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    Gaining rapid acceptance throughout the world, CBD and Kratom have become one of the most cherished medicinal herbs of the modern world. Once considered a wrong-doing, approximately 60% of the American population is extremely familiar or in interaction with these herbs.

    Present-day science has declared these euphoria-causing greens as stress-reducers and energy-boosters. These are the two fundamental things needed by humans to carry on with the hectic urban lifestyles.

    However, despite quick legalization, finding the right and quality herbs is a challenge. There are numerous vendors and sellers, but only a few deliver what they promise.

    One such amazing seller is Cali Botanicals. Based in California, the company offers a diversity of authentic Kratom and CBD products.

    Well, in today’s post, we have evaluated Cali Botanicals in detail. From product to coupon codes, there much more to Cali Botanicals. Let’s explore together!

    Cali Botanical – A Hub of Kratom & CBD

    Established back in 2013, Cali Botanicals is a CBD and Kratom manufacturing company with its headquarters in California. The brand strives to offer the highest quality product to its health-oriented audience. Well, Cali Botanicals is true to its word!

    It supplies a diversity of premium CBD and Kratom products that are 100% organic. These products trace their roots back to Indonesia and Malaysia, where Cali Botanicals is in direct relation with the best CBD as well as Kratom farmers.

    At these farms, the leaves get hand-picked, de-veined, and washed thrice in sterilized water. Then, they get dried in an open greenhouse with moderate humidity. Once dried, the leaves get washed again and individually examined for potency and purity.

    From there, the highest quality leaves get transported to Cali Botanicals and processed for each product type. Hence, Cali Botanicals serves its customers with the purest and best quality products.

    Apart from quality product, the company has made itself accessible to all CBD and Kratom users by establishing an online operating system. Their website works as finely as in real-life.

    With a user-friendly design, one can easily navigate and access the product of choice. Plus, their customer service is so quick. You can get any queries solved in minutes.

    Types of Products

    As mentioned earlier, Cali Botanicals revolves around CBD and Kratom. All the products manufactured and sold by Cali Botanicals contain these two main components. However, using only two ingredients, the company has filled the shelves with a diversity of products.

    When you click on the sidebar of the Cali Botanical homepage, the menu will display three primary product types that the company offers. These include:

    In each of these product types, you’ll find various options. From Maeng Da Kratom to premium blends, there is every product available at the Cali Botanicals. Hence, making it your one-stop shopping solution.

    Sample Packs

    Cali Botanical’s customer service-oriented work ideology reflects in their actions. They have shaped every aspect of their business to benefit and facilitate their clients. A visible and noteworthy example is the Sample Packs section on their webpage.

    They realize some first-time purchasers might require trial and error to find the best strain. Or, perhaps, they might be hesitant about using these herbs altogether. Hence, to avoid the entire hassle and conserve resources, Cali Botanicals offers economical sample packs. These include:

    • 12-gram Kratom Powder Sample
    • Kratom Sample Pack (5-strains)
    • Kratom capsule samples (15-capsules)
    • New customer powder package Kratom deal

    As the customer, you can make variations and alterations to suit your requirements.

    Cali Botanicals Coupon Codes & Discounts

    When purchasing CBD & Kratom products for the first time, the prices might seem overwhelming. But, once you get the hang of things, you’ll come to realize that Cali Botanical demands reasonable prices. Comparatively, the quality, variety, and service offered by Cali Botanicals are far better than some so-called premium sellers.

    However, as the company values its customers, there are special coupon codes and discounts available. So, whether you’re a first-time purchaser or bulk buyer, Cali Botanicals has got your back!

    1) $8 For Cali Botanicals Orders With Coupon Code: HAPPYFALL15
    2) Get Discount Off The Regular Price With Code: HALLOWEEN90
    3) Get Your Purchase For $90 With The Code: BOGO2OZ
    4) 15% off sitewide: MYFIRSTORDER

    On-Going Savings

    Throughout the year, the company has several coupon codes available on the website. These codes get regularly revised, so customers have a variety even in coupons to enjoy. Currently, Cali Botanicals is offering the coupon code Zelle. You can use it at the checkout and avail a 10-percent discount on all products!

    Rewards Program

    Unlike other CBD & Kratom companies, Cali Botanicals goes on step ahead coupon codes. It offers an amazing REWARDS program to its customers. In this program, the members earn Kratom coins on purchases. You can use coins for outstanding savings, discounts, and coupons.

    For a standard reward, you get 10-percent off on all products with 700-Kratom coins. And, you get a 25-percent discount on all products with 1500-Kratom coins.

    However, you need to have an account on Cali Botanicals website and enroll yourself in the program to avail of these perks. The Kratom coin earning criteria is 1-coin per $1 purchase.

    Shipping & Return Policies

    As a US-based company, Cali Botanicals further demonstrates its customer priority policies by offering same-day deliveries to all US customers. However, the order should get placed before 12 pm PST and 3 pm EST.

    Cali Botanicals ships using the following services:

    • USPS First Class (3-5 business days) Free
    • USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days)
    • UPS Mail (3-5 business days)
    • USPS Priority Express (1-2 business days)

    Plus, you can avail of free shipping on orders above 50-dollars that is a bonus for those seeking quick deliveries without having to pay much.

    Final Words

    In present times, the outstanding boost experienced by CBD and Kratom industry has crowded the market with sellers. There are uncountable companies, shops, dispensaries, and vendors operating globally. While this indicates an increase in accessibility, it also reflects a decrease in authenticity. Hence, making it a daunting task to get your much-loved products in premium quality.

    But, even in this crowded market, Cali Botanicals has managed to provide its customers with a diversity of top-notch quality CBD and Kratom products. Undeniably, it’s a CBD & Kratom haven!

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