7 Best Kratom Powders You Can Buy Online And Offline

    Kratom powder is a herb derived from the Kratom tree. The powder is used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Its tree is native to Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and other South Asian countries.

    Kratom leaves are used as sedatives or stimulants to treat digestive ailments or chronic pain. It is also used to aid the withdrawal from dependence.

    Kratom powder is also used for treating depression, diabetes, diarrhea, cough, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Some people may even use it to improve their sexual performance.

    How Is Kratom Powder Made?

    Are you wondering how the leaves from a Kratom tree comes to you in the powdered form? Allow us to break it down for you!

    The leaves from a Kratom tree are first dried out and then crushed into their powdered form. Sounds pretty simple, right?

    In actuality, this is a pretty complex process. To make it easy for you to understand the commercial process of turning medicinal leaves into an easy-to-consume powder, we’ve listed it step-by-step. Ready to learn about the process of making Kratom powder? Let’s dive in then!

    Step 1: Harvest

    Widely grown in Southeast Asian countries, an array of different types of Kratom plants are available. The environment of the plant plays a significant role. Once the plants of a Kratom tree have reached the ideal age and maturity, they’re collected in large quantities.

    Depending on the colour of the strains, the healing properties of the leaves also vary. For example, red kratom strains are well-known for their pain-relieving attributes, while white ones are known for their euphoric properties.

    Step 2: Preparations

    Once harvested, these leaves are brought to the facilities where they are checked for quality. Only fresh leaves are handpicked while the rotten or damaged ones are discarded. After this, the leaves are thoroughly washed, keeping in mind not to use any chemicals to remove dust.

    Step 3: Dry

    After washing, the leaves are then placed under the sun or spread on dehydrator trays to turn them dry and to crisp. However, drying them under the sun is pretty time-consuming. The crunchiness of the leaves points out that they are ready for the next step.

    Step 4: Grounding Them

    The dried leaves are then put in grinders to turn them into powder form. Once crushed, the powder is sifted through the mesh to ensure it is finely grounded. The process is then repeated to receive a fine dust powder. Next, this prepared powder is packaged and shipped worldwide!

    How Is Kratom Extract Powder Made?

    You can also find Kratom extract powder in the market. The difference? It is comparatively more concentrated and requires a low dosage. The process is entirely different for making Kratom extract powder, which you will notice in our step-by-step guide.

    Step 1: Boil The Dried Leaves

    For Kratom extract powder, the dried leaves are first boiled to extract the alkaloids. Sometimes the extract is boiled multiple times for higher concentration. However, each time a few drops of citric juice added to preserve the therapeutic properties of Kratom.

    Step 2: Sieve The Tea

    After boiling the leaves for 20-30 minutes, the mixture is strained using a muslin cloth, whereas the residue is boiled again till it is completely dissolved in water.

    Step 3: Boil It Again

    The strained tea extracts are boiled again until all the excess water is evaporated and left with a thick, syrup-like liquid called resin.

    Step 4: Turning It Into Powder

    The resin is then cooled till it solidifies. Next, it is placed in a grinder to crush it into a fine powder. The final product that you get is the amazing Kratom extract powder!

    Effects Of Kratom Powder On Your Health

    Famous for its medicinal purposes, Kratom is just the herbal medicine you might be looking for. However, there’s not much clinical evidence or research supporting proving its effects to be beneficial or harmful.

    The lack of evidence means that experts are still unsure regarding the possible interactions, safe dosage, and the potentially harmful effects of using the herb.

    All we know is that controlled doses of Kratom make it an excellent herbal medicine stress relief, mood, boost energy, depression, anxiety, and even withdrawal.

    On the other hand, regular uses of this tree leaf can result in insomnia, anorexia, and crave. It can also lead to hallucinations, sweating, dizziness, nausea, and possibly dysphoria.

    The Main Categories Of Kratom

    There are different categories of kratom, and each offers a distinct set of benefits that help you tackle various problems.

    Do you want to know which one is the best for you? Scroll down to read about the main four types of Kratom we’ve mentioned below!

    1) Red Kratom

    Red Kratom is renowned for relieving your body’s pain. It also helps in relaxing muscles and is a perfect substitute for pharmaceutical painkillers. The strongest of red kratom extracts are used for preventing withdrawal symptoms.

    2) White Kratom

    White kratom is used as a natural sedative and is known for not having long-term effects. This product is the perfect herbal medicine for people with anxiety and other mental and physical tensions.

    3) Green Kratom

    Green Kratom provides the users with a mild energy boost enough to brighten up their days. It enhances your focus and helps with pain, muscle aches, depression, withdrawal, and so on.

    4) Yellow Kratom

    Yellow Kratom has witnessed a massive surge in popularity in recent years. The users of the powder claim a stark similarity between the green Malay strain and yellow kratom. Using this kratom helps produce feelings of high energy and reduces feelings of malaise and anxiety.

