The Best Feminized Weed Seeds for High Yield and Potency

    Some time ago, weed cultivators could use only regular seeds, meaning the chances of growing a male plant from each planted seed were 50/50. Thus, the cultivators had to keep an eye open for the plants’ early signs of gender to remove male plants from the growing room and avoid pollination. Flower pollination is the last thing a grower wants, as weed is precious for its pristine, non-pollinated flowers, or buds, covered with resin and delivering the bodily and cerebral high to the user.

    Luckily, genetic engineering science moved in leaps at the end of the past century, allowing cultivators to determine the plant’s sex before it was even planted. By using sophisticated agricultural techniques, growers managed to eliminate the male genetics in seeds altogether, which resulted in feminized seed creation. Those who buy and plant feminized weed seeds can be at least 99.99% sure that all plants will be female, thus excluding pollination risks and removing the need for sex monitoring from the cultivation practice. 

    Besides guaranteeing healthy yields, feminized weeds seeds possess additional advantages for growers. First, they are usually characterized by higher-than-average harvests (especially compared with autoflower seeds) and higher THC and CBD potency of the buds. These properties are explained by the degree of impact that the grower can exert on their harvest by adjusting the light cycle and letting their buds ripe as needed. So, if you’re interested in growing feminized weed seeds, welcome to our guide to this seed variety.  

    What Are Feminized Weed Seeds?

    In a nutshell, feminized weed seeds are the seeds of cannabis that contain only female genetic due to advanced agricultural engineering. As a result of these manipulations, the seed banks guarantee that all plants you will grow from a pack of feminized weed seeds will be of the female gender; that is, they won’t have pollen sacks and will come only with flavorful, THC-rich buds you long for.

    Another benefit of feminized seed growing is that these plants can be cloned. When you train the plants by cutting the extending branches, you can develop new plants from these cuts. This way, experienced growers may prolong the service of one pack of seeds infinitely, growing new crops from the clones and avoiding buying new seeds at the dispensary.

    Top 4 Feminized Weed Seed Varieties to Grow 

    So, which feminized weed seeds are among the top recommendations for growers? Here is our rating of the top 4 hand-picked strains you should try out due to their exclusive qualities and easy cultivation. 

    #1 Hindu Kush 

    One of the best-feminized seeds that will suit novice growers is the Hindu Kush This strain is pure Indica, so it possesses a pronounced calming and relaxing effect, with many consumers reporting a full-body stone sometime after using it. It offers an easy cultivation experience, with the onset of flowering in 7 weeks only – pretty quickly for a feminized weed seed variety. The plants grow well in all setups and please the growers with high yields of 17-19oz per plant outdoors and up to 16oz per square meter indoors. Hindu Kush is manageable, with plants rarely exceeding 4-5 feet high. Thus, growers may enjoy the moderate plant height, generous yields, quick flowering time, and an optimal 18% THC content in one mix. 

    #2 Acapulco Gold 

    Those looking for a vigorous Sativa strain with a strong relaxing and uplifting effect should opt for Acapulco Gold This cultivar boasts 17% THC and 0.7% CBD, giving it moderate potency and strong therapeutic properties for various users. The fruity flavor can please even sophisticated weed connoisseurs and the 10-week flowering period is a medium duration for feminized weed seeds. The yields are usually around 500g per plant (outdoors) or per square meter (indoors), which is not bad for such an exquisite strain. 

    #3 Grape Ape 

    Users seeking a balanced effect of an Indica-dominant hybrid will never regret trying Grape Ape Feminized. This strain has 14-19% HC, which makes it suitable for novice and mature users alike, and its Indica lineage ensures the relaxing, calming sensation most consumers report. Grape Ape is suitable for indoor growing and thrives on hydroponics as well; it flowers 7-9 weeks upon germination and can please the grower with up to 17-18oz of buds. It’s often recommended for stress relief and pain management. 

    #4 Clementine 

    If you’re a fan of uplifting, euphoric sensations from weed, Clementine is your way to go. The strain has 17-20% THC and 1% CBD, which ensures its wide range of applications in the therapeutic domain. Its gentle effect on the consumer’s mind is reflected in the buzz that lasts for hours and helps them feel relaxed and happy. It grows well indoors and outdoors, with plants rarely exceeding 150 cm in height. Despite such a low height, Clementine plants yield 300-450g of thick, dense buds, which is a generous reward for your cultivation effort. 

    Feminized Weed Seed Growing Guide 

    Let’s touch upon the principles of growing feminized seeds to help you avoid unpleasant troubles and hassles with the cultivation process. This seed type can get tricky in inexperienced hands, and poorly treated plants can even grow hermaphroditic. So, it’s vital to keep to a couple of tips for ensuring the yield and potency of buds.

    • When growing your feminized weed seeds outdoors, you may have no trouble with the plants’ height or width. Yet, when planting weed indoors, you should consider the strain carefully. Sativa plants can go up to 2-3 meters, so your indoor plantation may be too small to accommodate these giants. 
    • Feminized weed seeds grow into plants susceptible to fungi, mold, insects, and weather conditions. They are demanding in terms of optimal weather conditions, but they reward a caring grower with immense yields if you do everything right. 
    • Avoid exposing the plants to excess heat, as in this case; they may start consuming the nutrients from their leaves. As a result, leaves can get discolored, and the plant may start producing unpleasant odors.
    • Use neem oil to protect your plants from pests; the use of chemical pesticides can kill your harvest or make it less beneficial for your health. 
    • Apply enzymes to help your plants cope with the dead roots, excess salts in the soil and water, and the byproducts of their growth. 
    • Check the water and soil’s pH and EC levels to ensure your plants thrive in an optimal environment. Deviations from the correct figures may result in root burning or plant degradation. 

    Final Word 

    As you can see, feminized weed seeds are the best variant for growers with a medium or advanced level of expertise, as they are manageable and promise higher potency and yield volumes. You will never go wrong when buying feminized seeds, as they grow well and deliver bountiful harvests of buds with exactly the therapeutic properties you need. Pick one of the strains we’ve discussed here, follow our growing tips, and you’re guaranteed a hassle-free growing process with rewarding outcomes.

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