Blue Lotus For Sale Near Me

    How amazing it is to realize that there are certain natural products out there for us, and people are turning towards them for good well-being, consisting of all-natural ingredients. If you are one of those who would like to go for organic products rather than human-made products for any XYZ reason, you have got your hands on this article.

    You know what; I never came across such an eye-catching flower before, loaded with numerous benefits. Yes, you hear me, right folks, I am shooting the breeze at the one and only BLUE LOTUS!

    We are going to put the light on the blue lotus, how you can find all-natural blue lotus near you, and the tips and tricks to consider before you make a purchase. No, I won’t you alone right after that, this article will be of no use if you do not get to know about the authentic vendors for blue lotus.

    So let’s see what this article has to tell you, and what you have to grab out of it (particularly everything)!

    What Is Blue Lotus?

    The blue lotus is scientifically known as Nymphaea Caerulea and belongs to the plant family Nymphaeaceae. It originated in Egypt and Northern Africa. When you open the history of Ancient Egyptians, you will find blue lotus as an essential part of their culture.

    Nowadays, blue lotus also grows in some parts of Asia and India. There are a plethora of blue lotuses alongside the river Nile, and they add up to its splendor and beauty.

    The walls of the old burial chambers in Egypt have the paintings and carvings of blue lotus, and some other ancient paintings have blue lotus pictured with wine.

    These little pieces of evidence suggest that blue lotus was exclusively used for religious purposes, beverages, and plant tinctures, by Ancient Egyptians. Moreover, due to its potent aphrodisiac (stimulating sexual desire) and minor psychedelic (more like a relaxant) nature, it was habitually practiced as a party drug.

    Blue lotus has hallucinogenic fragrance, inebriating influence, and just like a stimulated Wild-fire, it has become famous in other cultures as well. The unique characteristic of blue lotus is how it opens up its petals as the sunshine strikes its body, and closes them as a baby goes to sleep, around evening when the sunlight is almost fading. How mysterious, yet appealing it is!

    Facts About Blue Lotus

    Let’s have a look at the facts associated with blue lotus:

    • As mentioned above, blue lotus is a great natural aphrodisiac; it can help stimulate sexual intercourse. The alkaloid nuciferine brings about the entire effect, the study states.
    • According to the research, it is a mild sedative used extensively in aromatherapy, oils, and perfumes because of the mystic fragrance it has.
    • A study carried out in 2014 claims that the mummified bodies are also well-kept-up with the assistance of the active substances in blue lotus. These active substances are phytosterols, bioflavonoids, and phosphodiesterase.
    • Blue lotus is quite beneficial with easing off the menstrual cramps, and excess bleeding, as it is a natural muscle relaxant and pain-killer. The research supports this idea.
    • A Chinese researcher claims that the alkaloid nuciferine present in the blue lotus acts as a natural insulin stimulator hence helps with diabetes.
    • The study suggests that the powder of blue lotus seeds mixed in honey helps with the cough.
    • Are you worried about the inflammation you have caught? Don’t worry; another study suggests that blue lotus can help reduce inflammation.
    • Some other researchers suggest that the nuferine alkaloid present in the blue lotus can fight against cancer.
    • A research conducted in 2013 claims that lotus is a perfect way out for skin-related issues like acne. The amount of sebum (a substance responsible for acne breakouts) glands produce is declined by lotus and green tea combo, when applied on the face.
    • Some other issues, like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression, are also treated with the help of blue lotus (Hesselink, 2018).
    • One of the many reviews suggests that blue lotus helps with Lucid dreaming practice.
    • Lastly, it helps with diarrhea, so if you have loose stools, there is a blue lotus for a rescue.

    You should not take blue lotus for granted; it is a flower that can add to your life in many ways. Considering all these facts, you must be thinking about how it can help you with your specific issue and how you can purchase blue lotus. Don’t worry! You will have all the essential guidelines for the purchase here.

    Key Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Blue Lotus

    Let’s see what aspects you have to think through and be careful about before buying blue lotus.

