The Legal Status of Kratom in Florida and Hot Selling Points to Buy it. (2022)

    From the centuries, we can say how illness and its remedies are going side by side. The treatment of ailments by the mean of herbs is not new. However, there are some herbs whose efficacy is yet to explore. For a very long time, people were unaware of its benefits.

    Kratom is the tropical evergreen plant which is known as Mitragyna speciosa. If you ever want the Kratom products in Florida, you are on the right page. Due to its notorious legality status, most people are hesitant to buy it. So, it is not wrong to educate ourselves regarding its status.

    Although this product’s miraculous results cause an immense increase in sales, buying a good quality kratom is still tricky. Many vendors in the market are selling substandard kratom products, and people are buying them without any knowledge. This article aims to give you a collective and helpful guide about Kratom’s types, legality, and selling points.

    Is Kratom Legal in Florida?

    We are well aware of the questions coming to your mind about its legal status. There is nothing wrong with asking this; obviously, each state has its own rules and regulation, and we have good news for you.

    Yes, it is legal to buy and sell Kratom in Florida, except if you are on Sarasota County premises. Apart from this county, you are free to consume or trade Kratom in Florida. It was declared a ban in the county, but botanical legal defence started a petition to Sarasota County Commission for its revival.

    Kratom was banned in January 2014 by the county ordinance, and up till now, there is no sign of its uplift. They referred to Kratom as a psychoactive substance. It is undoubtedly a wonderful herb with many benefits and adverse effects at the same time if wrongfully packed with a synthetic toxin.

    Anyone found with Kratom possession in Sarasota is punishable for up to 60 days of jail or a fine of 500$. According to them, Kratom is not lab-tested, unadulterated, or free of contaminant substance.

    Well, you can easily buy and sell this herb in the remaining part of Florida. At the start of 2017, the legislation was made to illegalize this drug; stating the Bill 183 and Senate Bill 424. But after some time, that legislation died in subcommittee and failed to become a law.
    Undoubtedly, it is vital to have up-to-date information about its legality, but we don’t need any FDA approval for its consumption since it’s a herbal supplement. However, doctors advise us not to overdose on it.

    Last year, there was one after another bill about banning Kratom, but this year there is silence for some time. May be due to lockdown and other global problems. If you want this drug to remain legal, then you must sign the petition. So join your hands with American Kratom Association and contribute your part in saving this herb from the ban.

    Can Kratom Maintain its Legal Status in Florida?

    There are a lot of controversies moving around about the legality of Kratom in Florida. Based on the previous developments, Kratom can be banned in this state but not soon at all. So, you do not need to worry about that. There is a need to conduct more detailed research studies in order to make conclusive as well as precise decisions.

    The kratom community has been struggling to ensure that it is being continuously supplied and distributed among society. DEA and FDA have tried many times to ban Kratom but they were not having any concrete approach.

    If further studies prove that Kratom has more potential advantages, this herb will not be banned. Most people want Kratom to stay in their state and they are not in a favor of its ban because there are no verified disadvantages associated with Kratom.

    Can You Buy Kratom from Other Parts of Florida and Take it to Sarasota?

    As I mentioned earlier, Kratom is an illegal substance in Sarasota County. Many people think that there could be a chance to buy Kratom from other parts of Florida and take it to their region where it is completely banned.

    Sarasota laws are very clear that buying, cultivation, transporting, and consuming Kratom is strictly prohibited within its premises. You will be at your own risk if you still try to do any such thing.

    What is the Cost of Kratom and its Causative Factors?

    There are different forms of kratom products available in the market. It gives you a variety to choose from. You can buy Kratom either in capsule, dried leaves, powder, tinctures, or extract form. But it must be lab tested.

    Although it is a herb, its extraction, preservation, and packing need hefty investment and time. Kratom extract is the most expensive of all forms, whereas you can have the dried Kratom leaves at the cheapest rates. The sale of Kratom powder and capsules is more common as compared to other forms.

    What is the Area of Origin and Selling Point?

    This factor has a significant effect on the cost of this herb. The country of origin is very substantial. Their import is mostly from southeast Asian deep jungles in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

    Can you believe 95% of Kratom’s supply is from one country? Yes, it is from Malaysia, considering it to be the chief supplier of the world’s Kratom. The strains like Green Malay and Yellow Malay are their specialty. There is a difference in harvest and cultivation costs in each country. As a result, the selling cost of Kratom is also affected.

    It is expensive if originated from high-wage countries like Singapore but relatively cheap if it originated from Cambodia. All the factors like seeds, labor, equipment, preservation preparation are directly proportional to the product price. Anyhow, it would be best to be vigilant while buying it because expensive does not mean supreme quality.

