Can I Mix Coffee With Kratom?

    Are you a Kratom enthusiast? Is your day incomplete without a cup of hot coffee? If your answer to both the questions was ‘yes,’ then you are not alone. Coffee and Kratom both have their benefits for the human body.

    Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. Millions of people cannot begin their daily routine without sipping on a warm coffee. Moreover, kratom is another potent substance that people use to get active.

    Both substances are highly beneficial individually. However, both share a standard perk, making us feel more energized and ready to face the world. The million-dollar question: Will mixing coffee with kratom add up their individual benefits?

    Or will there be some side reaction, and the mixture will become harmful and horrible to taste? To get your answers, go through the brief account we have prepared for you.
    PS: It kind of works!

    Mixing Coffee With Kratom

    If you are into both Mitragyna and Coffee, the thought of mixing the two must have crossed your mind. Both of them are psychomotor stimulants, which means that they sharpen your cognitive skills and make you more alert.

    Caffeine is the active ingredient in coffee, which is responsible for its effects. In contrast, kratom contains several different compounds that contribute to give the desired outcomes. That is why ketum is more potent than coffee is.

    Therefore, we should theoretically get a more profound result if we take a combination of the two instead of taking either of them individually. However, we cannot just take the two and randomly add them together.

    We need to use them in specific proportions. The problem that arises is that there is no official dosage issued. As every person has a different requirement, it is hard to set a dose to suit all. In fact, it could be dangerous if we set a substantial amount and a newbie takes it.

    Hence, it is wise to start from rock bottom and learn which kratom strains we can use with coffee.

    Which Kratom Should I Mix with Coffee?

    When it comes to korth, there are numerous strains available, each having its own particular benefits. So, which strains to go best with coffee? The answer depends on the effect you want. Are you still confused? Allow us to explain.

    1) For a Relaxing Effect

    Kratom is known for its soothing properties that help us relax. Red vein kratom varieties are best for giving that calming effect. They are rich in alkaloids that help improve our sleep and make us more comfortable.

    2) For a Stimulating Effect

    White vein kratom and Super Indo Kratom are best for increasing alertness. However, these strains are already quite potent. Therefore, when mixing them with coffee, make sure to use a small amount.

    Furthermore, do you want to know the standard proportions to mix coffee and kratom? Read on!

    In What Proportion Should I Mix Coffee and Kratom?

    Coffee is a pretty harmless beverage for all ordinary people. Therefore, we will not recommend any specific amount of coffee you should take. Go for what you regularly have, or slightly decrease it, say about by half a teaspoon.

    Although Mitragyna is also an equitably safe compound, it is less common than coffee. Hence, we recommend a bare minimum amount so that any newbie who has developed a taste for kratom can safely enjoy it.

    On the contrary, if you are a regular user, you can take the standard dose, and you will do just fine. Nonetheless, here are the recommended doses for newbies:

    • For a subtle effect – 1-2grams(Powder or Dried Leaves)
    • For a moderate effect – 2.5-4grams(Powder or Dried Leaves)

    Keep one thing in mind; this dose is specific for a regular kratom strain. If you are using a more energetic variant, cut the quantity by half and gradually increase it until you find the most suitable dose.

    Now, as you know the dosage, you must wonder how I should take the two together. And your confusion is justified as there are countless ways to take kratom. Hence, to get rid of your clutter, continue reading.

    How To Take Coffee Mixed With Kratom?

    There are two practical ways to use kratom and coffee simultaneously. Firstly, we can use a regular coffee brewer. Add the coffee grounds or coffee powder to the machine. Progressively, add your kratom(powder).

    Turn on the brew and let it work like it usually does. After a few minutes, you will obtain a brewed coffee with kratom. Secondly, you can make the two individually and mix them. Make a tea with the Mitragyna leaves and make coffee like you usually do.

