The Best Kratom Strains For Dogs, Reviews, and Buying Guide (2024)

    Are you worried about your furry friend because he has been facing pain, anxiety, arthritis, and mood-related problems? The world does not seem to be a happy place if your pup is upset and facing issues that never existed before. Moreover, it’s painful to see them aging, and it’s a big chunk one has to swallow.

    Oh, wait, I did not mean to make you sad at all. Here is a perfect solution for all these problems, and that is the beloved kratom herb, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa. Kratom for your dog is like a hot cup of coffee that you would like to cherish when you are low on energy.

    It’s legit right that millions of people are heading towards kratom for several reasons like pain relief, opioid withdrawal, boosting mood, relaxation, and the list goes on. But now, many people are using kratom for their furry friends that are a world to them.

    This article is going to offer you five best kratom strains that you can use for your dog without searching any further. The supported user reviews will help you know the experiences of other people who used kratom for their dogs, and in the end, the buying guide will help you get familiar with the most authentic online stores where you can buy kratom.

    So, move on and help that little reader inside you to extract the essential information.

    Five Best Kratom Strains For The Dogs

    I have jotted down these five best kratom strains for your dog based on heavy comparisons and contrasts among many of the other kratom strains.

    1) Bali Kratom Strain For Your Dog’s Pain and Boosted Energy Levels

    Bali Kratom can be your go-to option if you find your pup suffering from discomfort and aching.

    As the name suggests, the Bali strain emerges from Bali, an island present in Indonesia. It is a famous strain among many other regions and has a rich alkaloid profile. Even a minute dose of Bali Kratom will help ease your dog’s pain, either in muscles or other body parts. You can’t see your furry friend in pain right. I know that, right? Bali Kratom strain will do wonders for your dog.

    Bali Kratom comes in three types, and among them, the most useful one to comfort your dog is the white Bali kratom strain. It will ease out that intolerable pain in no time.

    User Reviews About Bali Kratom For Dogs

    According to a user, her dog had been facing severe pain due to arthritis. She gave him ¼ teaspoon of Bali strain in his breakfast. She continued giving it to him for three days, and on the third day, her beloved pup was running around. You see, how miraculous it is!

    Another user also reported how the Bali strain helped her 14-year-old black lab with his arthritis pain. Only ¼ tablespoon of the Bali strain with peanut butter helped ease the pain that was incredibly painful for him.

    2) Maeng Da Kratom Strain Here To Service Your Dog

    Maeng Da is a term used for marketing in the local Thai language. It also appears in the front rows when we shortlist the best Kratom strains for the dogs. But how?

    Maeng Da Kratom strain is used by the number of users to help their pup with relaxation and pain relief. Moreover, if your dog has been on low energy levels lately, the Maeng Da Kratom strain can up-lift the energy levels dramatically. It is a competent strain among Thai people, who had appreciated it endlessly and made it famous worldwide. You can count on the Maeng Da Kratom strain for your dog.

    User Review About Maeng Da Kratom For Dogs

    A user said on his Reddit post that Maeng Da Kratom saved his dog’s life. The dog had hip dysplasia. He gave 1/8th tablespoon of Maeng Da Kratom strain to his dog, helping him with his hip dysplasia. He kept giving the Kratom on a daily basis until the symptoms completely went away, and the dog came back to his routine.

    Another user said in the comments that the Maeng Da strain helped boost his dog’s energy levels and lowered the separation anxiety when he had to take him to a vet for a checkup.

    3) Indo Kratom Strain, Is It Helpful For My Dog?

    Do you know that Indo Kratom strain can be a mix of sedative and pain-relieving effects for your dog?

    Yes, that’s pretty right! The revitalizing quality of the Indo Kratom strain is its high alkaloid concentration for 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine. This alkaloid helps pain relief in surprising ways. Additionally, it can be a safe and natural sedative for your furry friend. Its non-destructive nature helps everyone to use it without having any second thought.

    User Reviews About Indo Kratom Strain For The Dogs

    According to a user, her female dog was in heat and getting nuts all the time. She gave her a half gram of Indo Kratom strain, and her bitch had no misery anymore.

    Another user gave three Kratom capsules of Indo strain to her 12-year-old border collie, and it helped with diminishing the pain she had in her joints.

    4) Green Malay Kratom Strain, A Perfect Solution For Your Dog’s Glitches

    Green Malay Kratom strain is well-known for its high potency. It grows extensively in Malaysia and is one of the most superior kratom strains. If you are wondering whether you can use this Kratom strain for your dog, the answer is, you can confidently use it for your dog.

