Perfect Guide to Clean Vape Pen

    You should know how to clean the vape pen to keep it going for long. Gone are the days when users had to struggle to find a vape pen that was efficient and economical. However, these pens demand primary care; you will see how that adds to your vaping experience. Here is the perfect guide to clean vape pens so that you can enjoy the results for a long time.

    Why Should I Clean Vape Pen?

    Vape devices like vaporizers and pens work on heating fundamentals to produce vapors. The heating coil warms the organic substance you place in the heating chamber, and a cylindrical tube carries these vapors to the mouthpiece or head of the pen. 

    Continuous use can cause the vape pen to become sticky, and there is build-up in the chamber and the tube. Moreover, the mouthpiece also needs to be clean at all times. Cleaning the vape device regularly will keep it in working order and will not hinder the passage of vapors. The vaping devices are efficient, but some vaping juice or extract can leak from the chamber. The build-up around the mouthpiece will also hamper the dosage as you will vape the resin or tincture in the chamber, but the flavor of any old residue will also add to it.

    When Should I Clean Vape Pen?

    You will not have to clean your vape device after every use. It should be a monthly or weekly exercise. However, the residue will be more if you use flavors or vape juice with some flavoring added. Similarly, if you use resin, the chamber will have some stuck to the base or residue around the mouthpiece.

    Secondly, you use vape devices regularly, so the mouthpiece requires an excellent clean routine so that the device is hygienic. The cleaning routine depends on the user’s frequency. If you use your vape device all the time, you might want to clean it at the end of the day. A weekly cleaning routine will work for all users who vape moderately. If you are a rare user, you can wash the vape device and clean it dry every month so that whenever you use it, it is clean.

    • If you see a resin build-up.
    • The vapors are not coming out as smoothly as they used to.
    • The air passage is blocked, and you must struggle while inhaling the vapors.
    • The taste of the vapor is not fresh. 

    Cleaning the Vape Device

    Here are some steps to ensure you can use the vape device properly. However, if you buy vapes t gas stations, they are most likely disposable. The best way to clean it is to wipe it with a wet cloth. Use a cotton swab to clean the mouthpiece. Many disposable vape pen models do not have a removable mouthpiece to open and clean. Always clean the vape pen with a wet wipe and then dry cloth so that dampness does not damage the battery. 

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    Follow the steps below for all other vape pens and clean the device. 

    Disassemble Your Vape Pen

    When you get a new vape pen, it is always best to take a minute and see how it is constructed. The different parts of the device should be known, as this information will help with the cleaning routine. Once you know this, disassembling will be easy, and after the clean-up, you will learn how to put it all back together. Many vape pens snap back quickly; you only have to press the parts together and snap them hard. However, some vape pens are screwed together. Whichever model you use, remember to disassemble it entirely so that you can clean it effectively. 

    Clean the Mouth Piece

    To clean the mouthpiece, you will need a cotton swab, rubbing alcohol, or alcohol wipes. Start by scrubbing the side of the mouthpiece, and you will get a lot of sticky residues out with the help of the alcohol wipe. If the screw rings have accumulated residue, wash the mouthpiece with a dishwashing detergent and brush. You can also soak the mouthpiece in water or alcohol to remove the stuck residue. After scrubbing and removing the resin, set the mouthpiece on a paper towel to dry.

    Clean The Vape Tank

    Every time you change the flavor of the vape juice, clean the vape tank to enjoy the taste and effect. To clean the tank, Remove the tank from the battery mod and then remove the coil inside the tank. Remove additional pieces like the sive placed at the top in some models. 

    Put all the tank’s components into a bowl of warm water, and soon you will notice that all the resin or vape juice residue separates from these pieces. You can use a light brush or scrub to efficiently clean the tank components and body. As with all other components, place the tank pieces on a dry cloth or paper towel to dry them completely. 

    Clean The Battery

    Cleaning the battery means cleansing the md-section of the pen, which is essential as we need to realize the amount of dust that can reduce its power over time. When disassembling the vape pen, please remove the battery and wipe it with a dry cloth. If needed, you can brush it gently. The purpose of cleaning this section is to keep it germ-free and dust-free.

    Clean The Vape Coils

    There are replaceable coils in most vape pens, which also require cleaning. You can soak the coil in ethanol so that all the residue is cleaned off properly. Then place it under the tap and clean it with water only. You will have to wait a long time for the coil to be completely dry, but this will be worth the efficient working of the vape pen after cleaning.

    Allow Your Vape Pen To Dry

    Letting the vape pen pieces dry completely before you assemble them is crucial. Ensure that assembling is adequately done and the device can charge. Once the pen is ready, you can load the resin or vape juice into the tank and enjoy a clean and potent vaping experience. 


    These days anyone can buy vapes at gas stations and use them safely. All users must know how to maintain their vaping devices to ensure their experience remains impactful. We have shared the perfect guide to clean vape pens. Even if you use it for the first time, you can clean the pen efficiently by following these easy steps.

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