    Mix the two in equal amounts, and voila! You have successfully mixed coffee with kratom. Furthermore, keep a close eye on the kratom as if you boil it for too long, you could denature the alkaloids and lose all the benefits. Therefore, don’t simmer for over 3-4 minutes.

    However, the mixture will taste quite bitter at the moment. Hence, add cream, milk, and sugar to make the brew taste good.

    Besides, there must be some added advantages that we should get if we are mixing the two, right? Theoretically, yes. Both the compounds complement each other and enhance the overall effect.

    However, there is no scientific research on the subject. Nevertheless, we have prepared a list of the potential benefits based on user reviews. There are loads of kratom enthusiasts worldwide, and fortunately, they share their user experiences intending to guide others.

    With that said, let’s discover the exclusive benefits of the coffee-kratom combo.

    Effects of The Combination of Kratom And Coffee

    As we discussed earlier, the two compounds are perfectly safe to use as long as we use them in a limit. They have their individual benefits, but they also have some mutual perks. For the sake of simplicity, we will discuss only these mutual benefits, followed by some rare side effects.

    Potentiates The Effects

    Both the alkaloids from Mitragyna speciosa and the caffeine from coffee are potent stimulants. According to research, kratom boosts endurance and allows one to withstand physical labor and harsh working conditions.

    Besides, it is surprising how the quantities of these compounds dramatically change the effects. If we take a moderate dose of the mixture, it will help us relax and sleep better.

    Alternatively, a more potent amount will boost our metabolism and make us alert. Therefore, you can choose the quantity according to your desired effect.

    Moreover, the best effect of mixing the two is that we get a long-lasting kick. If we take coffee or kratom alone, the results only last for two to three hours. However, if you take the two together in a mixed beverage, the effects will last longer.

    Research has proved that coffee minimizes the chances of undergoing depression. It also reduces the time our body takes to recuperate from a workout.

    Similarly, kratom also has properties that help people deal with anxiety. It helps people get rid of depression, anxiety-related disorders, and other mental ailments. Therefore, we can expect the coffee-kratom mixture to help us deal with our depression and anxiety disorders.

    Furthermore, both coffee and kratom are known to raise your energy levels and boost your physical activity. If you feel down on a Sunday morning, go for the beverage featuring two and get your energy levels high.

    It is also vital to note that we must use the right amount of both these compounds. Although they are beneficial, there can be adverse effects if we overdose on either.

    Hence, always use them in small amounts at first, and always gradually move your way up. Have a look at the side effects that may occur if you overdose:

    Adverse Effects

    Life is all about balance. We are required to use everything within the prescribed limit, be it kratom, coffee, or any other substance. If we exceed our body’s limits, we will face the music.

    If we use high doses of Kratom, it can cause serious wellness concerns. Some of the common side effects of kratom misuse are:

    • Unconsciousness
    • Convulsions
    • Vomiting
    • Headache
    • Nausea

    But these are entirely absent in ninety-nine percent of the population as most wise people use it as prescribed. Furthermore, a beverage as simple as coffee can also deliver negative impacts if we overdose on it. Here are the rare side effects of coffee-overdose, or more appropriately, caffeine overdose:

    • Insomnia
    • Restlessness
    • Upset stomach
    • Nervousness
    • Vomiting

    Therefore, we must take complete care when making a brew of coffee and kratom. A minor mistake of taking extra amounts can ruin your experience.

    Mixing Coffee With Kratom – Final Verdict

    The coffee-kratom combo is a weird one. But as far as we are concerned, it works! The alkaloids from kratom and the caffeine from coffee complement each other and show synergism. Therefore, if you love both kratom and coffee, this combo will suit you best.

    However, we recommend using the smallest possible dose at the start. If you feel that the effect is too weak, you can always increase the quantity. It doesn’t work vice versa; hence it is vital to increase the dosage step by step.

    You can absolutely mix coffee with kratom; just make sure to follow the advice and make your experience worthwhile.

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