    Types of Kratom, Different Forms and Price Comparison

    The type of Kratom also varies in its price. Their products are abstracted from various variants and subspecies, for example, Indo, Maeng Da, Red Bali, Green Malay, Thai Borneo, etc. Each variant differs in its potency and effectiveness. Among all, Maeng da is the most potent one hence the expensive one too. In contrast, Bali Kratom is available at the cheapest rates.

    There are three main strains of Kratom as they are differentiated based on their source. Here we are providing you the complete guide about different Kratom strains, their effect, and properties. This will help you in buying the appropriate one for your purpose.

    1) White Vein Kratom

    White vein kratom is quite potent and not suitable for beginners. It has numerous benefits, but it is advised to buy only if you are already using this herb.

    During its preparation after the harvest, this strain is kept in the darkroom for drying. It has white veins. As mentioned before, it is the most potent of all. It has visible stimulating effects.

    White Meing DaKratomspot25 Capsule (18 grams)$16.99
    Bali White VeinKratomspot1 pound(powder)$99.99
    White Vein SamutraKratomspot1 pound(powder)$99.99
    Superwhite BorneoKratom KIngdom60 Capsules. /per bottle$18.99
    White Riau KratomSupernatural Botanicals1 pound(500g)/per pack$99.95

    2) Red Vein Kratom

    Red vein kratom is best known for its sedative effect. It is used for pain relief purposes. We use a lightroom or UV lamp for drying the leaves during its preparation, unlike the darkroom in white veins. It is used as a pain relief drug rather than a stimulant.

    It is widely used in patients to minimize the pain and to achieve a sedative effect. Although it is still not approved by the FDA as a medication in hospitals or clinics.

    Bali Red KratomKratomspotCapsule50 capsules (39 g)/per bottle$29.99
    Sumatra Red VeinKratomspotpowder1 pound (16 oz.)/per pack$109.99
    Red Karma KapusNectar Kratompowder1 pound(500g) per pack$69.99
    Red Vein ThaiKingdom KratomCapsules60 Capsules per bottle$18.99
    Red Bentuangie KratomKingdom KratomCapsules60 capsules per pack$18.99
    Red Indo KratomSupernatural BotanicalsCapsules50 Capsules per bottle$19.99

    3) Green Vein Kratom

    Green Kratom is of the moderate type, which balances the pain relief and energy-boosting qualities. Green Malay is famous for mood-lifting and energizing effects. It is more common in the practice of pain management as compared to the other ones.

    Super Green Malay (SGM)KratomspotCapsules50 capsules (35 g)/per bottle$29.99
    Green Thai KratomKratomspotPowder1 pound (16 oz)/per packet$99.99
    Indo Green VeinKratomspotPowder1 pound (16 oz)/per packet$109.99
    Green Horn KratomKingdom kratomCapsules60 capsule per packet$18.99
    Green Malay KratomKingdom kratomCapsules60 capsule per packet$18.99
    Green Bali KratomSupernatural botanicalsPowder1 pound per packet$99.95(discounted price)
    Green Sulawesi KratomSupernatural botanicalsPowder250g per packet$59.95
    Tropical Green BorneoNectar KratomPowder1-pound 500g per packet$69.99

    From Where Can You Buy Kratom in Florida?

    I have listed the top 20 local and online Kratom vendors that help you buy multiple Kratom products. I have mentioned their address and contact numbers as well for your ease.

    Natural Life CBD Kratom Kava
    Vitamins & Supplements
    Address: 1730 Thomasville Rd Tallahassee, FL 32303
    Phone: (850) 900-5182

    Athena’s Garden
    Herbs & Spices
    Address: 659 Industrial Dr Tallahassee, FL 32310
    Phone: (850) 391-9496

    Honest Living Vape Shoppe & Apothecary
    Vape Shops, Herbal Shops, Cosmetics & Beauty Supply
    Address: 2620-1 W Tennessee St.Tallahassee, FL 32304
    Phone: (850) 800-6774

    Xtreme Gift Shop
    Tobacco Shops, Gift Shops, Vape Shops
    Address: 2695 Capital Cir NE Street 3 Tallahassee, FL 32308
    Phone: (850) 329-2483

    Tallulah CBD + Juice bar
    Vitamins & Supplements, Juice Bars & Smoothies
    Address: 1410 Market St Street C4 Tallahassee, FL 32312
    Phone: (850) 320-6465

    Premier Smoke and Vape
    Vape Shops, Tobacco Shops, Head Shops
    Address: 1243 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139
    Phone: (305) 397-8463

    Smoke One Smoke shop
    Vape Shops, Head Shops
    Address: 9205 NW 22nd Ave Miami, FL 33147
    Phone: (786) 681-6788

