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Bistro Grace may work with lifestyle brands and other service providers in the following manner:

  • We may have affiliate fees, cost-per-click, and/or sponsorship arrangements, with leading lifestyle brands. Clearly and forcefully, this compensation has no impact on the guides and reviews we publish.
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The following are the steps we have taken to ensure independent and honest product reviews to our readers:

  1. We provide a diverse and true understanding of lifestyle products; we work with both experienced writers and independent journalists with direct ties to the industry. In addition, we seek out the opinions of consumers who are connected long-term to this industry.
  2. We’ll always clearly disclose any potential conflicts of interest to the lifestyle brands. When giving product reviews, we’ll never collaborate with reviewers that work with a competing brand.
  3. We provide objective review standards to our product reviewers and encourage them to give their genuine opinion on a product. We only collaborate with top-notch lifestyle brands and promise to share an honest opinion, no matter what amount of money we’re offered.

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