Facts And Myths About Kratom And Sex

    Your life behind the closed bedroom door is an utter mess. The sexual life is at a complete halt. You and your partner are living in two completely detached bubbles. 

    But who to talk to? How to ignite that spark and bring down the walls of separation?

    Unfortunately, these details are terribly shameful to share even with your closest friend or family. Part of the problem is the fear of raising judgmental eyes. However, humans have innate sexual needs. And there is no harm in desiring more from your partner.

    But are you from the unfortunate lot who do not enjoy sex? How about taking help from Nature?

    Yes, there is a natural way to up your game and performance in bed. Kratom is one God-send supplement that can end all your misery with its versatile powers on the mind and body. Perhaps, the most fascinating aspect of the plant is how people find innumerable success with it as their life takes a 360-degree turn.

    And, one of the lesser-known facts about Kratom is its ability to enhance sexual drive. The following article discusses this discovery supported by facts and also trash away all the false myths and misperceptions associated.

    Fact #1: Kratom Is An Effective Sex Drive Enhancer

    Does the fear of underperforming impact your personal life? Worry no longer! Kratom’s energizing qualities are here to help!

    In a study released in July 2019 involving 72 participants, 56 reported using Kratom to arouse sexuality and 99% of them found that the herb indeed worked for them.  Let’s look at how the plant boosts the sex drive of men and women alike: 

    Get More Confidence Between the Sheets and all Other Aspects of Life!

    1) Promoting Relief 

    What is the one thing you need for any task? Energy!

    Naturally, a drained body won’t be able to do much. Fortunately, Kratom revitalizes the body by eliminating muscular or joint cramps, soreness, and physical discomfort as reflected by a 2020 Study Kratom and Pain Tolerance. An amped-up sex drive and better erections ultimately follow after its ingestion. 

    2) Eliminating Worries

    Fear is the greatest obstacle. Likewise, performance anxiety forms a massive barrier between you and happier sex life- and something that contributes to poor performance. 

    Nature presents Kratom as a remedy to ward off all mental uneasiness as highlighted by a 2018 Study published in an International Journal. The alkaloid Mitragynine binds to opioid receptors in the brain to uplift your mood and give you the confidence boost you’ve always dreamt of.  Therefore, this magical ingredient is your ticket out of insecurities. Even a small dose aids with vitality and sexual enhancement. With newfound sociability, men can engage in erotic activities more efficiently and enthusiastically.

    3) Enhancing Excitement

    Revamp the thrill in your bedroom with certain Speciosa strains. They help one feel more excited and euphoric by releasing serotonin, the key hormone in stabilizing mood and happiness during those special hours.

    4) Inducing Sedation

    Ashamed or scared of premature ejaculation? Lasting times with your partner are now a real possibility! All you have to do is harness the sedative and analgesic effects of Kratom to increase your stamina in the bed. Properly curated doses numb the sex organs (without compromising on sensation) and delay the discharge. 

    5) Lifting Mood

    Another reason why enthusiasts endorse Kratom supplements is because of their simulative and mood-boosting capabilities. The claim was indeed confirmed by a USA-Malaysian Study in 2019, “Effects Of Kratom On Regular Users”. Now you can enjoy your time in the bedroom for longer periods, regardless of your gender!

    6) Relaxing Muscles

    Kratom is a proven minor vasodilator. It eases the muscles and encourages better blood flow. Consequently, a satisfying erection is just one dose away!

    7) Improving Sleep Quality

    For centuries, people have been benefitting from the calming and sedating properties of Kratom to help sleep better as revealed in 2019 Research. It comes as no surprise that well-rested individuals can enjoy the pleasures of life, especially sex, more easily. Besides, good sleep is the key to stave off erectile dysfunction risk and heightening sexual function. So take the right dose of Kratom, sleep well, and enjoy your healthy sex life!

    8) Activating Nerves

    The only thing nearly as good as an orgasm is knowing you’re about to climax. Why not prolong that blissful feeling by consuming some kratom before sex? It stimulates the nerves and raises sensitivity to touch. This allows you to remain close to the edge for longer and orgasm only when you’re ready. Sounds wonderful. Doesn’t it?

    9) Preventing Early Ejaculation

    Do we know your worst fear during sex? But what if there was a way to avoid it? These leaves hold the capacity to prevent premature ejaculation without the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical-grade drugs. So, why not prove your masculinity and impress your partner with the duration you can last?

    Fact #2: There Are Some Side Effects Of Using Kratom For Sex Drive

    Excess of anything is bad. This holds for everything, including Kratom. We know it’s tempting, but don’t use it too frequently. Also, try to vary the strains instead of sticking to one to stay safe from its side effects.

    Let us walk you through the repercussions of ignoring the useful advice.

    1) Using too much of the substance can desensitize your genitals to the verge of erectile dysfunction.

