Benefits and Effects of Tea Flavors

    After a long tiring day, tea is a comfortable beverage you can’t turn down. Indeed, it’s a companion at parties and a savior in headaches. No culture is complete without having some preference for tea, and no day is complete without tea-time. It isn’t a surprise that it sits on the second seat after water as the most-consumed drink worldwide!

    Enthusiasts love switching up their routine with different flavors of tea, and you should, too. Here’s a compilation of the best tea flavors that speak to the soul- and why.


    It comes with a sensational fragrance and a soothing effect. Originated from China, but later emerged globally because of its minimally oxidized formula and weight loss benefits; Green tea is the undisputed queen of healthiest beverages in the world!

    Benefits of Green Tea

    It contains a rich amount of beneficial natural compounds and antioxidants that include catechins and polyphenols. These compounds offer potential benefits from a health perspective and minimize the chances of several diseases. Other advantages may fat loss, preventing cell damages, and reducing the chances of heart and cancer-related diseases.

    1) Boosts Brain Function

    It contains caffeine that enriches brain function, but in quantities much less overwhelming than coffee. The compounds in this tea help protect the brain from neurological diseases brought by old age, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

    2) Promotes Weight Loss

    Green tea extract is utilized in weight loss supplements- it’s a much-known fact. Extract-based supplements boost metabolism to help you lose some extra pounds. It’s a debatable subject. However, some users claim that this supplement’s alleged superpower is a myth.

    Others report significant weight loss from the abdominal area and are thrilled at getting rid of excessive bloating problems!

    3) No More Smelly Breath

    Catechin compounds in tea take care of oral health as well. For someone with bad breath problems, incorporating the daily habit of drinking this beverage can solve.

    4) Reduces The Possibilities Of Cancer

    As a rich source of impactful antioxidants, it can diminish the chances of certain types of cancer, like breast and colorectal cancer. Studies show that the ratio of cancer occurrence was relatively less in the people who consume this superfluid.

    5) Good For Skin

    Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, drinking this tea once a day or applying the extract as a face mask, help with acne, wrinkles, and aging signs. Get your glam on at tea time!

    Side Effects Of Green Tea

    Being careful never hurt anyone. Green tea causes no severe harm; it’s considered one of the safest and healthiest drinks on the planet. Side effects come to over-consumers only. Do you find yourself surrounded by tea bags and mugs every day? Well, here are a few things you should keep in mind!

    1) Not Suitable For Caffeine Sensitivities

    Complex tea compounds and caffeine content might not be pleasant for sensitive people as it causes headaches. People with migraine issues should reduce their intake.

    2) Stomach Irritation and Nausea

    Consuming it on an empty stomach can be harmful. Always try drinking it after a meal. It contains a compound called Tannins that maximize the acid amount in your body that may cause nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting. If you sense no side-effects, you are good to go! Otherwise, you’re better off with reduced consumption.

    The numerous benefits are undeniable and evidence-based. You can always avoid the rare side-effects, too. Just keep a check on how many cups you consume on a daily and weekly basis. Consult a doctor if you’re persistently experiencing discomfort with your routine.

    Black Tea

    Black tea originated from China, too! It possesses a powerful essence compared to other tea flavors because of its high caffeine content. Drinking black tea boosts your energy levels so you can be your best self throughout the day. A holy grail for the folks who are not fond of milk and tea; here are some benefits of black tea:

    Black Tea Benefits

    1) Augments Your Digestive System

    Caffeine in Black Tea may augment weight loss by repressing appetite and decreasing the craving to eat. Moreover, caffeine may also stimulate thermogenesis allowing the body to generate more heat and energy from digesting the food.

    2) Eliminates Free Radicals

    Change in metabolism often produces free Oxygen radicals. These radicals are generally very noxious for the body. Black tea has antioxidants that help getting rid of free Oxygen radicals and boosting the immune system.

    3) Supports Weight Loss

    Corpulence is one of the major causes of many diseases such as disturbed cholesterol level, heart disease, and diabetes. Our miracle Black Tea may help people in the journey of weight loss if consummated along with other precautions.

    4) Elevates Gut Health

    Studies have shown that there are bacterias in your gut that play a substantial role in your health. There is an amount of healthy and unhealthy bacterias that needs to be balanced.

    Black tea’s antioxidant compounds, especially Polyphenols, play a significant role in maintaining this balance by maximizing the beneficial bacterias and minimizing the bad ones.

    The presence of healthy bacteria influences the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and some cancer-related diseases.

    Black Tea Side Effects

    1) Disrupted Sleep and Insomnia

    Moderation is always the way to go. Black tea, despite its effectiveness, may also cause disrupted sleep and insomnia. Caffeine can trigger headaches, nervousness, and anxiety.

    2) May Cause Nausea

    Certain compounds in Black Tea may cause nausea if consumed excessively. Black tea irritates digestive tissues when you’ve got an empty stomach. Sensitive users report stomach pain and other nauseous discomforts.

    3) Aggravates Acid Reflux

    Black tea causes heartburn sometimes. It may aggravate the acid reflux system and increase stomach acid production if you’re one of those heavy chai drinkers.

