DIY Kratom Capsules: Making Kratom With Capsule Filling Machines

    As awareness for kratom grows among people, the interest in DIY capsules has also been swelling. Korth has been in use by the indigenous communities in South East Asia as an Ethnobotanical for centuries. Traditionally, dried mitragyna leaves were chewed raw.

    Those dried leaves were consumed as a tea, and some of the traditional methods of consuming the plant still exist.

    DIY capsules of Korth can be made both at home and professionally. There are several ways of making them and you need to ensure that the strain of speciosa you use is of premium quality.

    Even today people are consuming kratom for pain relief, anxiety, ADHD, Insomnia, and several other medical issues. Some individuals enjoy the potent taste of the herb and ingest it in its powdered form.

    Mitragyna can also be used as a beverage by mixing it with coffee or juice. Direct consumption though, can lead to health issues such as nausea.

    What is a Capsule Filling Machine?

    The kratom capsule filling machine is a plastic box with holes in it. Capsules are placed in these holes. The strain powder can then be added and capsules are packed. There are many varieties of capsule machines in the market. The manner in which they work is the same.

    However, they aren’t really machines, they’re just plastic boxes that help you in filling the capsules. The big advantage of this is, you don’t have to fill in the capsules by hand.

    Where Can You Get the Capsules from?

    Local health shops are the best place to buy these capsules from. Though buying capsules online might be a bit cheaper, doing the research before buying them is highly recommended.

    What You Need to Make Kratom Capsules

    If you are going to make kratom capsules yourself then you will need specialized equipment:

    • Premium quality Mitragyna strain
    • A capsule filling machine
    • Empty korth capsules

    Type of Capsules to Use and Which are the Best?

    There are usually two types of capsule shells that can be easily purchased. These shells can be bought from the local market or online. These are gelatine and veggie capsules. The gelatin version is made from animal protein whereas the veggie one is from plant sources.

    1) Gelatin Capsules

    These capsules are more common than the veggie ones. They are cheaper and the animal protein is further manufactured with a second product that needs chemicals.

    2) Veggie Capsules

    These are much easier to use and are high in demand. They don’t contain any animal protein or compound. They are halal for Muslims and they do not have allergic reactions.

    The size of a capsule is “OO”, this size enables you to have a large dose and the capsule is easy to swallow. The second variation is ‘O’ size, these capsules are for those who have trouble swallowing capsules.

    The ‘OOO’ size capsule is used for a large dosage.

    Pros & Cons of DIY Kratom Capsules

    1) Traditional Use

    The Korth plant species has been by many South-East Asian indigenous communities for centuries. They have used the plant as a medicine and even as a tea. They believed that the herb helped to improve focus, increase productivity, and ease of pain.

    2) Modern forms of Mitragyna

    Mitragyna still to this day is available as dried leaves. Dried leaves can also be converted into powder. Extracts are also common as they increase potency. Mitragyna Capsules are also consumed.

    3) Problem with DIY Kratom Capsules

    Buying professionally manufactured capsules is safer and consistent. The products are tested and quality checks also take place so that you get the best capsules. This also means that you will need to fill capsules manually or by any other method.

    With DIY capsules, maintaining the level of consistency could be difficult. And without consistency, it’s difficult to manufacture a required amount of quantity. While it may look simple to fill up capsules and consume them, at the industry level capsules are required to meet certain weight and potency.

    Manufacturers might use cellulose to increase the bulk of the capsules. Styloid is also added sometimes to help the powder flow smoothly through the machine.

    Different ingredients are used to add proper weight and potency for light powders. Just filling up DIY capsules until they are full can actually give you inconsistency. It can also create a more lethal version of the plant and can become dangerous to consume.

    The responsible thing to do will be to achieve results that are repeatable.

    How to Fill Kratom Capsules With Capsule Filling Machine?

    Now that you’ve decided to try your hand at DIY capsules follow the following steps. Don’t worry these steps might look daunting but they are actually very simple.