    2) It can push your stamina to the point where you’re tired. And, we are sure no one wants to go on in the bedroom and exhaust themselves without being able to orgasm!

    3) It is normal for some individuals to experience side effects after their dose. These can include jitters, dizziness, lethargy, stomach discomfort, nausea, dry mouth, itching, and headaches. 

    Most of these risks are associated with the high and long-term consumption of Kratom. Large doses produce intense sedation, whereas engaging in long-term use builds tolerance. Besides, it is advised not to take Kratom with other libido enhancement drugs as it can trigger harmful drug interactions. 

    Fact #3: Kratom Is A Safe Sex Booster

    All this sounds like a miracle. No? But is it even safe?

    Rejoice because we’re here to tell you that Kratom has been proven not only harmless but also incredibly efficient after routine testing. Just remember to follow the recommended doses, and you’ll be set for a healthy sex life!  

    Have Kratom And Be a Game-changer In Bed With Your Partner!

    Time For The Myth-Busters Now!

    Myth #1: High Kratom Doses Are Needed For Sexual Enhancement

    If anyone has ever told you this, then it’s absolutely ridiculous. Kratom works best when taken in small proportions. Adhering to the Kratom dosing guidelines and using limited amounts is vital for improving sexual stamina, just like for any medical condition. Remember, high doses will lend just the opposite of the desired impact and adversely impact your performance and libido. 

    Therefore, to enhance drive, the following quantities are recommended based on gender and weight;

    WeightDose For MalesDose For Females
    Below 150 pounds0.75 to 1.5 grams0.25 to 0.5 grams
    150 to 210 pounds1.5 to 2.25 grams0.5 to 0.75 grams
    Above 210 pounds2.25 to 3 grams0.75 to 1 grams

    Myth #2: Capsules Work Best To Improve Sex Drive

    Among the plethora of ingestion methods, users often ask, “What is the best or proper way to use Kratom for enhancing sexual performance?” Experts swear that the impact of toss and wash far outweigh others.

    Users must grab a spoonful of Kratom powder and wash it down with water or a refreshing juice 45 minutes before sex. Besides, sublingual delivery, i.e., holding drops of liquid Kratom under the tongue and eventually swallowing it, is also recommended.

    Myth #3: Red Kratom Is Best For Libido

    If your friend or anyone ever recommends having the Red strains for the said purpose, don’t believe them. Every strain and color in the vast Mitragayna family attributes a distinct impact.

    Though Red relieves physical discomfort and is good for improving exertion, they contain high 7-hydroxy Mitragynine levels. This slows down the user as sedation and numbness take over. 

    The Whites are notable for elevating energy, focus, concentration, and excitement. On the other hand, the Green boasts a combination of both the impacts: relief and rejuvenation. 

    As such, the Green and White strains must be the foremost choice for individuals seeking sexual pleasures to help them focus more on the deed. Not only do they enhance thought clarity, but they also support a relaxed mindset by calming anxiety. 

    The following strains stand out with their mood and stamina-boosting impact.

    • Green Maeng Da
    • White Maeng Da
    • White Thai
    • Green Bali
    • Green Hulu Kapuas 

    Myth#4: Kratom Only Works For Male Sexual Enhancement

    Attention ladies! You, too, can benefit from this wonderful substance.

    With Kratom’s calming and relaxing effects, getting into the right headspace is so much easier! You can even completely feel the atmosphere and reap the pleasures of making love for more time. And who knows? You can be the next woman to experience an intense kratom-driven orgasm.

    Final Remarks

    Long intimate sessions in the sack are exactly what any human looks forward to feeling fully satisfied. After all, it is essential for overall mental and emotional wellbeing. But what about the cock-blocks?

    It’s time you bid farewell to them and impress your mate with your sexual powers. A single dose of Kratom will do the job, and as a side benefit, you will get healthier and fitter. 

    While some vouch for the wonders of Speciosa as a sex drive enhancer, numerous others are whining about how it always fails for them. And we will tell you why? The effects entirely depend on the amount you intake. High doses are found to hurt the performance and trigger erectile dysfunction.

    In contrast, lower doses relax the nervous system and allow you to perform better and for longer. Therefore it is essential to monitor the dose and understand how much you need to optimize the impact. Also, one must not consume Ketum daily and keep switching strains to avert experiencing long-term side effects. 

    Finally, the exact mechanism Kratom impacts sexual activity is not yet definitively known. With the limited studies, there is not much concrete science to back up Kratom’s benefits.

    Proper testing in independent clinical settings is needed. But what we know is, both genders can increase their timing and functional ability by using Kratom. In any case, always consult your doctor before you proceed, especially if you are on other medications.

    Whether you are just embarking on a Kratom-Sex encounter or have already tried the duo, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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