Austin Organic Village Kratom Vendor Review – 2024


    Austin’s organic village is located in the heart of the city of Austin, Texas. It was established to assist individuals in reaping the advantages of high-quality Kratom. The creator was a kratom user, and it was his passion for the substance that inspired him to start his own company.

    Austin Organic Village is now one of the largest providers of Kratom and CBD products in the world. The company not only has reasonable retail costs, but they also have some of the cheapest bulk kratom options on the market.

    Source of KratomMitragyna Speciosa is a tropical tree that is found in Southeast Asia.
    Popular Strains They Are SellingRed Bali, Red Maeng Da, and Green Maeng Da kratom
    Forms of Kratom Available for PurchasePowder and capsules
    Lab Test ReportPesticide-free botanical specimen
    Aka GMP qualified or notOnly 18 products are AKA GMP qualified
    Making Medical Claims or notNot making medical claims
    Social Media PresenceYes they have social media presence
    Social ProofingSteve-O about Austin Organic Village at
    Pricing (pricey or cheap)Very high prices
    ShippingDelivery of parcel is not safe
    Return Back GuaranteeProducts that are not can be returned within 30 days
    Payment MethodsVisa, discover card, master card, debit and credit card


    Following are the famous products.

    Red Bali:


    Red Bali kratom is a cross of Borneo and Sumatra strains. One of the most popular red Kratom strains is Red Bali. Because of its mild effects and low dose, Red Bali is an excellent beginning strain. Red Bali is recognized for making people feel relaxed and stress-free.


    The prices start from $9.09

    Red Maeng Da:


    The alkaloid content of red and white vein kratom is highest in Red Maeng Da. The mature red vein leaves for Red Maeng Da are grown specifically for the strain in the jungles of the Jong Kong region.


    30g -1kg for only $7-$120

    Green Maeng Da kratom:


    Thailand is home to the Green Maeng Da kratom variety. Green Maeng Da is a gentler yet highly powerful strain noted for its stimulating properties. Because Green Maeng Da is such a strong strain, it should only be used in tiny amounts. Green Maeng Da is a fantastic strain for new kratom users since it has just the appropriate amount of energizing effects.

    The brand is selling Red Bali, which is effective for relief. This strain is available in their store in the form of capsules, powder, and tablets.


    The prices range from $12 per ounces to $50 for half kg and $120 per kg. 

    Pricing Of The Product line

    Unfortunately, the pricing of these products is very high as compared to the pricing of these products of their competitors.

    • 20g – $7.99
    • 250g – $38.50
    • 500g – $66
    • 1 kg – $121

    The cost of capsules is $65 for a 350-count bottle.

    Price of Maeng Da kratom

    • 30g for only $4.99
    • 100g for only $14.99


    The price of the products of the “Austin organic village kratom” is very high than the price of the same products of other brands mentioned above, which made him less preferable. 

    Product Testing

    All Products on this website now meet AKA GMP standards for the manufacture, shipping, and testing.

    But the thing that made this brand suspicious is that they have only 18 products that meet AKA GMP standards. So keeping this in mind, this brand “Austin organic village kratom” cannot be trusted. 

    While reports of their products are available on the website:  

    Verification Of The Brand

    Some of “Austin Organic Village’s” goods have been GMP compliant, and the company is now a GMP recognized vendor. Austin Organic Village is now one of the American Kratom Association’s Qualified Vendors, with a total of 26. AOV has taken the necessary steps to meet the vendor standards.

    Although some of this business’s products satisfy AKA GMP requirements, the fact that many of their items have not been confirmed by AKA GMP has rendered this brand suspect, and their products should not be favored. 

    Medical Claims

    As brands are not allowed to do any medical claims to advertise their product, Keeping that aspect in mind, “Austin Organic Village” is not making any medical claims to advertise its product.

    After going through all the products available on their website, the things that can be found are mentioned below. 

    They don’t make any medical claims on any of our goods. This product does not diagnoses, cures, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have a medical problem, our goods are not for you. Do not use alcohol or any prescription drugs. It is not sold to anybody under the age of 21. Our offering is a pesticide-free botanical specimen that has not been tampered with. 

    Negative Claim

    However, in one of their products naming “Red Bali”, they are claiming their product to be a stress remover. While in reviews of this product, there is no such review available.

