The 7 Best CBD Lubes Worth Buying in 2024 – Unveil Unmatched Intimacy

    In recent years, the surge in the popularity of cannabidiol has been remarkable. From edibles and oils to skincare and wellness items, CBD products have taken the world by storm with their potential non-psychoactive therapeutic benefits. One item, in particular, has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of sexual wellness and intimacy, i.e., CBD lubricants. These innovative personal lubes take intimate experiences to a whole other level by combining CBD’s natural benefits with the arousing feel of lubrication.

    As the market for CBD-infused lubricants continues to grow with an array of brands and options, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones are worth investing in. To help you with this challenging task and simplify your search, we have compiled a list of the seven best CBD lubes to consider in 2024. Whether you are seeking solutions for achieving heightened pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms or a discomfort-free intimate moment, our hand-picked selections have got it all covered. 

    So read on to discover your perfect CBD lube that will unveil a level of intimacy never experienced before.

    How Did We Pick The Best CBD Lubes?

    When selecting CBD lubes for our curated list to ensure we recommend the best of the best, we evaluated several aspects, such as:

    Brand Credibility

    We thoroughly analyzed various brands and selected only those that adhered to industry standards and had clean manufacturing processes. Moreover, we ensured the lubes we picked were third-party tested with readily available lab test results and certificates of analysis (COAs), guaranteeing quality free from toxins.


    Next, we inspected the ingredients incorporated into the formula of each lube. We prioritized high-quality and all-natural ingredients and avoided those products that contained potentially harmful substances like fragrances, artificial dyes, parabens, and glycerin. While selecting, we also favored those lubes that sourced their CBD from organically grown hemp. 


    Additionally, we considered the potency of CBD offered by each lubricant, ensuring the concentration was sufficient without diminishing or overwhelming the pleasurable experience. 

    User Reviews

    Lastly, we checked the user reviews to ensure the selected CBD lubricants deliver quality results and live up to the hype. This enabled us to gain insight into first-hand experiences and satisfaction with each product and curate a list of the best CBD lubes to help you achieve desired results. 

    Our Top 7 CBD Lube Picks You Need To Try This Year

    Best Water-Based Lube – GoLove CBD Intimate Serum

    If you’re looking for a personal lubricant that ticks all the boxes of a perfect lube, GoLove’s CBD Intimate serum is your best bet. Curated by the reputable sexologist Dr. Saddie Allison, this too-good-to-be-true lube promises ultimate comfort and intense pleasure, ensuring you receive an unmatched pain-free sensual experience. The serum blends a water-based formulation with the science of clean CBD, devoid of irritants like stimulants, fragrance, parabens, and glycerin, making it a great hypoallergenic and pH-balanced choice for many CBD lube enthusiasts. 

    GoLove Intimate serum is packed with hyaluronic acid and boasts a gel-like texture that delivers lasting moisture and relaxation for a mind-body connection during all kinds of play. 

    Base: Water-based

    Type: Broad-spectrum

    CBD Content: 200mg per bottle

    Suitable for Condoms: Yes


    • Hypoallergenic and pH-balanced water-based formula suitable for types of plays
    • Contain pure organic CBD for enhanced therapeutic effects
    • Free from irritants such as parabens, alcohol, fragrance, or dyes
    • Enriched with hyaluronic acid for lasting hydration and skin rejuvenation
    • Dermatologist-tested and laboratory-certified
    • Oral-friendly and safe to use with latex and silicone


    • On the pricier side

    Best For Lasting Lubrication – Grassroots Harvest PEARL Lubricant

    If you’re seeking a solution for long-lasting lubrication to enhance sensual pleasure and intimacy, PEARL lube by Grassroots Harvest is the best pick. With its premium CBD-infused water-based formulation, this lubricant delivers lasting moisture and a soothing sensation, guaranteeing an enjoyable and comfortable experience without having to reapply. 

    Enriched with 50mg of high-quality CBD derived from organically grown hemp extract, PEARL ensures effective relaxation, which helps to reduce tension and enhance glide-ability. This makes it the perfect water-based and anti-inflammatory lube for anyone who experiences pain, dryness, or lack of sensation during sex. 