    Green Malay Kratom strain does not only produce pain-killing effects, but it also prominently used to treat other underlying conditions for your dog, like sleep-related issues (insomnia), lethargy, relaxing the mind, and boosting immunity.

    These factors may differ from dog to dog, but Green Malay Kratom will treat them efficiently. If your dog is having severe pain an restlessness, you can give him a small dosage of Green Malay Kratom, and be ready to see the surprising results.

    User Review About Green Malay Kratom Strain For Dogs

    A review for different Kratom strains for dogs suggests that Green Malay Kratom strain can be helpful if your dog has been into insomnia, pain, and low-energy status. Green Malay Kratom will help him continue a problem-free life.

    5) Borneo Kratom Strain, Can I Trust It For My Dog?

    Borneo Kratom, as for its namesake, comes from the islands of Borneo. It’s a vigorous supplement suitable for extreme pain that would induce anxiety too.

    Whenever you see your little pup in discomfort because of excessive pain and nervousness, just give him an adequate dose of Borneo kratom strain, and he will feel much better and stroll around like there was no problem in the first place.

    From muscular pain to chronic pain, Borneo Kratom can be used to fix it all. Be careful with the dosage, and always start with a precise dose for the first time, according to your dog’s weight.

    User Reviews About Borneo Kratom Strain For Dogs

    A user had a senior dog who was in immense pain because of arthritis. She gave ¼ tablespoon of Borneo strain to her older dog for four months to treat chronic pain in his joints. She gave ¼ tablespoon of Borneo kratom mixed in coconut oil for four months. The dog started walking and running appropriately, unlike before when he could hardly move.

    Buying Guide Of Kratom For Your Dog (2024)

    With all that said, it’s time to put the spotlight on the purchasing stores of kratom for your dog. It is a bit tricky to buy kratom online because there are chances that your vendor might sell contaminated products, and it leads to dangerous ailments for your dog.

    Don’t worry; you won’t have to Google and read a plethora of recommended vendors for kratom and get into the details of the comment section. I have made the job pretty more comfortable and manageable for you. Just scroll down and read out about the most authentic and high-quality vendors that can send your chosen kratom at the door-step.

    Two Best Brands To Buy Bali Kratom For Dog’s Anxiety, Stress, and Calm Feeling

    Here I have listed out the top two brands that are selling high-quality Bali Kratom for your dog.

    1) Kratora

    Kratora Kratom

    Kratora is one of the famous kratom brands worldwide with a rating of 4.7 stars, and it sells premium quality Bali kratom. As the kratom tree matures, it is wild-crafted in the forests on Bali, and experienced growers harvest these mature leaves.

    Later, the grounding process forms a fine powder that is entirely organic and non-contaminated. The final product is a supreme quality of Bali kratom in the market.

    The Bali Kratom powder is packed in pouches that do not let the moisture and Ultra-violet rays to enter. The shipment process is a quick one, and the Bali kratom powder is all fresh with a high potency rate ready for your dog.

    Price and Quantity

    You will get 1oz of premium quality Kratom powder from Kratora for $12.99, 4oz for $49.99, 8oz for $87.99, and 1lb for $169.99. You will also earn one redeemable point for every dollar you will spend. So choose among the quantity you want and place your order right away for your dog.

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    2) Koko Kratom

    Koko kratom sources their Bali strains straight from Indonesia. It’s a “classic” Kratom strain offered by Koko kratom, and you can use it for your dog with closed eyes. The aroma of Bali strain which is imported from the growers having an excellent experience with kratom’s harvesting and grounding. The powder has no grainy remains, and it is fully lab-tested and validated for a high-quality.

    Price and Quantity

    Koko K\kratom offers a high-quality Bali kratom strain of 4oz for $38, 8oz for $69, 17oz for $119, and 1kilo for $159. You can choose among these ranges whatever quantity suits you and place your order request for your dog as soon as possible. Koko kratom also offers free shipping once you have spent $50 at their store.

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    Two Best Brands To Buy Maeng Da Kratom for Dog’s Motivation and Energy

    1) Super Natural Botanicals

    Super Natural Botanicals has a rating of 4.7 stars, making it a top-quality online botanical store. It assures a fresh Maeng Da Kratom treat for your dog.

    This fast-acting herbal supplement is harvested by experienced growers that finely ground these leaves, leaving no debris behind and zip-lock the packaging for the highest potency and freshness.

