Blue Diamonds Herbs Review – The Good, Bad & Good To Know

    “Blue diamond herbs” is one of the many companies that deal with Kratom products. The company values the purity and quality of its products. Therefore, it displays all the quality certifications alongside each product. It trades most of its products from certified sellers located in Indonesia.

    All these sellers also keep the quality of their products in check. The company keeps its products accessible with reasonable price ranges. The devotion towards their customer base is unparalleled as they consider each one of their customers like family.

    The company deals in all common strains of Kratom and also keeps some specially enhanced strains. They also provide a starter sample pack for their new customers and have a fair refund policy.

    In addition to that, they have responsive customer service that adds to their charm as well. Therefore, Blue Diamon Herbs is a certified kratom retailer with pure and high-quality products.

    Strains & Blends Available

    Usually, the strains of Kratom are categorized based on the color of the stems and veins. These include red vein, green vein and, white vein kratom. Blue Diamond herbs have all these strains available, including white meng da, white Sulawesi, meng da blends of white and red kratom powder, and Malay Kratom.

    In addition to all these varieties, there are also some enhanced blends available. These include Godfather enhanced blend, some blends of Meng da, Red Borneo, and White Sulawesi. White Sulawesi comes from Sulawesi Island in Indonesia and is very popular among kratom users because of its consistent alkaloid levels.

    Many different blends of Sulawesi can be made, but they all contain the three primary strains listed above. The Meng Da blend, which is a popular product, is also available in Sulawesi.

    Quality Control & Lab Reports

    Blue Diamond herbs have emphasized the importance of quality products. The company has many policies regarding the maintenance of the consistent and high quality of its products.

    They only buy their materials from certified Kratom sellers from Indonesia. Not only that, but all of their products are also certified in quality by third-party labs.

    The company believes in the transparency of the testing process. Therefore, all the lab reports of each of their products are available on their website. Anyone can view all the components and constituents present in every product.

    The owner of the company, Luke DiDio, has personally undergone training to understand the results better and improve the quality of his creations. Although the website does not mention GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, their quality control practices are still up to the mark.

    Social Media Presence

    Since the company is relatively young, there is not much activity on Instagram and Twitter. Only official accounts have been set up recently. It is reasonably expected that with more customers and growth, they will soon start to establish their social media accounts as well.

    However, Facebook is a different story. Blue Diamond Herbs’ official page is getting followers and likes in hundreds, with comment sections flowing with positive reviews by satisfied and happy customers. There are regular posts about new sales, products, and policies.

    The official page is, unmistakably, very active and is just second to the official website when it comes to gaining new customers. Their posts have been shared multiple times, increasing their reach and creating new opportunities to serve more customers.

    False Medical Claims & Misleading Names

    We have often seen many herb vendors selling their products with false medical claims. Several incidents have recorded vendors claiming their products as herbal alternatives to traditional medicines. This leads to severe complications, as people began consuming these products in dangerous quantities.

    However, following their transparency policy, Blue Diamond explicitly mentions that these products are not for medical therapy and, therefore, should be consumed carefully.

    Another serious and unethical practice is using misleading names for the products. But blue diamond herbs mention all their products by their actual name. Their products are brought from certified vendors and are sold with all the authenticity of their character.

    Each component and its effects are explicitly mentioned in the package. It prevents the excessive use of such herbal products.

    Return Policy

    With herbal products, risks are associating with the purchase. Sometimes the product is not up to the mark, has gone wrong, or does not match what you ordered. Most herb vendors have a strict return policy considering the nature of these products.

    They don’t provide refunds if the product has been used because of potential exposure to external factors.

    At Blue Diamond Herbs, it is a different story. The company provides a full refund of the product in case the customer is not satisfied. Not only that, if the customer wants to exchange the product, they can do so without any hassle.

    Any product can be exchanged. However, in the case of changing the quantity of the product, additional charges may apply.

    Shipping & Payment

    Blue Diamond herbs provide payment methods, including Visa and Mastercard. Hence, the products can be ordered from around the world without any problem. In addition to these traditional methods, they offer multiple other ways.

    These include Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle. The company believes in protecting its customers’ privacy; therefore, they are the first vendors to offer crypto-currency transactions. All payments are processed via a secure IP.

    All of their orders are shipped within 1-3 business days. USPS Express Mail shipping is automatically assigned to all the orders. For orders below $75, the rate of delivery charges about $8.99. Above $75, there are no shipping charges at all.

    Their customer service is fantastic and has received several good reviews that can be seen on the website. They provide a phone number and email where customers can quickly contact and inquire about the order.

    Customer Feedback

    The real judge of a vendor is its customers. However, perfect a business may seem; only the customer reviews can tell the true story.

    Several vendors sell low-quality products to their customers and are instantly called out online for their blunders. Therefore, having good customer feedback is essential to any vendor.

    Blue diamond herbs understand the necessity of happy customers. Their products are of impeccable quality, and countless reviews on their Facebook page are proof of that. Favorable reviews by satisfied customers are continually being added to their website as well.

    These reviews are genuine in their sentiment, with no indication that the company is fabricating them. Therefore, the products of Blue Diamond herbs are authentic and of top quality.

    Products Recommended By The Company

    Even though all of their products are exquisite, the company itself has produced some best sellers. Top of the list is one of their enhanced blends called “Godfather enhanced blend”.

    It is a micro-blend tea with a price of about $15.99. This price is higher than all of their products and speaks volumes about the quality and effects of this blend.

    In addition to that, Red Horn Sulawesi, Meng Da blends, Green Sulawesi are recommended by the company and are among the top-rated products of the company.

    Coupons and Discounts

    The company frequently offers various discounts and coupon codes that can be redeemed. Moreover, they provide a 25% discount to the customers who sign up for the newsletter.

    These kinds of small deals build a customer base and increase trust between the customer and the vendor. Blue Diamond has utilized the skill of offering discounts quite effectively.

    They offer several coupons and discounts, which are announced on their Facebook page. These discounts last a day or for several weeks. They also have a reward system that helps you earn points that can be redeemed in the form of free Kratom.

    Features Of Products

    1) White Sulawesi

    White Sulawesi is one of the original four strains of Kratom. It got its name because the strain extracted belongs to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. This strain contains a very consistent level of alkaloid. The plant has broad leaves and long-lasting and positive effects on the mood. Buyers can get a minimum amount of 1 oz for about $9.99 and a maximum 32 oz for $139.9.

    2) Meng Da Blends

    Meng da blends on blue diamond herbs are high potency strains, with effects including pain relief, mood enhancement, and relaxation. Meng da strain adds to the qualities of red strain, enhancing this plant’s qualities and effects.

    Meng Da is created by a process called “grafting”, which involves joining together different plant tissues to get a whole new plant. Like most of their products, meng da blends have prices ranging from $9.99-$139.9 for quantities ranging from 1oz to 32 oz.


    Blue Diamond Herbs has all the top-quality kratom strains with ensured purity and effectiveness. This company is still young yet has gained countless positive reviews from around the world. These reviews speak for the integrity and quality control of the company.

    Not only that, their customer-friendly return policies, quick and considerate customer service, coupons, and discounts also distinguish them from other vendors. Their dedication to transparency and impartiality during the testing process also makes them worthy vendors.

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