Happy Hippo Herbals: Discounted Deals and Coupons

    Who won’t like to avail of discounted deals and promo codes to save some bucks? Probably EVERYONE!

    Happy hippo herbals is a small family business for cannabis products like kratom, CBD, akuamma seeds, etc. According to many user reviews, the vendor is well reputed among customers and sells high-quality products.

    For all those fans of Happy Hippo Herbals, they have introduced discounted deals and coupons/promo codes. If you are a regular customer at happy hippo herbals, you must know they keep offering such deals quite often. Usually, they offer 10% off or 20% off, but they sometimes provide a huge discount too.

    If you keep a strict check on their updates, you will notice that they often offer discounted deals on special occasions, holidays, and occasions like Black Friday.

    From newbie packages to various kratom strains, they have discounted deals that every kratom enthusiast would like to avail. Head over and check these out!

    Discounted Deals at Happy Hippo Herbals

    Newbie Hippo Starter Pack

    It’s a sample pack that every newbie to kratom would like to use. The package contains a slow strain, which is relaxing and makes you stress-free. The fast strain will energize and boost your energy levels, while the moderate strain is a blend of both slow and fast strains. Hence, the Newbie pack is what a new customer would like to have! Therefore, move on and explore what strain is best for you.

    QuantityActual priceDiscounted price

    Gold Maeng Da Elite Kratom (Sunshine Hippo)

    If you love to take the Maeng Da kratom strain, then this deal is undoubtedly for you! It includes the Elite version of Gold Maeng Da kratom that is known for bringing positive energy.

    Have a look at the table below for discounted deals:

    QuantityActual priceDiscounted price
    ½ kg$170$145
    1 kg$290$245

    Green Sundanese Kratom (Jolly green hippo)

    It is an entirely new product launched by happy hippo herbals. The Green Sundanese kratom tends to stimulate your mind and enhance your focusing ability. It’s a strong kratom leaf specifically for your mind to perform better. Have a look at the table below to avail discounted deals for Green Sundanese kratom.

    QuantityActual priceDiscounted price
    ½ kg$150$130
    1 kg$240$210

    Horny Hippo Capsules (Libido and Sexual Health Formula)

    These capsules are for both men and women and are pro to enhancing your sexual life. The natural libido-boosting formulas are combined well in these capsules. You have to take these capsules three times for 30 days (remember to consult your doctor first).

    Discounted Deal: The capsules are at 30% off, and the discounted price is $15 only.

    Akuamma 20x Extract (Super Akuamma Extract)

    This extract 20x times more robust as compared to the typical akuamma extract. Moreover, it is not as bitter as the other akuamma extracts. It provides a relaxing and pain-relieving state of mind, accompanied by a stress-free mental state. It helps you fight insomnia and is proven to be helpful for overall well-being.

    Discounted deal: The akuamma 20x extract available at 20% off, and the discounted price becomes $20.

    Promo Codes You Can Use At Happy Hippo Herbals

    Promo code # 1 CYBERHIP25

    If you want to enjoy 25% at happy hippo herbals, then you must go for this promo code. Just paste it at the checkout point, and you will automatically get 25% off on your entire order.

    Promo code # 2 200mph

    This promo code will provide you with 20% off on your entire order. Just use it right away and enjoy the exclusive discount!

    Promo code # 3 NEWBIE10

    If you are a newbie at happy hippo herbals, you will get this code upon subscription. What a great way to welcome a new customer! You must avail of 10% off on your entire order by using this promo code.

    Promo code # 4 BFHIPPO25

    It’s a limited time offer, and this promo code might expire soon. So hurry up and use this promo code to avail of 25% off on the entire order at happy hippo herbals.

    Promo code # 5 HH2

    This promo code will give you 66% off at happy hippo herbals. It’s a huge discount.

    Grab your favorite strain right away.

    Promo code # 6 CINCO5

    When you use the promo code CINCO5 at the checkout, you will get 5% off on your entire order.

    The above mentioned top-6 promo codes will provide you with a great discount at happy hippo herbals. Moreover, when you subscribe to their newsletter, you might get some extra deduction too.

    Good News for Bitcoin Users

    Do you know happy hippo herbals offer 20 off to Bitcoin users?

    All you have to do is to select the Bitcoin option when you choose the payment method when you check out. Once you will proceed, you will notice the total amount being deducted with 20% off, and that’s a pretty handsome discount!

    A step-by-step guide to using coupon codes at Happy Hippo Herbals

    If you are confused about how to use these coupon codes exactly, don’t worry! This step by step guide is here to clear all the confusion you have!

    1. Go to via Google.

    2. Now, choose your favorite strain that you love to use.

    3. Once you are done selecting the items, click on the shopping cart option on the top right.

    4. Now, look for the option “use coupon code” below your shopping cart’s items.

    5. Enter your coupon code in the blank and click on the apply coupon option.

    6. If you are using a valid coupon code, the discount will be automatically applied to your total sum.

    7. Click on the checkout option to complete your purchase.

    Was this helpful?

    When you read this article, I hope these promo codes and discounted deals are active, so that you can get most of them.

    Happy hippo herbals is a trustworthy and authentic vendor of kratom, and many customers love them! Do you know why? Because they add value to money.

    They often send free tester samples to their worthy customers. Whatever way you get the discount, it will always give you a happy feeling. Let us know about your experience at the happy hippo herbals in the comment section below.

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