    The Maeng Da Kratom from Super Natural Botanicals is pure and tested for its high-quality. The delivery process is an efficient and quick one. You can also order a bulk amount of Maeng Da Kratom by e-mailing them.

    Price and Quantity

    The Maeng Da Kratom strain has price tags of $11.95 for 28 g of the powder, $19.95 for 50g, $37.95 for 100g, and $59.99 for 250g, $99.95 for 500g, and $179.95 for 1 kilo.

    Avail 10% off on Maeng Da Kratom for now.
    You can pay a visit to their website for further queries.

    2) Buy Divine Botanicals

    Divine botanicals have a perfect blend of impeccable quality and low pricing, which makes purchasing a brilliant experience. The Maeng Da Kratom strain goes from three stages: germination, cultivation, and harvesting.

    The experienced farmers harvest the kratom leaves when they have the highest levels of alkaloid’s potency, which will bring about refreshing and stimulating effects to your dog.

    The Maeng Da Kratom strain you will use for your dog is entirely organic arose from pure breeding. The packaging follows the rules of the FDA to retain the levels of freshness. Moreover, the product is lab-tested by the third party, which assures the product’s excellent quality.

    Price and Quantity

    The Maeng Da kratom strain has the price tags of $9.99 for 28 g of the powder, $16.99 for 50g o, $29.99 for 100g, and $49.99 for 250g.

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    Two Best Brands To Buy Borneo Kratom For Your Dog’s Anxiety and Pain

    1) Authentic Kratom

    Authentic kratom has a five-star rating, which makes it a high-quality and trusted brand by many people worldwide. The Borneo Kratom strain they are offering is all-natural and free from preservatives and additives. The finely ground Borneo Kratom will take away the pain and anxiety of your dog.

    Price and Quantity

    The Borneo Kratom for 1 oz has a unique price tag of $8.39 instead of their regular price tag of $11.99, for 5oz, you will be charged $41.99 instead of $59.99, and for 10oz the discounted charges are $83.99 instead of $119.99. Who won’t like to avail of a discount like that for such a premium quality Borneo kratom?

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    2) Ketum Superior

    At Ketum Superior, the high-quality Borneo Kratom is a must-have for your dog who has been low on energy and has pain-related anxiety. The product is free from THC, additives, colorings, and preservatives. Moreover, it goes through lab-testing for enhancing the final results. An All-natural Borneo Kratom will be a great treat for your dog.

    Price and Quantity

    The ketum superior online store is offering 28g of Borneo kratom for $8.95, 50g for $15.95, 100g of the powder for $24.95, 250g for $39.95, 500g for $74.95, and 1kilo for $134.95. Head over to their website to avail of these discounted prices for 10% off.

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    Two Best Places to Buy Indo Kratom For Your Dog

    1) Buy Kratom Bulk USA

    If you want to purchase kratom in a bulk amount, then this will be your future go-to store. The reviewers highly recommend the exclusively high-quality Indo kratom. The kratom is organic, well-packed, all-natural, and lab-tested. Hence you don’t need to give a second thought.

    Price and Quantity

    The minimum amount of kratom they are offering is 100g for $20, 250g for $40, 500g for $75, 1kg for $140, 2kg for $275, 3kg for $405, 4kg for $530, 5kg for $650. Choose among the quantity you want and order away.

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    2) Kratom Spot

    The premium Indo kratom is picked from an Indonesian island called Sumatra. Kratom spot has a five-star and sells 100% guaranteed for its most exceptional grading and all-natural source. It is tested for any kind of heavy metals, contaminants, and adulterants.

    Moreover, it is entirely free from fillers and additives and other harmful chemicals. The packaging meets the FDA standard and is responsibly sourced out, keeping the high potency and freshness intact.

    Price and Quantity

    For 1 oz of kratom powder, you will be charged $7.99, for 2 oz of kratom powder, you will be charged $14.99, for 4oz kratom powder, you ill charged $29.99, for 8oz of kratom powder $54.99, and for 1 pound the charges are $99.99.

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    Two Best Places To Buy Green Malay Kratom For Your Dog

    1) The Golden Monk

    The five-star rated super green Malay kratom will satisfy you with a 100% guarantee. The product is fully lab-tested for any kind of impurities. They are also offering a money-back guarantee if you happen to be unsatisfied (which is impossible).

    Price and Quantity

    The price for 250g of the green Malay kratom at the golden monk is $39.99, for 500g, the cost is $69.99, and for 1kilo, the cost is $89.99. Just order away if your dog is in dire need of sleep, boosted immunity, pain-killer, or a natural stimulator.

