Bumble Bee Kratom – An In-depth Review Of Pure Speciosa Seller

    An explosion in the popularity of Kratom, an Indo-native plant indigenous to South Asia, has supplemented the increase in consumption and sales of the products. With that came the dawn of kratom selling companies that increased imports from the native land. While many vendors choose to sell online without opening physical retail stores, some spread across the land like wildfire.

    One such company that operates out of the US is The Bumble Bee Company. It is reasonably popular in the region and sells its product at stores across states in smoke shops. It is a herbal dealer specializing in selling Kratom-based products, including capsules, extracts, and powdered strains. Kratom sold by the company is often termed as Bumble Bee Kratom.

    The company came into being on the vision that nature is filled with naturally healing ingredients. The goodness of plants and their extract has power, and it should be made available to people across the globe. It is the reason why the company imports authentic blends for the land Kratom originates.

    Types Of Strains Bumble Bee Deals In

    Bumble Bee sells several different varieties of Kratom. All of the variants are available in several forms. It gives customers the liberty to buy the Mitragyna is the form that is their favorite to consume. You get it in powdered form or in the capsules that come in jars. In addition to that, you can also buy the extracted tinctures.

    Some of the popular strains sold by Bumble Bee Botanicals include Maeng Da Premium, Green Borneo, Red Borneo, and Gold Bali. The origin of each variant depends on where it is grown and the time of harvest of the leaves. For instance, Red Bali comes from Bali Island in Indonesia, and Red color indicates that its veins had red ting at the harvest time.

    Lab Reports

    There is no official presence of the company except the pages on social media. There is no official website present. Consequently, there are no reports on the content and the test for the Kratom alkaloids quantities.

    However, vendors who sell the company’s products, sale them under the tested product category. It means that all the products are checked for purity and contamination by molds and microorganisms de other particulate matter. Nonetheless, we can not conclude much about the active chemical profile.

    False Medical Claims & Use Of The Name

    The company does not make any false medical claims and does not promise any cures. Online vendors of the company list that there is testing involved, but the FDA has not approved its use.

    It means the safe limits or overall safety of the usage of the product has not been established. It is also stated that it should not be used as a cure or the replacement of any medicine type.

    In addition to that, there is no fraudulent use of the name involved. Another company is known as Bumblebee botanicals strictly states that they are different for Bumblebee Kratom.

    Thus, it is clear that there is no illegal or false name use involved despite the similarity. The reviewers also distinctly mention the difference between the companies.

    Customer Feedback

    Bumblee Kratom possesses a great fan base and a vast number of users. Despite being quoted as relatively expensive compared to the other brands, there is no effect on Bumble Bee Kratom’s sales.

    Several reviewers leave positive comments on the online forums and vendor’s comment sections.
    The brand is said to be ideal for people who are exploring the use of Kratom and its strains.

    Even for veteran users that have already established the perfect dosages for themselves, bumblebee Kratom is a famous brand. All users agree that it is a potent brand and its strains have all active ingredients in sufficient quantity.

    Vendor Activity On Social Media

    The vendor is active on third-party websites, and their products are available on several platforms on the internet. Besides that, bumblebee Kratom is also available in stores across states. The head office is located in California, from the company operates.

    When it comes to social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram, the company has a page on both of them. On Facebook, there is a fair amount of activity last year. It is seen that the company was using the latest Memes and humor to promote their Kratom-based products. For the current year, the page has not been active.

    Comparison With Competitors

    In comparison, the bumblebee company is widely known in the US. Due to understandable confusion between Bumble Bee Company and Bumblebee botanical, the two are often closely compared. Despite the more comprehensive product range for the latter, Bumble Bee kratom wins in terms of quality and fan base.

    Another brand in comparison is Club 13 Kratom. It is one of the pioneering companies with years of experience under its belt. In terms of quality and pricing, the companies are comparable to each other. Despite a not-so-long establishment, BumblebeeBumblebee has maintained its name in quality, and its consumers widely like it.

    Return Guarantee

    In case of dissatisfaction with the product, the company offers a return-back guarantee on all of its products. You can also exchange the product if you end up buying the wrong blend.

    The policy may be different for the online vendors as they might not be following the terms of the company but their own. Moreover, the average period of the exchange or return of the product is thirty days, provided that it is not damaged or packing isn’t broken.

    Shipping and Payment Options

    For the physical stores and smoke shop vendors, you can pay for your product in cash. It is because for the safety of both vendor and the buyer. The reason behind it is that there are issues regarding the legal status of the blends. Some credit card companies and banks don’t want to get caught in a lawsuit that does not concern them.

    Thus, they mostly don’t endorse controversial products, like Kratom blends. That is why the best way to pay is in cash. One advantage is that it does not leave a digital footprint or trail online. As a result, the company opts for payments in cash.

    In the case of online deals, the method of payment varies with the website. Some offer payments through PayPal others even accept the payment in Bitcoins.

    Top Selling Products Of The Company

    Although all of the products see nearly equal sales and fame, some are the hot favorite. The company’s top sellers are capsules followed by extracts. Tablets contain a powdered form of Kratom with defined dosages.

    The number starts for thirty capsules per bottle and goes up with the customer’s requirements. Capsules of all strains are in high demand across stores and online vendors.

    The extract is the second most popular after the capsules. They are famous among newbies and regular users. Known for the purity and quality, several reviewers and users have reviewed the Bumble Bees extract. All of them had good and positive things to say about the extract.

    Features Of Their Products

    The five best seller blends of the company have different features and effects on the body. They are used as a mood booster, sleep help, or pain reliever. Let’s take a look at what strains have what type of effect on the body.

    1) Bali Gold

    The strain is a perfect pain killer; some of its benefits include:

    • Chronic pain killer
    • Improve activity level
    • Mood booster
    • Mild sedation

    2) Maeng Da

    It is a strain when you could use an energy booster and power through your daily chores. Some of its effects are:

    • No sedation
    • Energy stimulant
    • Pain killer
    • No suitable for the relaxing effect

    3) Red Borneo

    It is the perfect strain to relax with, and it also carries mild pain-relieving properties. Some of its known effects include:

    • High levels of sedation
    • To be used in back pains or arthritis
    • Similar effect as that of Red Bali
    • Pain management

    4) Green Borneo

    It is a mental stimulant and can be used to wean off opium as a withdrawal agent. Some of its effects on the body are:

    • Helps with depression
    • Tone down anxious thoughts
    • Constant energy
    • Analgesic properties

    5) White Borneo

    It has similar advantages and like that for green strain and Bali Gold. Its known effects on the mood include:

    • Mood enhancer
    • Pain killer
    • Euphoria like feel
    • Dissociating


    The sale of Kratom is popular both online and in stores. Bumble Bee Company is the name in the list of many popular vendors of Kratom. Whether you are new at this or exploring your option to manage the symptoms of a disease, Bumble Bee Company is a must-try.

    All the products are tested for purity and don’t pose any infection or hazardous risk. It is, however, recommended to consume in moderate as each body is different. Thus, the dosage can vary from person to person.

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