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    There are many kinds of factors that can leave you with physical impairments. If you have been on the receiving end of chronic injuries, you will probably know a thing or two about different treatments.

    Ever since the implementation of botanicals, people have started to deviate from the old methods. As they are a part of a plant, or the plant itself, their natural value adds to the pre-existing therapeutic properties.

    Although there are countless vendors to purchase botanicals straight off the Internet, the choices can be confusing. Sometimes, less really is more. This saying is especially fitting here because when there are too many vendors, you can’t decide where to get your botanicals.

    Nevertheless, we will tell you about one of the most established suppliers out there called Etha Natural Botanicals.

    What is the Story Behind the Company?

    The co-founders of ETHA are Victor and Alexander, who both had their fair share of physical problems. Due to poorly healed vertebrae, deteriorating spinal discs, and other physical injuries, both men suffered from chronic back pain.

    After several years of trying additional treatments like physical therapy, chiropractic care, injections, and surgical procedures, the founders changed their lifestyle for appropriate adaptation.

    However, when the pain became too significant to bear, Victor started experimenting with different botanical products to find a solution. The results, as you can probably guess, were astonishing.

    Once the founders understood the beneficial effects of this natural medicine, they set themselves on a path to provide for other struggling individuals. Since they were willing to do what other suppliers were not, ETHA became the most trusted botanical source.

    What Does ETHA Signify?

    Just like the precise attention to their products, ETHA does the same with its company logo. The logo represents the nature of cultural habits adopted by ETHA. As the leaf symbolizes nature, you know what the company appreciates.

    An outreaching hand shows the care that goes into their products and the detailed information they provide with each one. The circle that encompasses these symbols is an indication of a fulfilling life.

    When you combine these elements, you can fully understand what the company represents. ETHA believes that under proper nutrition and natural intervention, you can get your life back on track.

    The Company’s Aims

    The founders came up with the name ETHA because it supposedly represents knowledge seeking and an appreciation for nature. It captured the fundamentals of what the company strives to achieve.

    As their mission is to make natural medicine more trustworthy, they have implemented top-quality manufacturing and scientific research. Since this makes them a research-based supplier, they can make botanicals more accessible and convenient to use.

    To ensure customer satisfaction, ETHA utilizes natural forest resources to make the most reliable products. The natural products are available in different forms, such as compressed tea products that pack the most significant botanical punch.

    What Makes ETHA Stand Out?

    Thanks to a multitude of factors, ETHA can stand out from the rest of the competition. We will look at these features that make this one of the most trusted companies out there.

    1) Direct Sourcing

    Many companies use a middle man to spread their products in the market. Even though using these distributors is beneficial for the company, the consumers have to pay the price. When there is a middle man between the source and consumer, prices will automatically increase.

    Since you can’t expect these distributors to work free of cost, the company raises the product prices to pay them off. However, the more a product costs in the market, the more people have driven away, searching for something else.

    ETHA is one of the few companies that cut out the middle man and directly supplies to the market. Not only does this save you money, but you can also get the products straight from the official website.

    2) Thorough Lab Testing

    The kratom leaves hand-picked by the forest workers have to undergo comprehensive checking. Every harvest goes to the ETHA laboratories and is put through a variety of tests to ensure quality.

    Apart from these labs, the product material undergoes testing at third-party labs to guarantee it’s free of toxins and unhealthy levels of metals. Many botanical companies make proud statements that their kratom is lab-tested.

    However, these same vendors can’t present a licensed certificate from a third-party lab to show proof. This situation is where ETHA doesn’t let you down. Thanks to a lab-testing certification and the approval of independent labs, the company is loved by all.

    3) Safety and Quality Assurance

    During botanical processing, you have to carefully perform every process to prevent missing out on any step. Since these natural medicines are plant-based, improper processing leads to the possibility of transmitting multiple diseases.

    The botanical medicine at ETHA undergoes ultra-high heat pasteurization that destroys harmful pathogens. This process means that you can prevent the transmission of pathogens like Salmonella and E.Coli while maintaining the alkaloid content.

    Thanks to a triple filtration process, the company can consistently provide powdered products. Apart from that, all the manufacturing takes place at ETHA’s CGMP facility.

    This production facility refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations of the FDA. Due to strict management control, the supplier provides proper manufacture and monitoring.

    4) Speedy Delivery

    The botanicals supplier offers quick shipping to covered areas in under two days. To make things even better, you have an option to track your order’s progress, which means you don’t have to call the company to check repeatedly. ETHA is working endlessly to expand delivery services daily.

    5) Responsive Customer Service

    ETHA has a designated team that reassures customers and looks after their needs. This team is crucial to the company as reliable customer service makes a customer feel safer while placing an order and making online transactions.

    6) Deals and Discounts

    You can’t deny that people are always attracted to products on sale. Everyone likes to save as much as they can while shopping online. Thanks to loyalty programs and discount coupons, ETHA Botanicals rewards loyal customers and increases its popularity.

    The Available Products

    1) Etha Pure Vein

    The product comes in white, green, yellow, and red strains. They have great significance in delivering pain relief, muscle relaxation, and sedative uses. It is available in the powdered forms of 75 grams, 500 grams, and 1000 grams.

    2) Etha Premium Botanical Blend-Maeng Da

    This pressed powdered tablet is a blend of the botanical pure white and green vein leaf strains. As they are available in powder forms as well, the price varies according to the grams.

    3) Etha Premium Botanicals Blend-Sunrise

    This premium blend is a concoction of the green and white vein, with a hint of red vein for an extra kick. Thanks to the beneficial effects, it improves mood, sharpens the cognitive brain portion, and counters fatigue and exhaustion.

    4) Etha Botanicals-Travel Pack Tablets

    These packs consist of either 4 or 8 pure blends of pressed tablets. As they are easy to carry and unsurprisingly portable, they are perfect for travelling purposes.

    5) Etha Botanicals-Travel Pack Tablets

    These packs consist of either 4 or 8 pure blends of pressed tablets. As they are easy to carry and unsurprisingly portable, they are perfect for traveling purposes.

    The Shortcomingsa

    Even though nothing is perfect, you should always strive to get nearer to it. Etha Natural Botanicals has an excellent reputation in the market.

    However, there are still some factors that require attention. If the company wishes to shine through in the market, it should look at these shortcomings.

    1) Less Variety

    Even though everyone knows that ETHA only provides eight different high-quality products, the inventory could use some additions. Since other vendors sometimes sell up to 50 different whole leaf strains, it could be time for the company to step up. However, any increase in quantity shouldn’t harm the product quality.

    2) Questionable Pricing

    While there is no denying that ETHA has remarkable product quality, the pricing is still high in the market. The strains are premium and considered a luxury item, which is why a change is needed.

    No one deserves to miss out on beneficial medicine, which means the products could be more reasonably priced.

    3) Restricted Delivery

    Etha Botanicals doesn’t ship to many states like Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, Vermont, Washington DC, Rhode Island, California, Wisconsin, Florida, and Colorado. There is no point in marketing your products at such a large scale if you can’t follow up with extensive delivery services.

    However, if the company works out a way to deliver to these areas and more, they will receive a huge profit and popularity boost.

    Final Thoughts

    The co-founders of ETHA have shown great devotion to their time and expertise to make a positive impact. Their natural medicine has taken the world by storm, and they are successfully on the way to becoming the most trusted botanical source.

    Even though new Kratom vendors show up every month, ETHA Natural Botanicals managed to make a name for itself. If the company works on some minor shortcomings, it can undoubtedly become one of the most elite medicinal companies in such a saturated market.

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