    Base: Water-based

    Type: Broad-spectrum

    CBD Content: 50mg per bottle

    Suitable for Condoms: Yes


    • Provides long-lasting lubrication with a single application 
    • Contains high-quality CBD for enhanced pleasure
    • Hypoallergenic and pH balanced (suitable for sensitive skin)
    • Non-sticky and non-greasy allowing easy cleanup
    • Safe to use with latex and silicone adult toys
    • Comes in a discreet and travel-friendly packaging


    • Offers a comparatively low dose of CBD 

    Best Non-Staining Lube – Kush Queen Water-based CBD Lube

    Never worry again about staining your sheets during your intimate moment. Kush Queen’s CBD lube’s carefully curated water-based formulation promises a non-sticky, non-greasy texture that absorbs into the skin and does not stain, allowing for easy cleanup every time. 

    The brand also boasts about its clean production. Kush Queen’s hemp-derived CBD is sourced from their partner farm in the Pacific Northwest and is third-party tested to ensure the formulation is free from pesticides, heavy metals, parabens, and petrochemicals. Thanks to its gentle formula, this lube is suitable for users with sensitive skin wanting a comfortable yet pleasurable experience. 

    Base: Water-based

    Type: Full-spectrum

    CBD Content: 30mg per bottle

    Suitable for Condoms: Yes


    • Non-staining and fast-absorbing water-based formulation
    • Clean ingredients ideal for all skin types
    • Safe to use with latex and silicone
    • Suitable for all genders


    • Slightly higher price point
    • Contains low dose of CBD

    Best Multi-Purpose Lube – Healthy Vibez Zenistic CBD Scented Massage Oil

    With a delightful combination of CBD and aromatic scents, Healthy Vibez CBD massage oil is your perfect multi-purpose partner for intimacy and relaxation. The formulation pairs 1500mg of CBD with all-natural nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, essential oils, and seawater scent to soothe the mind and body. It also delivers ample hydration and moisturization, rejuvenating the skin while providing CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pleasure-enhancing benefits. 

    Base: Oil-based

    Type: Full-spectrum

    CBD Content: 1500mg per bottle

    Suitable for Condoms: No


    • Versatile CBD oil ideal for sensual massages and lubrication
    • Infused with pleasant scents for a relaxing sensory experience
    • Curated with natural moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that revitalize the body
    • Contains high potency of CBD, guaranteeing enhanced benefits


    • It may not be suitable for those sensitive to scents
    • Not compatible to use with latex
    • Greasy texture

    Best For Discomfort Relief –  Foria Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD

    Do you experience pain or discomfort during intimate moments? If yes, then the Intimacy Sex Oil by Foria Wellness is your optimal choice of lube. This particular oil-based lube is popular within the CBD community and is recommended by sexual wellness experts for its highly effective, clean-feeling, and lightweight formula. 

    Infused with 400mg of organically sourced broad-spectrum CBD and MCT coconut oil, Foria Intimacy Sex Oil helps alleviate tension and pain. It especially targets the pelvic and genital region, relaxing the muscles and improving arousal. The formula is free from added chemicals and possible irritants like alcohol, dyes, parabens, petroleum-based ingredients, and phthalates. This ensures the vaginal pH stays balanced and the skin remains moisturized without irritation. 

    Base: Oil-based

    Type: Broad-spectrum

    CBD Content: 400mg per bottle

    Suitable for Condoms: No


    • Helps alleviate pain and discomfort associated with sexual acts
    • Enriched with all-natural and sustainably sourced ingredients
    • Suitable for individuals with sensitive skin
    • Lightweight oil-based composition assists in moisturizing glide and enhanced pleasure.


    • Relatively higher price point
    • Not suitable for individuals with a tree nut allergy
    • Not safe to use with latex

    Best For Vaginal Use – Quanna Oomf All-Natural Water-based CBD Lube

    Curated with keeping the vagina’s unique physiology in mind, the Oomf CBD lube by Quanna is the ultimate vaginal-friendly personal lubricant for ensuring comfort and alleviating performance anxiety. Its all-natural multi-aphrodisiac formula is enriched with prebiotics that help maintain the vaginal microflora and pH balance, preventing the risk of infections. Moreover, it is free from irritating parabens, glycerin, and THC, earning the lube a reputation for being super gentle for vaginal use.  