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    2) Sacred Kratom

    The super green Malay kratom has a five-star rating at the sacred kratom, which assures its supremacy. Sacred kratom is a top seller with maximum user reviews that support its authenticity. The effects are long-lasting and are a combination of all the other strains.

    The kratom is harvested from mature trees located in the Malaysian jungles. The rich alkaloid content is what everybody looks for and sacred kratom looking after the demand very well. The powder is fresh, potent, and all-natural. Moreover, the lab-testing seconds the quality too.

    Price and Quantity

    The sacred kratom sells 1oz of super green Malay kratom for $11.99, 2oz for $21.99, 4oz for $40.99, 8oz for $76.99, and 1lb for $143.99.
    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    Some people prefer kratom capsules for their dogs over kratom powders for numerous reasons. Let’s head towards the online stores that are authentic enough for purchasing kratom capsules for your pup.

    Best Places To Shop Kratom Capsules For The Dogs

    1) Tropic Health Club

    The tropic health club is one of the well-known online spots to buy kratom capsules. The kratom capsules are 100% natural and lab tested. Moreover, this brand is GMP qualified, which means it has a high standard for your dog. They have three varieties of kratom capsules that your dog can enjoy without tasting the kratom’s bitterness. The details are mentioned below.

    a) Tropic Health’s Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules For Your Dog

    The tropic health club is offering sixty Red Maeng Da kratom capsules for $39.92. It is a blend of the kratom leaves and a vegan capsule. The quantity of the powder in the capsule is approximately 600mg. The capsule is a more convenient way to give kratom to your dog, although it is a bit pricy as compared to the powder form.

    b) Tropic Health Green Energy

    The tropic health club’s green energy is the best option if you are giving kratom to your dog for the first time as it stimulates mildly and boosts up the energy levels. The bottle has sixty capsules of green energy for $37.92, which is entirely worth the quality. The capsule has pure green vein kratom and a vegan capsule, and it will provide 600mg of green energy kratom to your dog.

    c) Tropic Health’s White Boost

    The white boost by the tropic health club is the best option for cheering up your dog and stimulating him. You will get sixty capsules of a white boost for $37.93, and they won’t disappoint you. Each capsule will provide 600mg of pure white vein kratom and vegan capsule to your dog.

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    2) PurKratom

    PurKratom is GMP qualified and famous for its quality and consistency. The kratom capsules are lab-tested and have protective packaging. If you have any doubts, their reviews speak for themselves. They have a variety of strains available in capsule form for your dog.

    Malay Kratom, Bali Kratom, Maeng Da kratom, Borneo kratom, and Indo kratom are available in various vein colors. So, order away your favorite strain for your dog to see those astonishing results.

    Price and Quantity

    The price range varies from one strain to another. The range lies among $17.99 – $20.99, offering fifty kratom capsules in each bottle. The capsule contains Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloids in powdered form, and each dose is 1000-1500mg.

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    Final Thoughts On Kratom For Dogs

    Kratom can benefit your dog in various ways. From boosting energy levels to treating cancer, there are numerous benefits for your furry friend. Always be cautious about the dosage you are giving, and don’t forget to consult a vet before giving the first dose. The websites mentioned above will provide you a high-quality kratom you won’t regret buying.


    Is Kratom Safe For Dogs?

    Kratom is entirely safe for your dog until he is already on some other medications. Make sure to consult your vet before you introduce kratom to your dog.

    How Much Kratom Should Be Given To A Large Dog?

    Kratom does not follow a dosage chart; instead, a trial and error method is best when you are confused about the dosage for your more giant dog. Just start with a minimal dose and observe at what dose the dog shows the results. That is the dose he will need to trigger the brain receptors for a specific outcome.

    Can Kratom Help My Dog With Pain?

    Yes, kratom can help in relieving your dog’s pain in no time, and you would see him running around. Moreover, it will also boost his energy levels.

    Can Kratom Help With Aggression Issues In Dogs?

    Yes, kratom can keep your dog calm by triggering his brain receptors responsible for controlling the aggression.

    Can Drug Dogs Smell Kratom?

    Yes, the drug dogs can smell kratom with a little bit of conditioning, just like they can feel the smell of heroin and weed. They are pro at discriminating different scents because they have a stronger sense of smell than humans.

    I hope this article helped you choose the right kratom strain for your dog and where you should buy it.

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