Emerald Kratom Review: Gem Quality Kratom To Your Doorstep

    This brand has yet to gain traction because of its newness in the industry. However, it is a significant winner in every feature. Undoubtedly, Emerald Kratom will be leading the Mitragyna industry soon because of its fantastic Kratom quality and brand image.

    Everything about the brand’s profile speaks professionalism and accessible. They have separate categories for various strains and an FAQ page to deal with customers’ questions.

    Every good brand has a deep-rooted origin, and the same is true for Emerald Kratom. The word “Emerald” has been derived from Sanskrit and represents the “fresh green of all things that grow in nature.”

    The brand has built its entire outlook based on that word. They place naturally sourced Kratom as their top priority. In this way, they ensure that the products that you receive from them are nothing but top-notch.

    What are they selling?

    The most crucial factor that can make or break any online brand is its product range. Emerald Kratom considers its quality Mitragyna strains to be the pride of the brand. They are selling four Kratom veins, i.e., green, red, white, and yellow strains. These strains have different categories on their website to facilitate the ease of customers.

    For amateur users or people just jumping on the Mitragyna bandwagon, Emerald Kratom has a separate blog post that describes what Kratom is. Some of the strains present in the product range of Emerald Kratom include:

    Emerald Green Strains

    Green strains are perfect when it comes to beginners because it gives a very balanced effect. The green vein strains being sold by Emerald Kratom are potent yet balanced to provide a perfect well-rounded result. These strains include:Green Bali

    Ruby Red Strains

    The red strains from this brand are excellent if you are looking for stimulating strains that relax at the same time. These strains have analgesic effects and are, therefore, one of the best-selling veins from this brand.

    If you are looking for a strain that will help you relax, Emerald’s red strains are the best for you. These strains include:

    Diamond White Strains

    White strains from Emerald Kratom are the best strains when it comes to increasing focus and productivity. If you have a problem of procrastinating every time you are trying to work, the white strains from Emerald Kratom are the ones you need to order. These include:

    Citrine Yellow Strains

    Yellow strains are prepared in the manufacturing site and are not naturally occurring. Yellow strains are made by using a different drying method on naturally occurring strains. The brand is currently selling only two yellow strains, which include Borneo and Maeng Da.

    Is the pricing reasonable?

    A good Kratom brand needs to have a price that can cater to a wide range of people. In the Mitragyna business, high price tags do not always mean high quality. The pricing of the powders at Emerald Kratom is reasonable. Most of the powders start at a very nominal price of 19.99$.

    Furthermore, the variety of strains are present in the same price range, which allows you to try several strains and shift them up. This shifting helps you not to develop a tolerance for a single strain which you are using. The brand is also selling sample packs to customers that prefer to try the strains out before buying a larger serving size.

    Winning features of the brand

    Many reasons make Emerald Kratom a good Mitragyna brand, which is worth trying. These include:

    Shipping and payment

    The brand packages are shipped through USPS shipping, and the packaging is discrete to maximize customer comfort and ease. Moreover, they offer you a tracking number right after the shipping of your order. This feature allows you to figure out your order status and make sure that it reaches you at the right time.

    Quality Guarantee

    Emerald Kratom believes in providing the best quality Mitragyna. They have a quality guarantee on all of their products and refund your money for an unsatisfactory outcome.

    However, you need to pay for the shipping yourself and ensure that the product is unused. In the case of a half-used product, only half of your money would be refunded.

    Customer Service

    The brand holds pride in its fantastic customer service. They are highly approachable and can be contacted by the customers in case of any query. Many sub-standard brands in the Mitragyna market sell inferior products and then ghost their customers.

    Emerald Kratom, however, encourages customers to contact them in case of any questions or complaints. Their contact details are mentioned on the website, and they focus on facilitating customers as much as possible.


    The name of the brand has been derived from “the green of growing things.” They focus on making sure that their Mitragyna is entirely organic and does not contain any GMOs. The use of synthetic Kratom or fillers is shunned, and only the purest Mitragyna leaf powder makes it to the shelf at Emerald Kratom. They source from trustworthy farmers in Indonesia and manufacture their Kratom powders under strict regulations to ensure the best product.

    Drawbacks of the brand

    Some features make Emerald Kratom a dubious brand. Most of these factors exist simply because of the newness of the brand in the market. It still needs time to settle into the business and polish every corner.

    No mention of testing

    This feature is a significant drawback in the Mitragyna industry. The brand does not have an AKA GMP certificate, nor do they mention any lab tests on their website. This drawback can be a major deal-breaker for many customers who hold lab-testing as a necessary feature of the brand they will buy from.

    Lack of versatility

    A significant feature of Kratom is its versatility. It can be used as capsules, powders, tinctures, edibles, etc. A good brand always has more than one form of Kratom on sale. Emerald Kratom is only selling the powdered form of Kratom.

    Several customers do not like the powdered form because of the earthy taste of Kratom. Emerald Kratom should diversify its product range if they aim at being a leading brand.


    Apart from a few downsides to the brand, Emerald Kratom is an excellent place to try Mitragyna powders. However, we recommend you order a small amount to test if their powders work for you before placing a bigger order.

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