Can I Take Kratom Sublingually?

    The modern era is witnessing a revival of the Kratom tradition. Today, people are embracing the herb as part of their daily regimen more than ever before. Just like it was a part of the sacred folk medicine, religious rituals, and social celebrations in the ancient South Asian communities. Thanks to the modern scientific advancements that studied and explored the benefits of Kratom in depth.  

    With this soaring popularity, comes a greater demand for variation and diversity. There are a host of Kratom products flooding the industry- from capsules, powders, and gummies to tinctures and extracts. Perhaps, what is more, surprising is the number of consumption methods to satisfy the growing appetite.

    If you are new to the world of Kratom, you will be amazed to know that there exists literally every method of administration under the sun- from ingestion, chewing, to tossing and washing, inhalation, topical and sublingual. In fact, the plethora of ways can be confusing, to say the least.   

    Out of these, the sublingual method has sparked immense enthusiasm and interest. Here we have put up a detailed guide explaining the pros, the mechanism, and other alternatives.

    What Is The Meaning Of Sublingual?

    Before you open another tab Googling up the term, here is a brief definition:

    Sublingual is a Latin word that translates as “under the tongue”. Therefore, in the pharmaceutical and medicinal context, it refers to the administration of drugs via tongue.

    Believe it or not but sublingual method is a common method for ingesting cardiovascular medicines or steroids. These could be in the form of capsule, film, spray, liquid or a semi-liquid solution.  

    A member of Prima‘s medial advisory group, Timothy Birdsall, ND sheds light that taking certain substances sublingually prompts their entry directly into the bloodstream, where they’re immediately shuttled to your tissues.

    However, the current research reveals that “Sublingual delivery isn’t always a better option for all substances. Some B vitamins, for instance, need to be “activated” by the liver in order to do their jobs but for certain vitamins and medications, it can be a super-effective delivery method” added Dr. Birdsall

    What Is Sublingual Kratom?

    Similar to all other sublingual methods, Kratom is placed under the tongue.

    To be very honest sublingual kratom is a rare practice or occurrence in the West. Given the pungent and bitter taste of the herb, a lot of users detest or fear holding the raw drug in the mouth for such a long time. (After all, chewing something is only tempting for flavorsome products.)

    Not to mention, the icky feeling of having bits of kratom powder stuck and showing around the corners of the teeth. In the words of S Kaliday, a Reddit Member “It definitely works. I’ve put the powder in my gums like a dip. It hits quicker and gives me more of the energy feels. It’s hard to take a lot and the taste isn’t great obviously”

    Regardless, trust us when we say, sublingual Kratom is by far the most effective and rapid absorption method. The alkaloids are extracted and absorbed by the mucus membranes that signal them directly into the bloodstream. The alkaloid-laden saliva stays for a little longer and the juices are slowly swallowed.

    Tip for Best Results: If you are really curious to experience the method or perhaps inspired by the results, then there is a way to make it tolerable. Mix the kratom powder or extract with a sweetener such as honey, spices, or condiments for a customized flavor.

    And, we bet, you can’t help but fall in love with the results.  In the words of an avid Kratom user, “Works great. I get .5g in there, chew the powder about. Between 3-5 mins. Make sure water/juice on hand”?

    The Mechanism

    Do you know our sublingual glands are responsible for producing 3-5% of the saliva?

    Beneath these glands, there is a vessel rich tissue marked with thin lining that allows diffusion of substances in the blood. The process is facilitated by the mucinous fluid produced by the mucous gland that lubricates the oral cavity.

    Sublingual is an effective method for easy swallowing, buffering pH, maintaining dental hygiene, and most importantly boosting the substance’s impact in the body without having to pass through the GI (Gastro-Intestinal) Tract. Besides, not only is the technique time-saving but also allow users to extract more juice from the powder. Yes, that means taking less and spending less on your regular intake- all the while saving more!

    To make things understandable and uncomplicated, take sublingual as a shortcut or quick substitute of digestion. The latter requires food to be broken down by the stomach, absorption of the essential nutrients by the small intestine, and metabolism by the liver before it finally shows its impact.

    “Not only do many compounds lose potential bioavailability during [the digestion] process, but the time to onset is delayed,” explained chemist Jessie Kater, Senior Vice President of Curaleaf Hemp.

    How To Use Kratom Sublingually?

    We know you just can’t wait to try this method out. So, here are some clear-cut instructions demonstrating how to go about it:

    Step 1: Fill your dropper with Kratom extract or tincture.

    Step 2: Now lift your tongue upwards and squirt the liquid underneath.

    Step 3: Let it sit under the tongue for at least a minute or more. The longer, the better!

    Step 4: Now swallow it or wash it down with chilled water or your favorite beverage.

    Repeat the steps until you reach the desired impact or dosage.

    Benefits Of Sublingual Kratom

    The word sublingual is not a common language for a lot of us. And, there are quite slim chances that you have ever been prescribed the sublingual method of drug administration.

    This definitely leaves most of the people wondering why on earth we should take Kratom that way. Let alone knowing its advantages.  Here we have highlighted some of them:

    1) Quick Absorption

    Sublingual intake of kratom is highly recommended for those hunting for rapid absorption. Thanks to the functioning of the mucous membrane- a tissue featuring numerous capillaries that dissolve the chemical under the tongue and release it directly into the bloodstream.

    It is common for consumers to wait 30 to 45 minutes before the full-blown impact surfaces in oral consumption. However, with the sublingual method, the process is almost instantaneous.

