How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog For Anxiety?

    Discovered in 1940 to perform miracles in curing certain diseases, it is an element we know as cannabidiol. Although it is derived from the cannabis plant, which is ill-reputed its usage and health benefits for not just humans but also for animals are gaining popularity worldwide.

    CBD is available online and in high-end stores in the form of gummies, oils, medicines, and a lot more. For animals, it is also available in the form of treats and biscuits. However, CBD in the form of oil is highly preferred by people to treat the ailments faced by their dogs and other pets. The grounds for this are that oils get digested by the furry buddies quicker than the treats as oils contain less other ingredients to be digested first.

    Having said that, let’s now have a more in-depth look into the benefits, uses and dosage for CBD oil to treat dogs with anxiety and the answer to the question of every concerned dog lover that how much CBD oil should I give my dog for anxiety.

    What Type Of Anxiety Conditions Can Be Treated?

    Although it is not scientifically proven, many pet parents claim that CBD oil has done wonders to treat several health conditions in their dogs to overcome the neuropathic pain, cardiac issues, inflammation, lack of appetite, nausea and even anxiety issues.

    Chronic Anxiety

    Any issue related to either occasional anxiety or a daily one can be treated by CBD oil. Chronic anxiety is commonly seen among dogs, and it affects the standard of living for many dogs. Chronic anxiety can bring up long-term issues in dogs, such as high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac problem, other illnesses, and a short life span. Cannabidiol oil has a calming effect on dogs and uplifts the living standard by providing your dog with a healthy life.

    How To Know About Your Dog/Pet Anxiety?

    To know about your dog’s anxiety, you first need to know the types of anxieties dogs often come across. There can be many reasons that trigger anxiety in dogs. The common symptoms associated with anxiety in dogs are;

    • Shivering
    • Running away/ hiding
    • Barking and Howling
    • Digging/Escaping the area
    • Destructive nature
    • Avoiding meals
    • Urinating more
    • Confusion
    • Panting

    However, the saddest part is that your furry friend would not be able to communicate with you and discuss the anxiety he has developed. So, you need to check the symptoms and reasons for yourself.

    Separation Anxiety

    Whether you have noticed or not, but your dog doesn’t like to be separated from you. They develop affection for you, and when you are not around, they cry and start howling and barking. Many dog owners either leave their dogs with their friends or have them admitted at the pet babysitters to cater to this.

    Fear Of Change

    The routine changes you come across are sometimes equally felt by your dog as you are not alone shifting to your new house or coming back home late. These changes welcome anxiety issues in your dogs.

    Fear Of Loud Noises

    Dogs are scared of loud noises like fireworks, firing and thunderstorms. Majority of them even start running away or hiding. You would be amazed to know that your dog even notices the thunderstorm that is around the corner.  They even begin panting.

    What Do Veterinarians Say About CBD For Dogs?

    According to Dr Klein, whatever medication you provide your dogs with will have some side effects if used for the first time. It is advisable to always consult your vet before introducing any CBD to your dog’s life. So far, what patients have informed includes that the dogs suffered from;

    • High sedation
    • Less production of saliva
    • Dropped blood pressure
    • Lower metabolism for prescribed drugs.

    What Kind Of CBD Oil Is Best For Dogs’ Anxiety?

    As many pet parents say that CBD oil has helped their dogs heal from the ailments, the fact can never be denied that the cannabidiol oil you will choose for your dog is pure and has the greatest ingredients.

    There are multiple CBD oil brands and products available in the market, but it is your part to do some research. While buying, you need to ensure CBD concentration, exact dosage, flavour and quality of not just cannabidiol but all the ingredients. Below, we are stating some of the best CBD oils for dogs;

    Holista Pet

    Falling on top of the list, Holista has no preservatives, additives and even GMO. It’s also dairy-free. Moreover, it has a plethora of options to choose from, and all the ingredients are premium. Holista Pet also has a great number of nutrients that ensure better health.


    Being available in only one flavour so far, CBDfx is the best for starters as it is comparatively economical. However, it doesn’t have any fewer benefits. Dogs barely hesitate to have this oil as it comes in bacon flavour, so, even your moody dog might devour it. It is extracted in the way that there’s no space for THC. Not to forget that THC is known for the high feeling.


    It has a great reputation and a vast array of flavours to choose from. However, it can be a bit heavy on the pocket. The dogs often like the oil that is available in peanut butter flavour.

    The Anxious Pet

    It is formulated by the vets and offers quick shipping, but there are not many options that they serve in terms of flavours. They offer their clients with 60-money back guarantee.


    It is refined and distilled, has organic ingredients and is grown in Colorado. They choose the best strain of hemp, which has more vitamins, nutrients and more. However, they have a slow shipping process.

    What Is A Good Dosage For Severe Anxiety?

    To be on the safe side, we should give our furry babies, whether dogs or cats 1 to 2 mg for every 10 pounds of weight at the start. However, any cannabidiol product that you buy from the market has a different CBD concentration. The present amount of CBD is mostly labeled on the package. The oil which you use for pets must have the exact amount of CBD mentioned in it. For example, the 300ml bottle of oil says it has 600mg of CBD. This means that if you feed your dog a 0.25ml dose from this bottle, it will contain 5mg of CBD.

    Generally, cannabidiol takes at least 30 to 45 minutes to work, and its influence remains for 4 to 8 hours. Moreover, the effect of cannabidiol is dependent on the size, weight, breed, severity of health condition and activity of the dog. The availability of cannabidiol in each brand differs.

    The dosage may differ according to the severity and frequency of the condition. Secondly, always start with the lowest dose.

    Gladly, now you know about how much CBD oil you should give to your dog for anxiety, how to spot anxiety in dogs, which cannabidiol oil to choose and a lot more. No matter what, one thing is certain: if you want to treat your dog with cannabidiol oil, you must first consult the vet and do your research.

    Not every vet is allowed to refer to cannabidiol related products as this element is avoided in some states, but still, you should always consult a veterinary doctor. Besides, they are well aware of the latest information so that might help you a lot. Lastly, keep an eye out for any anxiety-related symptoms so you can start with the care as soon as possible.

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