    The 7 Best Kratom Powders You Must Have in 2020

    To ensure you get nothing less than the best, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best kratom powders out there. These kratom strains come from several different locations and offer a unique set of benefits to the user.

    Want to know more about it? Keep reading then!

    1) Gold Bali Kratom Powder

    Gold Bali Kratom strain is considered a premium product that is not as widely available as some of the other products. The strain originates from red veins; however, unlike other strains, it goes through an extensive drying process, which is the reason behind its color transformation from red to gold. Research proves that the drying process does not harm the present alkaloids.

    This Kratom’s highly-potent analgesic qualities are the main reason it’s so sought out. This valued Kratom induces a kind of euphoric state, and its effects are pretty similar to a regular kratom. Consumers have, however, reported the effects are somewhat superior.

    2) Gold Maeng Da Kratom Powder

    The Gold Maeng Da is another Kratom powder that is hard to find yet extremely popular. The strain is produced after an extensive process that involves the use of a solvent or hot water.

    The powder is extracted from Thailand and is exported to other parts of the world. While the kratom powder is primarily renowned for improving energy, it helps the user retain focus and clarity throughout the day. It also helps elevate your mood, which makes the herb ideal for people suffering from stress and anxiety.

    3) Red Borneo Kratom Powder

    The Red Borneo is considered the best kratom for pain management. It offers a relaxing and sedating effect that gives you an uplifting vibe.

    It is an excellent herbal medicine for people who just want to sit back and relax. Its properties are similar to that of red kratom, although it is not as sedative-like as the red Bali. However, this does not mean that the Red Borneo is incapable of producing a red Bali like euphoria.

    4) Red Elephant Kratom Powder

    Wondering what’s up with this Kratom’s name? The large size of the red-veined leaves is the reason behind the peculiar name of this Kratom. The leaves are picked from large, ancient trees and can get so large that they look like elephants’ ears.

    The effects of this Kratom start from helping you focus on helping with withdrawal. It is also known to help with anxiety, relieve pain, enhance mood, and help you feel euphoric.

    5) White Malay Kratom Powder

    Malaysia is renowned for producing one of the most effective and strongest variants of kratom. The country’s climate is ideal for the development of these strains, which come with unique effects that differentiate them from the other forms of strains.

    The white vein kratom is mixed with a diversified alkaloid content to give you the white Malay kratom. Like the different strains on the list, the white Malay can invigorate energy and simulation in the user. However, the euphoric traits it offers right after makes it stand out from the rest of the strains.

    6) Green Sulawesi Kratom Powder

    Sulawesi Kratom is one of the main reasons this beautiful island is so famous today. The evergreen tree, which is the source of the green strain, is found in all corners of the island.

    This Kratom is valued due to its enhanced natural healing abilities. Another reason why people prefer the Green vein kratom is that it enhances energy and mitigates pain. Consuming the green Sulawesi powder increases your mental function while also functioning as an antidepressant.

    7) Green Kalimantan Kratom Powder

    Despite being harvested, the green Kalimantan ability to maintain its potency is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

    Additionally, the odor of the strain is unlike any other. Making a tea of this powder fills you with a distinct welcoming aroma that is not felt in any other kratom powder.

    The green Kalimantan is primarily used to boost energy and to mitigate pain. The strain also complements increasing mental function while acting as a supportive antidepressant.


    The benefits of using different kinds of kratom powder are more or less the same. While the variants do come with a unique set of characteristics and feature the overall benefits and treatment they provide is quite similar in nature.

    The seven variants of kratom powders mentioned above are the top-notch, optimum-quality kratom powders that ensure you feel nothing if better. They are grown and harvested in some of the most kratom friendly regions while providing the environment is perfect.

    They are dried and processed in a very peculiar manner, which gives them their unique identity. It is imperative to discuss with your doctor and medical expert before purchasing any of the products mentioned above. Once that’s done, you can start your journey towards feeling better!


    Is Kratom Powder better than Capsules?

    The efficacy of powder and capsules are more or less the same. However, consumers prefer capsules due to ease of use. Tablets are also easy to carry; thus, you can take it literally anywhere with you.

    Is it safe to take kratom powder every day?

    Kratom effects are dose-dependent. Meaning it is quite safe if you use controlled dosages and make sure you use less frequently.

    What are the most effective ways to take kratom powder?

    Toss and wash is considered a preferable way. However, you can also mix it with drinks like orange or lemon juice.

    What is the safe dosage?

    Beginners should start as low as 1 mg and then gradually increase it to find their sweet spot. Once you hit that spot, you can decrease and increase according to your health condition. Also remember, doctor recommendation is a must!

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