Best Alcohol Detox Drinks To Cleanse Your Body

    In the expanding world, where many people are falling victim to psychological issues, including depression and anxiety, some seek the help of alcohol to get temporary relaxation.

    Being an alcoholic surely makes you sacrifice a lot of things. Some of these induce relationship issues, short-term memory loss, loss of confidence, weakening of the body and being unproductive alongside many. Alcohol detoxification is not easy but is essential to decrease the physical side effects once the person has decided to restrict alcohol intake. It cleanses the body against toxins produced by alcohol.

    Detoxifying drinks claim to help people during this hour, and the best thing is that you can even prepare them at home. But even on the road to recovery, you must always remember why you are quitting the habit of drinking alcohol and Tadaa! You are good to go.

    One thing that we must consider is that our body has its detoxifying properties. To stay healthy, we must stop consuming alcohol and divert our attention to healthy activities, including exercise and sports. Anyway, do questions pop up in your mind like the best alcohol detox drinks to cleanse your body, their side effects and the duration? Good news! You are at the right stop because we will kill your curiosity in just a few minutes. So, keep scrolling!

    Top 4 Detox Drinks To Prepare At Home

    Alcohol addiction makes you end up having genuinely harmful substances, normally known as toxins, inside your body. To get rid of them, you can either prepare yourself detox drinks from the comfort of your home or buy them from a superstore. Anyway, who doesn’t want to prepare things at home? Let’s have a look at some super easy alcohol detox drinks which you can prepare at home;

    Recipe 1:

    Kale/Spinach1 cup
    Coconut Water2 cups
    Celery1 stalk
    Blueberry½ cup
    Chia seeds1tbsp
    Ginger1tbsp grated
    Honey1 tbsp
    Ice cubes2 to 3

    Recipe 2:

    Ginger1 tbsp
    Cacao Powder1 tbsp
    Honey1 tbsp

    Recipe 3:

    Raspberries¼ cup
    Fresh lime juice2 tbsp
    Watermelon1 to 2 cups
    Strawberry¾ cups

    Recipe 4:

    Lemon1 peeled
    Parsley½ cup
    Dandelion Greens½ cups
    CeleryHalf rib
    Oranges2 peeled

    5 Common Side Effects Of Detox Drinks

    Well, inevitably, alcohol detox drinks do come in handy to detoxify the body against harmful substances for many people, but there are also cases where they have not worked. It is more common when the person has been a long-term alcohol consumer. In a nutshell, you cannot say for sure if detox drinks are a good choice for you because there is no scientific proof about detox drinks. Some common side effects include

    1. A few years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ceased certain detoxifying products available in the market. The grounds for this action were that the companies of these products made false claims about their products while they had some harmful yet illegal ingredients in these products.
    2. There are some detoxifying drinks on the market that contain oxalates. These oxalates are responsible for increasing the risk for kidney issues.
    3. It is not just about oxalates, but it is also seen that these drinks have laxatives. These laxatives can dehydrate you and cause diarrhoea.
    4. The majority of detoxifying drinks lack pasteurization, and so you can end up feeling unwell.
    5. Loss of energy, nausea, increased urination and fatigue are some of the side effects of detox drinks.

    How Long Does The Detox Process Take?

    Well, it varies from person to person, but according to American Detox Centers, a person can take even a week in detox, but this is not always the case. The symptoms might continue for over weeks. Let us share with you a table to explain the intensity of withdrawal effects to you in a better way with respect to days;

    8 hours after the first drinkWithdrawal effects start
    After 24–72 hoursSymptoms reach the peak
    After 5–7 daysSymptoms decrease
    After the first weekOnly some effects continue, including psychological ones

    A Substitute For Detox Drinks?

    Where numerous products are claiming to be helpful in the journey of quitting alcohol, they carry no scientific proof to be helpful in the cause. Being a long-term alcohol consumer, you cannot be one hundred percent certain that they will assist you in the cause.

    Where they are of no use to some, they can even introduce you to certain health issues. Furthermore, this way of quitting alcohol would not always help curb the need for alcohol in the long run and often, people join back their addiction.

    The best substitute for quitting alcohol is by undergoing alcohol detox under the supervision of a medical supervisor at a rehab facility. This way, the alcohol addicts curb their alcoholic needs for longer and have lower chances to come back to it. Once the detox process is passed, the person can then be given therapy in a treatment program. Also, doctors prescribe such people some supplements and ask them to change their diet. Usually, what they prescribe are B-9 (folic acid) and vitamins B-1. 

    Hopefully, now you have a better grip over the idea of the best alcohol detox drinks to cleanse your body and a lot more queries. Not everyone is fond of detox, but if you want to cross the road to recovery successfully, it is a must. You might end up confronting several side effects, but once you have crossed them, then you can lead a successful and healthy life and have healthy relationships. It is highly recommended to cut on your alcohol desire under medical supervision, making the process sustainable. After all, everything seems difficult at the start.

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