Best Kratom Strains for Creativity

    Creativity is defined as the formation of unique, innovative ideas involving your imagination. This can take many forms, such as emotional, cognitive, spontaneous, and deliberate. Creativity is a skill not just restricted to certain professions or age criteria. Rather people from all walks of life, young, adult, or aged, can reap its benefits.

    Without creativity, there remains no thrill in life. It adds a touch of color to a dull canvas.

    Our modern culture deems creativity as a God-send capability. But no matter how gifted you are, keeping your creativity flowing round the clock is daunting. Almost impossible! Creative blocks, burnouts, and conflicts are more common than we can imagine. 

    What Did You Do Then? 

    Went for a hot cup of coffee or tea? Had a glass of water? Chewed a candy or munched on a bar of chocolate? Or simply took a break to relax the mind? 

    But with time, these tactics fail to render that mark.  

    Consequently, people are seeking more ways to get their brains out of the rut and ignite that creative spark. So here we will talk about a new emerging contender…

    Kratom is that miracle herb. It plays an integral role in spurring your innovative thinking towards more fun and exciting direction.

    How Does Kratom Work For Creativity?

    With its roots in ancient medicine, throughout the ages, Kratom was used as an important catalyst to enhance efficiency.

    The indole alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine bind to receptors in the brain, causing a range of analgesic, anti-inflammatory, soothing, and energy-boosting effects. However, all these are relatively easier to assess and evaluate by tracking the functioning of brain receptors and blood markers.

    However, measuring the influence of Kratom on human creativity is a challenge. The parameter can never be conclusively deduced due to the absence of an explicit quantifier. Therefore, experts draw conclusions through a proxy, i.e. indirect ways. 

    There are primarily four distinct ways, Kratom boosts the element of creativity in you. These are:

    1) By Boosting Mood And Energy Levels

    Truth be told: the crushing burden of the daily chores often sucks the life out of us. Experimentations reveal that most individuals feel unproductive at work due to a lack of physical energy. Fortunately, throughout ages, Kratom’s use has been well-documented for improving focus and attention.

    If you are struggling to meet targets and giving your best, Kratom is the only thing missing in your life. In a 2015 paper entitled “Following the Roots of Kratom”, the authors highlighted that the plant was “…used traditionally to combat fatigue and improve work productivity among farm populations in Southeast Asia.” In addition, it’s a misconception to believe that manual labor has no direct relationship with cognitive labor. When a person is fit and active, his cognitive chords are automatically synced. This elevate motivation, and the creative dots are joined without a flaw.

    2) By Alleviating Anxiety And Depression

    Social pressure, career stress, financial burden, impending workload, and relationship problems are just some of the few modern-day struggles we cope with. In such a scenario, positivity is bleak and sanity is out of the question.  

    It is virtually impossible to awaken the creative side when every other individual falls prey to mental distress. However, organized, coherent, and unique ideas come out best only when the mind is at peace and anxiety controlled.

    Fortunately, Kratom is touted as a viable antidepressant. Its soothing and relaxing properties have raved far and wide. For instance, the findings of a 2017 Study established that “Kratom also enhances mood and relieves anxiety among many users”. This ultimately flares up our creativity by bursting the bubbles of anxiety and depression.

    3) By Producing Sooting And Relaxing Effects

    Just like a student cannot perform well in a noisy exam room, our minds also require a relaxing space to function optimally. Creativity cannot thrive in a chaotic state of mind with jumbled-up thoughts.

    Thankfully, this is where Kratom comes to the rescue with its remarkable soothing properties. Even a small dose can calm your nerves down and gather your wits. The result? With a creative sword in hand, your mind feels prepared to take on any challenge and overcome any hurdle.

    4) By Alleviating Fatigue And Mental Tiredness

    Don’t feel like moving an inch or getting up from the bed? The only voice you hear is “Not Today.” No need to feel guilty! We all have been there where procrastination and laziness have completely overpowered us. 

    And no, in such cases, even creativity courses or lessons do no good.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that Kratom was traditionally used to combat fatigue and improve work productivity among the laborer and farmer communities of Southeast Asian countries. A 2019 Research Current Perspectives on the Impact of Kratom Use corroborated the fact. A single dose is guaranteed to lend an instant boost in energy levels and the willingness to take in-charge and get back on track.

    Say Hello To Your Creative Side!

    The Best Kratom Strains For Creativity

    There’s no consensus of which strain or vein color is best for enhancing the creative focus. Some users enjoy the energizing aromas of white strains, while others find the relaxing aromas of the reds do the job.

    Following this, we have compiled a list of the top seven mind-blowing strains that will get those juices flowing in no time.

    1) White Maeng Da

    One of the most popular and potent strains of the entire Kratom World, White Maeng Da is well-cherished for its energetic and euphoric impact.

    The strain’s origins are misty, but what is known is, it is derived through grafting, a technique where different strains get merged to produce a superior version. Maeng Da, short for MD, is a Thai word synonymous with pimp-grade meaning the highest quality. But does it really live up to the hype?