    Customer Feedback

    Reviews play an important role in making any product successful, as positive reviews make an important role in making some products successful. Negative reviews also play an important role in the downfall of the product.

    Here are some reviews about “Austin Organic Village”. 

    Positive Reviews

    • “These guys are a first-class operation.”

    • “I have been using Austin for a long time and I really like it!”

    • “AOV goods’ quality is unrivaled.”

    • “I have the best experiences with them!!” “Excellent items and even better service!

    Negative review

    “I ordered them when they had an assistant to customers, and the word “Austin” was added in their name. This is a bad concept. It appears to be a complete fraud since there is little to no genuine information on these individuals other than a few postings and reviews that, to be honest, appear to be manufactured. ADDITIONALLY, THEY ARE NOT EVEN IN AUSTIN.

    It’s supposed to ship out of Florida, but it’s been delayed for over a week. I even spoke with the person on their chat (who was a clever bot, if it was a bot, I’m not sure), and they made no mention of the fact that they had nothing to do with Austin.

    I couldn’t find any on Reddit, so here’s one for the search engine: “Austin organic village is a complete scam.”

    “Hello, everyone.”

    I’ve been using Kratom for a few years and have tried various batches, and I agree that a significant portion of the Kratom sold by indo vendors is of poor quality. I’d go so far as to say that most of them are weak, stale, or just bad.

    I travel between here and the western world, speak fluent English, and will not pest anybody for sales, although this is the native way of doing things.

    This time in Indo, I discovered some kratom that is superior to anything I’ve ever tried. I don’t think it’s the cheapest, but it’s certainly not the most expensive.” 


    Keeping in mind the unfavorable feedback. “Austin Organic Village” cannot be recommended due to its lack of trustworthiness in terms of customer service and product quality. With these flaws in mind, “Austin Organic Village” should not be chosen as a brand to use for its products.


    Austin Organic Village is recognized for its customer service in addition to its quality. The company promised to have a chat representative accessible 24 hours a day to provide immediate help and assistance to customers.

    They also have many other ways to communicate with them, including social media profiles, email addresses, and a dedicated phone number.


    However, given the evaluations regarding the chat agent’s activity, this brand cannot be trusted in customer service. “It ships out of frigid Florida and has been delayed for over a week now,” says one of the chat agent evaluations. Even after a week, I spoke with the person on their chat (which was a clever bot, if it was a bot, I’m not sure) and received no response.”   

    Social Proofing

    Steve-O admires the efficiency of Austin Organic Village at

    Another on his TikTok page @kratomflo says that Austin Organic Village saved his life at

    Return And Refund Policy

    Most new, unopened products can be returned for a full refund within 30 days after delivery. If the return is due to a corporate error, they will cover the return shipping expenses (you received an incorrect item, etc.).

    You should get your refund within four weeks after returning your product to the return shipper, but, in many situations, you will receive it sooner. This time frame includes the time it takes for the company to receive your return from the shipper (5 to 10 business days), the time it takes for the company to process your return after they get it (3 to 5 business days), and the time it takes for your bank to process the company refund request (5 to 10 business days).

    Please contact the firm with your order number and details about the product you wish to return at (833) AUSTIN-1 or INFO@AUSTINLEAFLLC.COM if you need to return an item that has been opened and includes at least 80% of the product. They’ll get back to you shortly with details on how to return your order’s products.

    Shipping Policy

    Austin Leaf, LLC is no longer liable for a package after being handed over to the carrier. When your order is ready to ship, you should get tracking information. We shall not be held accountable if your shipment does not arrive but is marked as delivered in the carrier’s tracking system.

    If the delivery does not arrive despite tracking, our obligation is limited to assisting you to locate the parcel with the carrier. The firm will not accept responsibility if damaged or opened in transit, stolen, or modified. However, they will work with you to guarantee you receive your money back from the carrier or a replacement.   

    Review Of Shipping Policy

    A company is not responsible for the safest delivery of the parcel, so the company cannot be trusted with this shipping policy.

    Payment Methods

    You can purchase with your visa, discover card, and master card. They also accept debit and credit card payments using Cannapaid.

    Final Review

    With everything in consideration, It is not safe to recommend “Austin organic village” products to be used. As they do not have a safe customer and shipping policy. Also, The quality of the products is not so good and cannot be recommended.

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