    2) Potent And Effective

    Oral consumption of kratom capsules or edibles causes degradation- depriving consumers of enjoying the maximum potency, pleasure, and effect of the plant. Hence, it only makes sense to opt for this method given the level of potency that can be achieved.

    3) No Chemical Degradation

    Do you know our gastrointestinal tract (the path to stomach) is filled with dangers from enzymes, stomach acid and bile?

    All these chemicals attack and reduce the efficacy of anything we take.

    Also after the stomach breaks down and absorbs the essential nutrients in the food, it is time for the liver to further process and metabolize it. The liver performs the “first-pass effect” typical to drug metabolism that significantly alters the chemical composition of compounds like Kratom.

    On the flip side, consuming Kratom sublingually bypasses these risks- getting into the bloodstream quickly.

    4) Higher Bioavailability

    In simple terms, bioavailability refers to the amount of the substance entering the bloodstream. As evident, the sublingual method surpasses all others with the highest level of bioavailability. In contrast, in oral consumption, the stomach breaks down the compounds before being absorbed. This greatly reduces bioavailability.

    5) Cost-Efficient

    Well, who doesn’t like to save some bucks here and there? Not only is sublingual more effective but also its precision, potency and consistency translates into less use of kratom. This subsequently means you would not have to rip your pocket in buying large quantities of the plant. Even a little will go a long way!

    6) Convenient

    Consuming Kratom sublingually is hands-down the most user-friendly and easy-to-use approach. It doesn’t require any prior preparation, mess, need for elaborate measurements, or the typical digestion and so is convenient to dose every single time.

    7) Safe

    While vaporization and smoking seem tempting, there is no limit to the harm and the havoc they wreak to our internal organs especially the lungs.

    Why put your precious life at stake?

    Choose the much safer sublingual method, and enjoy kratom without tarring your lungs or damaging the liver. Besides, it will save you from the excruciating stomach cramps triggered by the edible consumption of kratom.

    8) Discreet

    When it comes to consuming controversial substances like Kratom, enthusiasts are naturally inclined towards the more discreet ways. Needless to say, sublingual method is hands-down the most discreet option- giving us another reason to make it part of the routine.

    Alternatives To Sublingual Kratom

    Perhaps, in the course of the article you have realized that sublingual is just not your thing.

    And that’s okay!

    A lot of people cannot stand the bitter taste of Kratom or the resulting gag reflux.

    Fortunately, there exist whole lot of wonderful ways to benefit from the plant. Some of our top-picks are:

    1) Chewing The Raw Leaves

    This was the oldest and the most traditional way of ingesting the herb to unleash the benefits right away. To date, Kratom aficionados far and wide have kept the legacy alive of chewing the raw leaves. And, yes you can too give it a shot.

    2) Toss And Wash

    This forms yet another wonderful alternative to having the plant quickly- whether in the gym, office, or night. Just take your preferred dose of kratom, toss it down the throat and quickly wash it off with your favorite drink.

    3) Mixing With a Beverage, Desert Or Meal

    Glad Tidings for Foodies. Now they can craft their own masterpiece by mixing the regular dose with their favorite beverage, recipe, or condiment. Show off your creation to friends and family and win their hearts.

    Tip: Citrus fruits such as lime, orange, and grapefruit will work best in extracting the alkaloids of Kratom.

    4) Capsules

    Are you fed up with the terrible mess caused by the leaves and powders?  Now save yourself from all the extra work and effort of clearing the mess and measuring. Have the portable and discreet kratom capsules instead and make your life a breeze. These contain a pre-measured dose of powder. No extra measurements. No more tolerating the bitterness. Tuck it into your pocket and have it on the go.

    5) Kratom Tea

    Spruce up your morning. Forge Memories. Make Moments with a refreshing cup of Kratom Tea. If you are a tea addict, then no other tea can come close by this one. The unbeatable flavor and sensational aroma are sure to tickle your taste buds. Add one gram of powder in half a cup of water, and allow it to simmer on the stove for 20 minutes.  Squeeze a lemon, or flavor enhancer of your choice and take the experience to a whole new level. Now strain the magic potion and let a calming energy kick in.

    6) Extracts And Tinctures

    Discover the all-healing and therapeutic powers of Kratom in the form of its potent extract and tincture form. For those wondering, a tincture is a Kratom extracted from the plant, and later on, dissolved in 20% ethyl alcohol concentration.

    7) Kratom Smoothie

    Now create a perfect summer delight with an exciting twist. Blend kratom in your banana, chocolate, coconut, or your favorite fruit smoothie and indulge in the pure joy.

    8) Tips

    Bananas are specifically recommended as they contain l-tyrosine, an amino acid that help the brain release dopamine, a neurotransmitter playing integral role in the brain and the body

    Final Thoughts

    The world of Kratom is undoubtedly quite magnificent. However, it is also quite a bewildering one for a newbie with its vast array of strains, colors, supplement forms, and consumption methods. Therefore determining and landing at the perfect method can be quite a daunting job- the one matching your needs, lifestyle, and taste buds.

    Amongst these, the sublingual method of consumption has triggered a mighty wave of interest in kratom lovers across the globe. We have compiled a ton of information on the topic that can help you out whether you are brand new to the concept or need a quick recap!

    While the effects surface quite quickly and require a small than usual dose, the only downside of sublingual consumption is having to endure the bitter taste. But guess what? There are a whole lot of creative ways to make it irresistible. Add flavor enhancers of your liking until it reaches a dough like consistency. You will be able to retain the dose longer and can up you game.

    Finally, one thing that can be said with the assertion is: “Experimentation Is The Key.” So, try this method for a week or two and see how it feels. Rest assured, you will fall in love with the results.

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