Canopy Botanicals Review – Should You Buy? The Pros & Cons

    There are hundreds of vendors that you can choose to buy your product when it comes to Kratom from. Not all of them, however, offer the quality and affordability that you are looking for. You can save yourself from wasting money on subpar products by thoroughly researching the vendor you are thinking of buying Kratom from.

    Canopy Botanicals is a vendor based in North Carolina who has earned a name for itself due to the quality of services and products it provides. The goal at Canopy Botanicals is to provide Kratom at affordable prices alongside a helpful customer service to guide the customers that choose them.

    One of the things which makes this vendor worth trying is their diligence in not compromising on quality even when selling their products at comparatively lower prices. There are, however, multiple other factors that you need to consider before deciding whether this vendor is ideal for you.

    What Kind Of Products Can I Find At Canopy Botanicals?

    What sets Canopy Botanicals apart from other vendors is the selection of products that they offer. Canopy Botanicals is a small scale vendor, and they don’t attempt to jump on the bandwagon and sell products that they can’t make sure are of high quality.

    Kratom overall is available in various strains, all of which have distinguishable impacts and potencies. Some of the most popular yet common strains include the Red Bali and Green Maeng Da. The colors that accompany the names of the strains represent the veins.

    There are four veins of Kratom available in the market; red, green, white, and yellow. While the red vein is the most potent and the most popular, white and green Kratom have milder effects. At the same time, yellow vein Kratom is made when red vein Kratom leaves are dried using a different process.

    Naturally, Canopy Botanicals have a selection that consists of the every day strains such as their canopy maeng da and a few different strains such as the gold Bali. The prevalent strains such as Bali and maeng da are available in all three major veins; green, red, and white.

    What’s unique about their selection is the fact that none of the strains they offer are too potent for a beginner to try as they aim to provide the most common and basic Kratom products.

    One more thing that makes Canopy Botanicals intriguing is their selection of products apart from Kratom. They also sell handmade soaps, teas, spices and seasonings, and home-brand apparel, including two hats and a water bottle. One of the most popular products at Canopy Botanicals is their oolong tea, which, according to customers, is revitalizing.

    How Much Would I Have To Pay For Canopy Botanicals Kratom?

    This is where Canopy Botanicals shines as the aim of this vendor is to boost the accessibility of its customers towards its products. They try their best to keep the prices of their products affordable so that the maximum amount of people can get hands-on their products.
    To see the affordability of their products, one needs to assess what kind of value for money they offer.

    All of their Kratom products are available in the same quantities. 25 grams of Kratom costs 3.80$ while the price increases to 15.00$ for 125 grams, 36.00$ for 250 grams, and $79.00 for 1 kilogram of Kratom.

    These prices are ridiculously low and are often brought in question by Canopy Botanicals competitors. There hasn’t been any known instance of malpractice, which makes these criticisms against canopy kratom seem baseless.

    How Helpful Is The Customer Service At Canopy Botanicals?

    One consideration that is often overlooked when choosing a vendor is the quality of their customer service. In certain instances, good customer service can help you out a lot.

    A friendly individual helping you after understanding the intricacies of our situation can often prove to be a lot more helpful than a google search. At the same time, good customer service would have individuals that know what they are doing, unlike many people on the internet.

    Customer Service at Canopy Botanicals is another very impressive quality of this vendor. Customer support at a vendor needs to be helpful as well as friendly. At Canopy Botanicals, both those boxes are ticked as their customer service is one of the reasons why some of their loyal customers love them so much.

    Simultaneously their customer support is also very responsive and active when it comes to blogs, forums, and review posts on the vendor. This shows that Canopy Botanicals considers all criticism to constantly improve canopy Kratom.

    How Safe Are The Products At Canopy Botanicals?

    Here is where you might think twice before deciding to buy your Kratom from Canopy Botanicals. Two of the most basic measures to ensure the quality and safety of products include independent lab tests and a GMP compliant manufacturing process. While the lab tests are important to assure customers that what they are consuming is free of all impurities, GMP compliance is a sign of surefire quality.

    Canopy Botanicals, however, has not indicated anywhere on the website of their lab tests or GMP compliance. Consequently, it is safe to assume that they don’t carry out independent lab tests, nor do they have a GMP compliant manufacturing process. For many consumers, this can be a big downside as they prioritize their safety over anything else.

    What Do The Shipping and Returns Look Like At Canopy Botanicals?

    For impatient customers, this would be a big plus side as shipping at Canopy Botanicals is very fast. They aim to get ordered products shipped as quickly as possible, which makes them reliable. Due to this, a lot of customers prefer Canopy Botanicals as they don’t like to wait.

    As far as returns are concerned, unlike most vendors offering a 30-day return and refund, Canopy Botanicals only offers a 14-day return. At the same time, they do not allow returns of opened products due to the nature of Kratom. They are, however, going to replace any damaged goods that might have been shipped to you.

    Are Canopy Botanicals Worth Buying From?

    Whether or not Canopy Botanicals Kratom is ideal for you is dependent on your priorities. If you want highly affordable products and lab tests aren’t a concern for you, Canopy Botanicals would be best for you.

    On the other hand, if you are finicky when it comes to safety regulations and GMP compliance, it would be difficult for you to choose Canopy Botanicals.

    One thing you should remember, however, is the fact that even though they haven’t indicated any independent lab tests, customer reviews suggest their products are not only safe but also desirable.

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