    • You should be aware of the difference between blue lotus and sacred lotus so that you do not mistakenly order the other one. Sacred lotus is also known as Nelumbo Nucifera, the national flower of Vietnam and India. They both consist of the alkaloid nuciferine but are quite different concerning physical existence, properties, and effects.
    • Always purchase from an authentic vendor who is GMP qualified.
    • Never forget to read out the key ingredients present in any of the blue lotus products before use.
    • Reviews help you with a better understanding of the product, so never miss reading them. They will help you big time with purchasing the “right” product.
    • Make sure your health care provider knows about the introduction of blue lotus in your health regime.

    With that said, let’s see what the authentic online vendors for blue lotus are!

    Online Vendors For Blue Lotus

    1) Phyto-Extractum

    Phyto-Extractum is the purveyor of ethnobotanical goods with GMP certification. Many people make every effort to search around for a pure blue lotus; Phyto-extractum, undoubtedly, is one of the best vendors around. They have all the assortments, including blue lotus flower, extract, and tincture.

    1) Blue Lotus Flowers

    An organic family plant in Thailand trade these blue lotus flowers. The Nymphaea caerulea flower petals have a rating of 4.6 that suggests the supreme quality of the product. You will get 1oz or 28 grams of the flower petals for $14.95, earning 30 reward points for free.

    2) Blue Lotus Extract

    The 30x extracted powder is rated 4.6, which assures its’ quality. You can purchase 1 gram of the extract for $7.45and get around 15 points as a bonus.

    3) Blue Lotus Tincture

    This tincture has a rating of 4.4, not bad! You can purchase it for $14.95 and also get 30 reward points as a bonus. This 10:1 tincture is one of the best sources of blue lotus.

    You can pay a visit to their website for further queries.

    2) Zamnesia

    Zamnesia is a European company with a passion for exporting mind-altering products. They have a range of blue lotus products, including flowers, tinctures, extracts, and resins.

    1) Blue Lotus Flowers (Dried)

    Zamnesia is selling 10 grams of dried blue lotus for €7,95, including tax. You can take 5 grams of dried flowers per person and soak them in hot water for a perfect cup of soothing tea. If you want to enjoy the famous Egyptian drink, then soak them in your wine bottle for a few hours, though it will make vine bitter but has excellent potency.

    For buying three units of dried blue lotus flowers, you will get a discount of 5%, for five units you will get a discount of 10%, and for ten units, they are offering a discount of 15%.

    2) Blue Lotus Tincture

    This blue lotus tincture has a 4-star rating. It is priced at €16,50, including tax. Let’s get into its specs, it is 15x tincture and has around 15ml of quantity in the bottle. You can easily use it by just pressing on the dropper.

    For buying three units of blue lotus tincture you will get a discount of 5%, for five units you will get a discount of 10%, and for ten units, they are offering a discount of 15%.

    3) Blue Lotus Resin

    The 20x resin of blue lotus by Zamnesia will cost you €7,95, including tax, for a quantity of 1 gram. It is a great aphrodisiac and anti-oxidant for both men and women. You can form 2 to 3 mini balls and put them in water, once they are all melted, you can sip it out as a tea. You can also blend it into your smoking mix.

    For buying three units of blue lotus resin, you will get a discount of 5%, for five units you will get a discount of 10%, and for ten units, they are offering a discount of 15%.

    4) Blue Lotus Extract

    The extract has a high concentration of both nuciferine and aporphine contents. It is 20x stronger and potent as compared to a regular leaf of blue lotus. For 1 gram of blue lotus 20x extract, you will pay €9,95, including tax. It’s a great option if you want a more concentrated product of blue lotus.

    For buying three units of blue lotus resin, you will get a discount of 5%, for five units you will get a discount of 10%, and for ten units, they are offering a discount of 15%.

    You can pay a visit to their website for further queries.

    3) Kratora

    Kratora is another leading platform for purchasing the best ethnobotanicals, including blue lotus. They travel globally to find the best products for their customers. The products are imported and offer blue lotus from reliable vendors.

    They work closely with the manufacturers to execute protective harvest plans, thereby protecting the environment and producing high-quality products. They are offering blue lotus flowers, powder, and ext. Let’s get into the details of these products.

    1) Blue Lotus Flowers

    Kratora offers premium quality blue lotus flowers. 1oz or 28 grams of blue lotus flowers are priced at $11.99, and as a bonus, you will get 12 reward points for free. These points are redeemable at kratora.