    SmokeBucks Smoke & Vape Shop
    Vape Shops
    Address: 9585 North Regency Square Blv.Ste 5.Jacksonville, FL 32225
    Greater Arlington
    Phone: (904) 337-0075

    Smoke Pharmacy
    Head Shops, Vape Shops, Tobacco Shops
    Address: 5135 International Dr Ste 14.Orlando, FL 32819
    Phone: (407) 500-4420

    Marley’s House Citrus Park
    Vape Shops, Head Shops, Tobacco Shops
    Address: 6112 Gunn Hwy.Tampa, FL 33625
    Phone: (813) 264-2112

    Puff Puff Pass Smoke Shop
    Tobacco shop
    Address: 101 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311, United States
    Phone: +1 954-990-7331

    OB Vapors
    Vape Shops, Tobacco Shops
    Address: 25023 Canal Rd. Orange Beach, AL 36561
    Phone: (251) 981-3331

    Primo’s Vapor Smokes
    Tobacco Shops, Vape Shops, Head Shops
    Address: 3 Eglin Pkwy SE.Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
    Phone: (850) 659-7712

    7 Mile Vapor Shop Cafe & Kava Bar
    Vape Shops
    Address: 30200 Overseas Hwy.Big Pine Key, FL 33043
    Phone: (305) 783-1357

    Gunn Smoke Shop
    Tobacco Shops, Vape Shops
    4107 Gunn Hwy.Tampa, FL 33618
    Phone: (813) 575-2951

    Yoga Smokes
    Vape Shops, Yoga, Head Shops
    Address: 1762 SE Port St Lucie Bvld.Port St Lucie, FL 34952
    Phone: (813) 303-6388

    Nature’s Den
    Health Markets, Vitamins & Supplements, Herbs & Spices
    Address: 8759 S US Hwy 1.Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952
    Phone: (772) 878-9704

    Vape Dimensions
    Vape Shops, Head Shops, Tobacco Shops
    Address: 530 N Main St.Gainesville, FL 32601
    Phone: (352) 554-4346

    Smokers Depot
    Tobacco Shop
    Address: 525 State Rd 16.Ste 113
    Saint Augustine, FL 32084
    Phone: (904) 615-6495

    30 A Kratom
    Vitamins & Supplements
    Address: 605 N CR-393.Ste B-7
    Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459
    Phone: (850) 622-3828

    Looking for Most Reliable Online Stores to Buy Kratoms in Florida?

    Although it is not challenging to access this herb in Florida, it is always good to know online stores. These online vendors are sought after by careful surveys and research. I have provided a few trustworthy online stores below that provide you safe, secure, fresh, and authenticated Kratom products.

    Online ShopTypesPrice/pack(50 Gram)
    Supernatural botanicalsWhite Sumatra Kratom Green Sulawesi Kratom Red Bali Kratom Maeng Da kratom$19.99 $19.99 $20.99 $19.99
    Kratom WaveBali Gold Green Borneo Red Borneo White Bali$9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99
    Devine BotanicalsWhite Maeng Da Kratom White Sunda Kratom Green Banjar Kratom Green Bali Capsules$9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $24.99
    Purity Kratom  Ultra-Green Powders Ultra-Red Powders Ultra-White Powders$13.99 $13.99 $13.99
    Botanical boulevardRed borneo powder Supreme Red bali powder Green mening da powder  $14.95 $14.95 $15.95

    Physical Shops or Online Stores? What is the Best Place to Buy Kratom?

    I have mentioned both the physical shops and online stores (for purchasing Kratom products) in the above discussion. I hope you have gone through their detail. When you are planning to buy Kratom, the first thing that you should keep in your mind is how fresh and pure is it. The researches have proved that the Kratom purchased by the consumers from online stores is fresher in comparison to the Kratom sell by the supermarkets.

    My Suggestion

    In the light of the above discussion, I would definitely recommend you to get your Kratom from online platforms rather than going towards the shops in the market. If you are really fond of having Kratom, you will enjoy it for sure.


    Many people across the globe are concerned about the legality of Kratom in their region. This article has provided you a detailed discussion on the legal status of Kratom within the state of Florida. Kratom is legal everywhere in this state except Sarasota County.

    Hopefully, now, you will be well aware of Kratom’s legal status in Florida, where you can buy it, and the most reliable online platforms to invest in. I have tried my level best to elaborate you on everything you should know about.

    Here is all from today’s article, hope you have enjoyed the content. Please don’t forget to provide us your feedback and stay tuned for more updates as I have a lot more information to share with you guys.

    For now, I am signing off, stay blessed and take good care of yourself.
    Thank You!

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