    The unique CBD blend of Oomf water-based lube promises higher bioavailability and quick absorption, delivering immediate effects to combat dryness, muscle tension, and discomfort. The lube is also non-sticky, leaving you worry-free about the possibility of staining sheets or having to remove pesky residue from the skin. Apart from these unparalleled benefits, Oomf CBD lube also comes in discreet single-use sheets for a more travel-friendly experience.

    Base: Water-based

    Type: CBD isolate

    CBD Content: 50mg per bottle

    Suitable for Condoms: Yes


    • Vaginal-friendly constituents and packed with prebiotics
    • Contains pure CBD isolate for enhancing arousal and relieving discomfort
    • Fast absorbing formula
    • Easy to clean, non-sticky, and non-greasy texture 
    • Available in travel-friendly packaging
    • Safe to use with latex and silicone


    • Runny consistency

    Best For Orgasmic Bliss – Dani Pepper “O” CBD Orgasm Enhancer

    Experience a level of pleasure never felt before with “O” by Dani Pepper. Boasting a pure-source and proprietary nano CBD blend, the “O” Orgasm Enhancer guarantees faster absorption for instant effects. Compared to conventional formulas, the nano-particles assist in better penetration of the infused CBD into the skin barrier allowing for rapid uptake in the bloodstream. As a result, your body relaxes almost immediately, and you get to experience naturally intensified, mind-blowing climaxes. 

    Besides this, the “O” CBD Orgasm Enhancer contains 100% plant-based soothing ingredients like aloe vera and barrier-repairing ingredients like vitamin C in its water-based formula. These skin-loving ingredients help maintain the pH balance, alleviate dryness, and treat damaged skin, delivering lasting lubrication and improved sexual sensations. 

    Base: Water-based

    Type: Broad-spectrum

    CBD Content: 2mg per pump

    Suitable for Condoms: Yes


    • Nano-CBD particles aid in faster uptake and naturally increase the length and intensity of orgasms.
    • Contains 100% plant-based skin-soothing and rejuvenating ingredients 
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Provides long-lasting lubrication for a comfortable experience
    • Safe to use with latex and silicone


    • Low CBD content compared to other lubes

    Unlock Ultimate Pleasure And Wellness: Why CBD Lube Is Your Intimate Game-Changer

    As the world embraces the health benefits of cannabidiol, this compound has made its way into intimate moments, imparting an abundance of advantages for pleasure and well-being. When infused in personal lubes, CBD works wonders in elevating sexual experiences. Here are some of the potential benefits of embracing CBD-infused lubes:

    Intensified Sensations

    CBD is well-known for its ability to elevate sensitivity and blood flow to the sexual organs. This, in turn, amplifies tactile sensations and pleasure felt during intimate experiences, unlocking a new level of satisfying intimacy for both partners.

    Arousal Boost

    Increased blood flow to the genital areas when using CBD lubes also enhances sexual desire and heightens the state of readiness, preparing the mind and body for a more pleasurable encounter.

    Enhanced Relaxation

    CBD, when applied topically, helps relax the muscles and the mind due to its calming effects on the nerves and overall body. In turn, it reduces tension within the pelvic and genital region and alleviates performance anxiety, providing individuals with a comfortable and engaging sexual experience. 

    Natural Lubrication For Reduced Discomfort

    Conditions like vaginal atrophy, vaginitis, vaginismus, and dryness usually result in discomfort and severe pain during sex, making intimate encounters less enjoyable and reducing sex drive. CBD-infused lubricants often contain hydrating and nourishing ingredients in their formulations that combat dryness, replenish the skin, and promote natural lubrication. These benefits, combined with CBD’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, relieve pain and discomfort, ensuring a more pleasurable experience. 

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re looking for solutions to spice up your bedroom escapades, embrace CBD-infused personal lubes as your next sensual partner! Recommended by experts, CBD lubricants add extra pleasure and relaxation during intimate experiences for achieving ultimate satisfaction. 

    Whether you desire long-lasting lubrication and heightened arousal and sensitivity or prioritize soothing formulas with natural ingredients, these seven exceptional lubes are worth considering for an enjoyable intimate moment (and even sexual wellness) in 2024. Remember to consult a healthcare professional before opting for a CBD lube if you have any underlying conditions, and always follow the instructions to ensure safe usage. 

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