    2) Blue Lotus Powder

    The blue lotus powder at kratora is rated 5-star by purchasers, which suggests it to be a high-quality product. It is mainly sourced from Asia and is free from artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The growers carry out the process of drying the flowers and grind them to form a fine powder and send for the sale.

    At kratora, 1oz of the powder is approximately 28 grams, and you can purchase it for $11.99.for each dollar spent, they offer one reward point, so you will get 12 reward points, which will be exchangeable.

    3) Blue Lotus Extract

    You can have an exciting blue lotus experience in the form of this 50x extract. This tincture contains 50oz of flower and condenses into 1 oz of extracted liquid. Moreover, the concentration levels of the bioactive components of the blue lotus are pretty high in this product. You can buy this tincture for $7.99 and earn eight redeemable reward points,

    For further queries, pay a visit to their website.

    4) Magic Mushrooms Shop

    Magic Mushrooms Shop

    Although this shop is famous for mushrooms, it offers other medicinal herbs of excellent quality as well. Blue lotus flowers and its extracts are also available at this spot. Check the details below:

    1) Blue Lotus Flower

    These flowers are perfect for an evening tea, offering a great deal of relaxation after a tiring day. The quantity is around 20 grams for dried blue lotus flowers, and it will cost you €7.95 for an amount of one unit. You can also combine the blue lotus flowers with herbs like pink lotus, Wild dagga, and Damian, for strengthened relaxing effects.

    2) Blue Lotus Extract 20x

    The blue lotus extract by magic mushrooms shop is 20 times more potent if you compare it with regular blue lotus flowers. The shop is offering 1 gram of blue lotus extract for a special price of €7.00 (for now).

    You can use it to prepare a relaxing tea, just take 0.25 grams of the extract and let it steep in hot water. Later, you can add some honey for a better taste. You can also take it in the form of a vine; for that purpose, take 0.25 grams of the extract and let it sit in your vine bottle for 3 hours. You may find your vine bitter.

    5) Shaman’s Garden

    Shaman’s garden sells superior-quality botanical herbs for rituals and meditation, but that completely okay if you want to use them otherwise, no body’s going to snatch them away!

    Jokes’ apart, this online shop is based in New Zealand. They specialize in importing, growing, and trading the botanical herbs, extracts, gums, resins, natural products, and equipment, for personal manufacture. Let’s see what the blue lotus products they are offering are:

    1) Blue Lotus Flowers

    Shaman’s garden sells high-quality blue lotus flowers that are organic and shade-dried. They are selling ½ oz of blue lotus flowers for $6.99, 1 oz for $11.99, and 2 oz for $19.99. You can choose from these ranges according to your need.

    2) Blue Lotus Absolute Oil

    The blue lotus absolute oil is manufactured in Nepal. It will cost you $19.99 for 1ml of the oil and $79.99 for 5ml of the oil. It is very pricy with a high content of nuciferine and aporphine.

    A high price tag is there because this precious oil is made by 1 ton of flowers, and they reduce to form 1 kilo of the oil, leaving no residue behind, the oil is made in a controlled and sterilized environment. It is wholly organic and has a rich fragrance.

    3) Blue Lotus Stamens

    The blue lotus stamens are hand-picked from a pond in a small farm located in Nepal. These stamens are offered seasonally and effortlessly get out of stock. A vast amount of blue lotus flowers produce only a handful of stamens. These are also called the poor man’s saffron. You can purchase ½ oz of stamens for $11.99, 1oz of stamens for $21.99, and 2oz of stamens for $39.99.

    4) Blue Lotus 25:1 Resin Smoke

    This product has no competitors yet and is entirely pure. It is manufactured with the help of a cold, high-pressure CO2 extraction procedure. According to the shaman’s garden, this is their private reserve. The price for 1 gram of the product is $9.99, for 3 grams $27.99, and for 10 grams $79.99.

    For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

    In A Nut-Shell

    Blue lotus is one of the medicinal herbs that was practiced in ancient Egyptian times. The flower has numerous benefits but has some legality issues, hence be sure if it is legal in your state. Always start with micro-dosing whenever you incorporate anything new in your health regime.

    In order to be double sure about your expectations and safety, you should always read out the labeled ingredient from the product and never forget to consult your health care provider.

    I hope this article helped you out with all of your confusions and queries!

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