    Well, user experiences suggest that Maeng Da White stands unbeatable in the realm of productivity and concentration enhancement. It will improve the attention span, efficiency and evokes feelings of inspiration. All in all, it’s a steal deal for individuals seeking clarity in thoughts and a smooth flow of ideas to meet their goals. 

    2) Super Green Malay

    In the diverse world of Kratom, every strain features a distinct effect. Some are relaxing, some energizing, and others are mood-enhancing.

    But what if we tell you a strain that combines all the magnificent elements into one? Super Green Malay! And well, just like the name suggests, the strain is really superb- whether it comes to the alkaloid content, aroma, psychological and physiological impact, or the aura. Users have admitted to using it to invigorate their brain function and think out of the box.

    Its strong rejuvenating power prompts a positive flow of thoughts and helps you better control your emotions. Rest assured, you would be surprised to experience the wonderful changes it brings to your mood, mind, body, and soul.

    3) White Borneo

    Our ideas are often disorganized and haphazard. A life-changing friend is always needed that can re-introduce us to the joy of the creative process. How would you feel if you came to know that there exists an awesome product with the potential to unleash your long-lost ingenuity? Amazing, no?

    Hailing from the third-largest island of Borneo and the largest in Asia, White Borneo is one tremendous tool that characterizes a revitalizing touch. It allows you to kick-start the day with renewed energy, improved focus, and mental clarity and wrap up with a number of worthwhile achievements added to your list.

    3) Green Elephant 

    Green Elephant is another prime Kratom strains that contains a rich alkaloid blend. Unlike other strains named after their place of origin, the word Elephant is derived from the shape of its leaves. Upon maturing, the leaves acquire a huge, rounded appearance that shares an uncanny resemblance to the ears of an elephant.

    Green Elephant fans swear by the effects to stand parallel to Maeng Da. It produces active hormones which assist in minimizing distractions and eradicating anxiety. This ultimately empowers the user to contemplate from a clear perspective.

    All in all, just like the size of an elephant, the blend promises to bring a huge change in the manner you perform at work or study.

    4) Red Horn

    Life is the name of making complex decisions holding immense significance. And, relaxation and mental clarity are two keys to a successful decision-making process. Alongside, it is integral for your mind to be free of all the worldly stress that impedes your imagination.

    Red horn intends to help you unwind and achieve the right amount of tranquility. It will block all sensory distractions to promote an environment where your imagination floats freely, and new ideas nurture.  Another bonus point is, the strain has no severe side effects making it a safe option for many.

    5) White Thai

    It’s always a good idea to have little doses of hope, inspiration, and motivation here and there. Ain’t?

    From the dense forests of Thailand comes the magnificent, exceptionally potent White Thai Kratom. Boasting the greatest Mitragynine concentration, it tops the list of Kratom for Focus and Energy.

    Wish to turn your Monday blues into motivational Mondays? Want to prevent the blurry focus? Or simply wish to overcome the “creative block”? It will make your image brighter and help you start things afresh from a clean slate.

    6) White Indo

    Whether you wish to rest your weary bones on the soft beach sand or want to take an energetic horse ride along the waves, White Indo will take you on a trip down the exotic Indonesian Islands.

    Believe it or not, but White Indo boasts one of the highest alkaloid concentrations, particularly of 7-hydroxy mitragynine. And that’s what makes it much more powerful than morphine and all other pain meds out there.

    White Indo is a beautiful fusion of relief and energy boost- two very contradicting impacts smoothly blended into one. This ultimately increases users’ concentration levels, productivity, and performance by allowing them to work harder with a relaxed mind.

    Final Thoughts

    No matter what career, degree, profession, or age criteria you belong to, creative blocks are one of the harsh realities of life. And happens with everyone. It can mess up the rhythm and bring your productivity to a complete halt.

    Kratom is one creativity-boosting gem. Even if you are not from the fortunate lot of those gifted with a seemingly endless wellspring of creativity and intelligence, it will work wonders for you. You will thank it for that extra oomph that keeps you upbeat throughout the day.

    However, all these benefits tag along only when the herb is consumed with caution. As such, understanding and measuring your dosage is an important step to capitalize on the impact.

    Remember, Kratom will work for creativity ONLY even at LOW doses. And, one must avoid high doses as the effect is just the opposite; sedation and impaired cognitive ability. So, the good part is, you don’t have to go around digging a hole in your pocket.

    Finally, it is worth remembering that burnout is often a result of overworking and hypertension without sufficient time to heal and recover. While Kratom is an amazing herb, it is never a replacement for that “me-time.” Therefore, it is all okay to take some quality time off to pamper yourself, fly off to a vacation, watch a movie or simply relax!

    In a nutshell, remember the following Rule of Three:

    1)      Have One of the Speciosa Strains for Creativity

    2)      Work Hard 

    3)      And Have Some Quality Me-time.

    It’s Time To Broaden the Horizons. It’s Time For Kratom!

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