Salvia Vs. Weed – What’s The Difference?

    Salvia and weed are both herbs that are equally popular. Both of them are psychoactive in nature and can push you into a ‘wonderland.’ They are also potent, so user discretion is a must.

    These herbs have a notorious reputation, as they affect your brain receptors. Your endocannabinoid system is always targeted when using any of the herbs, making them potent.

    Salvia is known for getting users to trip, while weed makes you active, relaxed, and counters fatigue. It’s the THC content in weed that makes you high.

    But, there are plenty of uses for people in both of these herbs. Weed is now being used in medicines, hence the name medical marijuana. Meanwhile, Salvia has no tainted position and can easily be found in a household.

    What Is Salvia?

    Salvia, or Salvia divinorum, originates from Mexico and is known by names such as ‘magic mint’ or ‘diviner’s sage’. Its potency comes from a hallucinogen known as salvinorin A, which gives it its psychedelic properties.

    The hallucinogen reacts with your opioid receptors, giving you the desired effect. Users report experiencing ‘another world,’ where they do not have a sense of time and space.

    What Is Weed?

    Weed, or cannabis, is another notorious herb that is responsible for making you high. The THC cannabinoid gives it its psychoactive properties. There are other cannabinoids, such as CBD, that are not as strong as THC.

    This article gives you comprehensive details on the differences and how you can make the most of these herbs.

    Differences Between Salvia And Weed

    The main question arises is, what’s the difference between these two?

    For starters, there is an equal weight of similarities too. They both are psychoactive and trigger your brain receptors. You are highly likely to get infatuated with these herbs after prolonged use. And both of them give you the kick you need!

    Difference 1: Potency And Effects

    Salvia’s effects last for 30 minutes or less. The peak effect is reached right after 2 minutes. While weed alters your mood, salvia changes your perception. Users say that the experience of taking Salvia is similar to taking ketamine. The herb has psychedelic and dissociative properties, making you lose track of reality.

    In the case of weed, it makes you euphoric. Its effects are not as visual as Salvia’s. However, its reaction can last for 4 or 5 hours.

    Both of these herbs are not to be trifled with. You must know just the right amount to get the desired results.

    Difference 2: Legal Status

    Salvia is legal in both Mexico and the United States. The reason for its legality has not been put up for debate for one reason or another.

    Cannabis, in contrast, is downright illegal in some major states. But research on cannabis has opened an avenue for medical cannabis, which is used to treat epilepsy, chemotherapy side effects, and inflammation.

    Difference 3: Physical features

    Salvia is the rarest plant to cultivate. They require moist soil along with partial sunlight to grow to their fullest, about 10 feet. It is part of the mint family, with its flowers having a white corolla and violet calyx.

    It comes in the following varieties:

    • Unknown Cultivar
    • Paradox
    • Resilience
    • Owen’s
    • Cera Quenado

    Weed, on the other hand, has serrated leaves. There are two types of weed (cannabis) leaves: indica and sativa. Indica leaves have 7 to 9 fat fingers that are short and wide. Sativa leaves have 13 fingers that are long.

    Difference 4: Benefits

    Apart from using both herbs for fun and all, they have plenty of medical benefits.

    According to a study, salvia divinorum is used to heal insect bites, eczema, cystitis, and menstrual cramps. More often, the herb has been used to fight off drug abuse and alcohol addiction. But its frequent use can result in anxiety and irritability.

    Medical marijuana is a relatively new field. Researchers have found out that weed can help fight off cancer and chemotherapy side effects. It also assists in providing relief from chronic pain. The compound called CBD is known to handle epileptic activities.

    Difference 5: Psychoactivity

    Both weed and salvia are psychoactive. These herbs affect your brain functioning in one way or another depending on how much you have taken it.

    If Salvia divinorum is taken in an adequate amount, it can cause:

    ·         Sense of depersonalization

    ·         A strong visual and auditory imagery

    ·         Increased sound perception

    ·         Change in spatial orientation

    ·         Experiencing cartoon-like imagery

    But weed users have different stories to tell. The psychoactivities related to cannabis are:

    ·         It can heighten your senses

    ·         Inhibits motor skills

    ·         Makes you euphoric and energetic

    Difference 6: Ways Of Consumption

    People consume these herbs in many ways, depending on which method shows the best results. Some prefer to see quick results, while others don’t mind waiting.

    Smoking or using vaporizers is the one common consumption technique for both of them. Some of the popular methods of taking these herbs is explored below:

    Salvia Consumption Way


    Users often smoke plain Salvia leaf. The effects start to kick in within 10 minutes, depending on how much you take. The mild effects of smoking Salvia are usually a state of ‘high’ for the next 5 minutes.


    The digestion of Salvia takes place in your mouth. Quidding is where you put the leaf in your mouth and chew it to draw out the effects of Salvinorin A.

    You need fresh leaves to see the full effects. Whole dry leaves can work too, but you would have to rehydrate them in a bowl of water for a few minutes. The leaf should be hydrated in such a way that it does not crack once you roll it.

    2 or 3 leaves can give you the desired effects. For salvinorin to fully absorb in your mouth, let it sit inside your mouth for several minutes until you start seeing the results.

    Weed Consumption Way


    Smoking is the most popular method of consuming weed. The same is true with weed, which you would get immediate effects from smoking. It usually stays in the system for about 4 to 5 hours.


    Some people enjoy weed via vaporizers. All one needs is a good dried herb, a portable vaporizer, and a grinder.

    Users say that vaporizers are a great way to get the most out of weed. Its effect depends on the potency of the dried herb and the amount taken.


    Weed edibles, such as tinctures, gummies, etc., are also available for consumption. In fact, they have immediate effects.

    Full-spectrum edibles have some THC properties that can make you high. If you want to derive positive effects, go for CBD-derived cannabis products.

    Final Thoughts

    Both herbs are psychoactive but with varying effects. While Salvia is dissociative and alters reality, weed gives one energy and makes one euphoric. There is a difference in effects, too. Typically, Salvia’s effects last for 30 minutes, while weeds can stretch to 4 to 5 hours.

    Precautions must be taken when consuming either herb, as one might develop an addiction. But people continue to use them to get an ethereal experience.

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