    Black tea is a highly caffeinated and enriching source of antioxidant compounds. Everything has its pros and cons! Some people get their black tea fix multiple times a day, and it works well for them. Others complain of sleeping problems, anxious breathing, and restlessness. We’d recommend you be wary of how much you take!

    White Tea

    White tea is relatively more expensive than other teas because it gets harvested at the beginning of the season for a very brief period. The baby leaves are partially open and still covered in protective white hair; thus, the term “white tea” came into existence. It is delicate in flavor, least oxidized, and contains a minor amount of caffeine content.

    White Tea Benefits

    White tea is also a rich source of glorious antioxidant compounds. These substances are beneficial for various reasons, such as burning fat (yes!), skincare, healthy hair, memory enhancement, increased energy levels, refining kidneys, liver health, and the list goes on!

    1) Prevents Cell Damage

    White tea is a magnificent source of antioxidant compounds such as Catechins and Polyphenols that protect cells from damage.

    2) Lowers The Heart Disease Ratio

    The primary cause of death in America is heart disease. Every 26 seconds, a person dies due to heart disease. Catechins and polyphenols enrich the immune system and ease the blood vessels. These services lower the threats of heart disease occurrence. It doesn’t mean that you should part ways with your doctor, though. It’s just a bonus in the form of a soothing, hot beverage!

    3) Fights The Plaque-Causing Bacteria On Teeth

    White tea compounds: catechins, tannins, and fluorides are quite beneficial for oral health. They can protect teeth from plaque and tartar by fighting bacteria.

    4) Lowers The Cholesterol Levels

    White tea can help you regulate your cholesterol levels by increasing good cholesterol and decreasing bad cholesterol. Its polyphenols also lessen insulin resistance threats and control blood sugar.

    5) Anti-Diabetic Properties

    A regular intake of this tea might save the diabetic person from a few painful hassles. These properties avert the symptoms of immoderate thirst and reduced plasma.

    Side-Effects Of White Tea

    White tea is excellent, but we’d like to go over some side effects as well.

    1) Check Your Supplier

    Caffeine content affects anyone with caffeine sensitivity and fever problems. Although the quantity of caffeine in white tea is relatively low, different brands may vary. Always check the box for the tea’s nutritional breakdown.

    2) Not Your Bedtime Tea

    Don’t take white tea right before going to bed- we don’t recommend it! Excessive amounts of tea before bedtime may cause sleep deprivation and dizziness.

    3) Be Careful On Medication

    Avoid drinking white tea if you are on medicines. Refrain from it after taking tablets or syrups as it diminishes the efficiency of drugs.

    White tea is a smooth beverage to accompany you on a pleasant (or unpleasant) day. Side-effects may vary from person to person and distinct brands. It becomes a favorite tea flavor before you know it!

    Yellow Tea

    Most people don’t know about this one. It’s more common in China; even most tea brands and vendors don’t provide the flavor. The scarcity makes you want to try it out even more!

    It’s similar to green tea health-wise but is lighter on the stomach. This golden creation is one of its kind, comes with a subtle fruity taste and tantalizing aroma.

    Yellow Tea Benefits

    1) Consolidates Bones and Teeth

    Yellow tea’s compounds give you healthy teeth. They’re known to strengthen bones and reduce joint pain. It also protects the brain from potential strokes.

    2) Great For Mental and Physical Health

    The antioxidant formulation of yellow tea improves brain functions and uplifts energy levels. The fluid mix reduces anxiety, increases appetite, and keeps you energetic and alert!

    3) Effective For Liver Health and Diabetes

    The catechins and polyphenols in yellow tea avert the risks of liver diseases, hepatitis, and inflammation. Also, a massive benefit for diabetes patients as it helps control blood sugar levels.

    4) Effective For Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    Yellow tea’s anti-inflammatory properties qualify to preclude the excessive inflammation caused by Inflammatory bowel disease.

    5) Weight Maintenance

    We told you how similar it is to green tea- so evidently, it can serve in your weight loss parade. It uplifts metabolism, supports fat burn, and helps you maintain constant body weight.

    6) Makes Your Skin Glow

    Everybody loves spotless baby skin. Yellow tea’s anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties make your skin look young, with a soft glow.

    Side-Effects Of Yellow Tea

    Once again, moderation is key! Teas have very similar side-effects when overly consumed.

    1) Not The Right Choice For Insomniacs

    Yellow tea will most likely cause insomnia or give rise to anxiety if you take it before sleeping. Try to get tea time over with at least 3 hours before you hit the bed.

    In a nutshell, yellow tea is a combination of healthy antioxidants and polyphenol compounds. The rarity and shiny texture make it an exceptional choice. Welcome this fine beverage into your brunch parties, office meetings, and solitude hours- we highly recommend it.

    What’s The Best Tea Flavor?

    Everyone knows that having tea every now and then is great for your health. Different blends of tea, may it be green, black, white, or yellow, will always soothe your nerves and give you just the boost you need.

    Always consider high-quality tea brands to prevent inconvenience or chemical imbalances. We hope this article was informative and helpful, and we’d love to hear which tea flavor you love the most!

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