and thus contain unwarranted views about the substance. When people see an unknown powder, their gut response would be that it is an illicit substance.

    Some medical experts believe that the Mitragyna powder can be used as an antidote to counter the opioid epidemic in America. While many still consider the addictive nature of the herb could be dangerous for the public.

    Laws Regarding Kratom In The US

    There is no ban on the Mitragyna powder by the US federal government, which means that the use of the herb is not regulated or controlled by the government. Most states and municipalities, however, have banned the use of the “healing substance”. Which makes it illegal to grow, sell, and use the substance within the borders of the state.

    The US States That Have Banned The Use Of Korth

    Some states have also imposed age restrictions for the usage and possession of the drug. Back in 2016, some politicians and lawmakers tried to ban the product completely, under the banner of harmful drugs like heroin and cannabis.

    The states that have imposed a complete ban on the use of the therapeutic plant are;

    • Alabama
    • Arkansas
    • Indiana
    • Wisconsin
    • Vermont
    • Tennessee
    • Washington DC
    • Rhode Island.

    There are also some counties within some states that have also imposed restrictions on the plant, named as;

    • Alton, Illinois
    • San Diego, California
    • Northern Mississippi
    • Union County, Mississippi
    • Jerseyville, Illinois
    • San Diego, California
    • Oceanside, California
    • Sarasota County, Florida

    If you are thinking of traveling to one of these states, along with your precious medicinal powder, you might want to reconsider.

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not identify Speciosa, as a medicinal drug. Furthermore, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has also pronounced that the drug contains some psychoactive components making it unfit for human consumption. But they are yet to announce a firm decision on the matter.

    The DEA authorities also proposed a resolution, banning Korth in all the US states. However, the proposal was dropped, thanks to the scientist who hoped to conduct an in-depth study on the matter. The recommendation is on hold until the scientist discovers some real therapeutic effects of Mitragyna.

    Nevertheless, the demand for Ketum, in America is higher than in any other country. Despite sanctions in many states, the popularity and usage of the plant are on the rise. Owing to the success of legal movements such as the American Kratom Association.

    International Travel Regulations For Kratom

    Laws regarding the possession and usage of Korth powder also vary in many countries. It is legal in most countries, with some exceptions.

    If you are planning for an international trip, you must consider the laws in that country regarding the use of this therapeutic herb. And also review legislations about Kakuam possession for international travelers. 

    A list of countries according to the continent is provided below, that prohibit travelers and locals from using herbal medicine.


    In many Asian countries, citizens have an open-hand regarding the possession of the healing herb. Similarly, travelers are also authorized to travel with the plant.

    Nonetheless, there are some exceptions. Countries such as; Myanmar, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and South Korea prohibit the use of Speciosa, for both local citizens and international tourists.


    Korth is prohibited for use in most of the European countries namely; Finland, Latvia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Laos, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, and Russia. In the U.K and Italy, the regulations are a bit soft. But it is still advised to check the legislation before you travel.

    Australia and Canada

    The use of Ketum is also restricted in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. However, it can be used on the prescription of a doctor. Which makes it illegal for outside tourists to carry the powder with them.

    South America

    South America has not yet approved any legislation regarding the possession and use of Kakuam. This could also indicate that there is not yet enough consumer audience of the drug. Travelers from North America and other parts of the world can bring the powder with them. Brazil, on the other hand, has a consumer market for this special herb. The country is also open to outsider Mitragyna enthusiasts.

    Middle Eastern States

    Kakuam dealings are also considered illegal in middle eastern countries and states like the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Saudi-Arabia. Therefore, you should refrain from bringing the healing plant to one of these states.

    Many countries in the world do not have set legislation about Kratom, While, some do not even know what kratom is. These states act as a haven for Korth enthusiasts from around the world.

    Airport Legalities Regarding Kratom

    Most people have confused and mixed opinions about airport security requirements concerning the possession of Ketum. In countries and states where the plant is legal, carrying it with you wouldn’t be a problem.

    On the same note, if you carry the herbal powder to countries, where it’s not that popular, you will most certainly be asked questions about it. Airport staff generally tend to ask questions about the powder you are carrying to make sure, it is not any narcotic drug such as heroin. 

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a US state department for homeland security, that is responsible for ensuring the travel laws regarding drugs are followed. The TSA authorities have strict laws that prohibit passengers from carrying illegal drugs on the plane.

    Traveling Guide; Dos and Don’ts

    Here some tips for you, if you are planning on flying with Kratom. Make sure you follow them, so you don’t get caught up by the airport staff, in any legality issues.


    Review legal policies of the countries where you are traveling – It is highly advised to research the state or country you are traveling to. Make sure the plant is considered legitimate there. Otherwise, you can get caught up in a lot of trouble.

    Carry your precious Ketum powder in an appropriate container – You should carry your precious powder with extreme care. It is recommended to keep it in an airtight jar. You should also prefer putting it in checked-in baggage to avoid any airport inquiry.

    Prepare yourself for questions from the customs staff – If however, you keep it in your back up you will certainly be asked questions about it at the customs check at the airport. So, it is better if you prepare yourself for the questions in advance. Generally, questions like; “what is it you are carrying?” or “Is it harmful to health?” are asked. You should make sure you don’t lose your cool while answering such questions.


    Never carry it where it is illegal – Carrying Ketum to a place, where it is banned is off the limits. It will not only get you caught by the customs authorities but also make you look foolish. Thus, it is best to check the substance’s legitimacy in the country you are heading to.

    Don’t lie about the herbal powder – When you are asked questions related to the herb, it is better if you stick to the truth. Never lie about the product, naming it as something else. Because nothing annoys the security staff more than lies and you will also seem fishy. You should always stick to the truth, this way you will sound more reliable.

    Don’t try to hide the container – Don’t try to hide your Mitragyna container, at the airport. If the officials catch you hiding something, it will be considered shady. They could also arrest you under the charges of suspicion. Hence, by all means, never try to hide anything. If you think something is illegal, you should not carry it in the first place.

    Final Thoughts

    Kratom laws can surely be confusing and controversial. If you are sure that a certain state permits possession of the substance within its boundaries, you are good to go.

    Don’t leave things to doubt and don’t agonize yourself by overthinking on the matter. In case you are doubtful about the laws even a little bit, leave your precious herb at home.

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