A Guide To Renewing Your California Medical Marijuana Card

    Just before your next visit to the doctor, make sure your medical marijuana card is valid so that your road to recovery is smoother and quicker! However, if you are close to the card becoming invalid, there’s still nothing to worry about. Now getting a card renewal takes only a few minutes and that too without having to leave home!

    What is Medical Marijuana?

    Many people suffer from health issues and ailments that require heavy pain killers and sedatives. A natural, and harmless alternative to these third-degree medicines is marijuana. The botanical is rich in cannabinoids that soothe the body functions while inducing a slight euphoria, which makes it easier for patients to tolerate pain and aches. However, marijuana is not allowed for pleasure and that is why medical ‘permission’ is necessary.

    The use of medical marijuana is common nowadays as the side effects are minimal while the analgesic impact is great!

    People suffering from chronic pain can benefit from a natural and herbal product now – medical marijuana. You can find numerous pharmacies where marijuana products are available for health.

    Medical marijuana card and why it’s important

    Since the medical use of marijuana is legal in every state, it becomes an obvious choice for all! However, you would need Dr. Weedy medical marijuana card as permission to use marijuana.

    A small portion of cannabinoids can make a huge difference for patients suffering from muscular pains, arthritis, chronic pain due to other illnesses, and even migraines. Getting a Medical Marijuana Card from your doctor would mean a whole year of marijuana products will be allowed!

    The first step to getting this card is to register with a physician or medical doctor who is authorized to give you marijuana. These doctors are licensed and can authorize a permission card within minutes!

    How to renew MMC in California?

    Nearly all states allow medical use of marijuana if you possess a card that gives your doctor’s consent. One card can last for a year after that you must renew to buy marijuana for your health issues. Getting your marijuana card renewed may be a struggle if your doctor asks you to come in every time, and pay for the consultation.

    However, nowadays many doctors and patients are becoming aware of the hassles of booking appointments only for renewal. As you are seeking ways of card renewal, we can assume that you already consult a doctor who is licensed by the California Medical Board to authorize marijuana use. For renewal, you will have to go to Dr. Weedy as they know your history and will easily renew the permission.

    Here’s a step-by-step process that will help you to renew your card in a matter of minutes!

    • Online applications are available at your 420 doctor’s website.
    • Log on to the website and create an account if you don’t already have one.
    • Fill out the personal details and medical history.
    • Add your picture and copies of documents required.
    • Add the payment and receive your MMC in PDF format.
    • Some patients might need to add a video message for their doctor to request a medical evaluation if they did not receive it earlier.

    In California, MMC is valid for one year only. However, each year the renewal is easy and your doctor will help you find medical marijuana according to the prescription.

    The required documents are:

    • Identification card to verify age.
    • Proof of residency, which may be a current receipt of rent or mortgage with full address and name, or,
    • A motor vehicle registration document revealing your name and address within the state.
    • A doctor’s document allowing the patient to use medical marijuana for the condition he or she has.
    • A Written Documentation of a Patient’s Medical Records may also be given, revealing your physician’s diagnosis, treatment, and current health condition. You can obtain this document from the California Department of Public Health.

    Medical marijuana card renewal from the state

    The state of California offers medical marijuana identification cards from any county program, but that is also an online process now! You will need to attach the same documents mentioned above and request for a new card, or card renewal and the state office will provide it within a short period. However, the county program costs slightly more.

    The telehealth option in the state helps patients reach out to their doctors for medical marijuana card renewal and receive a one-year approval online. Some patients opt for the doctor while the government allows all medical marijuana users to receive the state identification card for medical marijuana. One drawback of the state identification card is that it takes 30 days for renewal.

    The cost of online medical marijuana cards

    Many of you will prefer the online application for card renewal from your 420 doctors as it costs less than the California identification card for medical marijuana. The cost of renewing your MMC from the doctor will be somewhere between $50 and $60. The same card from the county office will cost users $100.

    However, the state offers access to all the dispensaries and marijuana products that are available for pain relief. The medical marijuana card from your doctor may be limited to the dispensaries in a certain area or access to the medical marijuana products that are available at certain places. The state identification card also allows patients to grow their own cannabis plants to use at their own convenience.

    Common complications that might cause delay

    Thanks to the efficient online weed card renewal process, there are not many complications that can occur. However, some past mistakes might cause a slight delay in receiving your new medical marijuana card.

    If you did not receive your previous medical marijuana card from an authorized doctor, or there was some false information there, your cannabis card renewal might take longer than expected. It is pertinent to mention that medical doctors or workers ensure that such mistakes do not happen. However, if there has been any false recording, you might face delays or cancellation of the card.


    In California, patients can conveniently get their medical marijuana card renewed from their regular doctor or any authorized doctor in the state. An online application is all it takes to get access to medical marijuana products from dispensaries.

    Another method of obtaining the card is through the county program, but it takes longer and costs a little more. However, whichever method of renewal you choose, the card remains valid for a full year.

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