    Capsule Filling Machine Parts

    • Alignment Plate: This plate will allow you to quickly fill up the capsules rather than filling them up and loading them on the plate manually.
    • Body Plate: This component is used to hold the body part of the capsule.
    • Cap Plate: Used to hold the shorter side of the capsule.
    • Middle Plate: This plate is used when you press the capsules together. After pressing them, the middle plate will hold the finished capsules that can be then easily taken out.
    • Tamper: (Powder Pressing Plate) This plate is used to evenly distribute the Kratom powder in the capsules. Do it a few times until the capsules are completely packed. The lighter powder variety might require more tampering.
    • Spatula: (Powder Spreader) This device will help you easily fill the capsules. Use to dump the powder over the capsule bodies to evenly distribute it.
    • Spill Guard: The spill guard goes around the edges of the body plate to prevent the powder from spilling. Once you’ve loaded the capsules, the guard will make it easier to dump out excess powder.

    Steps for Filling the Capsule With the Filling Machine

    • Use gloves, preferably nitrile gloves to avoid transferring dirt onto the capsules.
    • Wear a surgical mask so you don’t breath in the powder. This will also keep the machine sterile during the process.
    • Work on a sanitized surface. The surface must be large enough to not let the excess powder spill.
    • Firstly, take apart 100 capsules and put the caps & bodies in two separate bowls.
    • With the help of the alignment plate, load the capsule bodies.
    • Once you’ve loaded the capsule with the order, ensure they are all in the right direction.
    • Connect the spill guard and start preparing the powder.
    • Firmly press down on the cap plate to evenly join it with the capsules.
    • The previous step needs to be repeated 14 times to ensure all the capsules are evenly pressed together.
    • Remove the cap plate and check if all the caps are placed on the capsule bodies.
    • Pull up the middle plate.
    • The finished capsules will be left on the plate.
    • Press several capsules to see if they are placed properly on the plate.
    • Put all the finished capsules in a clean plastic Vitamin bottle or in an airtight container.
    • Clean the machine in warm soapy water with a sponge.
    • While washing, please do not scratch the plastic.
    • Lastly, let everything air dry, put the machine in a large Ziploc bag.

    How to Calculate Milligrams Per Capsule

    Method # 1

    • Scoop out a teaspoon of powder.
    • Use the tamper to evenly pack the powder on the teaspoon before weighing it.
    • Weight the teaspoon that contains the powder.
    • Record the weight down somewhere.
    • The weight of the powder is usually between 0.6 g/ml to 1.2 g/ml.

    Method # 2

    If you want to find out the exact amount of powder in a capsule, there’s an easier to do that:

    • First, fill up all your capsules.
    • Then weigh the capsule and record the weight.
    • Take out the powder and weigh it, record it down.
    • By using this method, you will get the accurate weight of the power in Mg per capsule. This will also enable you to get the weight of the empty capsule.

    Best Capsule Filling Machines

    • The capsule machine ( # of capsules: 100 / capsule sizes: 1,0,00) – Ebay
    • All-In Capsule machine ( # of capsules: 100 / capsule sizes: 1,0,00)
    • Leadlife ( # of capsules: 100 / capsule sizes: 0,00) – Amazon
    • Wananfu Capsule filling machine ( # of capsules: 100 / capsule size: 1, 0,00,000)
    • Sahara filling machine ( # of capsules: 100 / capsule sizes: 00)
    • 400-hole filling machine ( # of capsules: 400 / capsule sizes: 1,0,00,000)
    • Capsarior elite model capsule filler ( # capsules: 100 / capsule sizes: 00,000)
    • Capsuline capsule holding tray ( # of capsules: 25 / capsule size: 0,00,000)
    • Aroma tools magnetic plastic holder ( # of capsules: 14 / capsule size: 0,00)
    • 100 Capsule organizer tray ( # of capsules: 100 / Sizes: 0.00)

    Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Automic capsules are slightly more expensive than manual ones. And they are used in businesses.

    For personal use, manual machines are the more suitable option. Once you get the hang of the process of filling capsules, you’ll be able to make 100 a time.

    The Final Verdict

    Kratom was initially consumed as traditional medicine and today it is available in several shapes and sizes. Korth capsules are the easiest and most efficient way of consumption.

    While going through this write up you will not only learn how to make capsules but how healthy and safe they are for you.

    While korth has been in use for centuries, it could still be a dangerous planet to consume. Over-consumption can cause health problems. However, at the same time, it does have numerous health benefits.

    Making Mitragyna capsules at home is not difficult, but it is important to have the relevant information. How much do you need to consume? what strain will you use?

    Thankfully the process of making these capsules will be smooth because you will use the Filling machine. The machine will cut downtime and will make as many capsules as possible.

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