Herb Stomp Kratom Strains Review (2024)

    If you’re new to kratom and would like to try it without spending too much, you should consider Herb Stomp. Herb Stomp is an online kratom vendor based in Oregon, USA. It stomps all kinds of herbs to provide buyers with a huge range of products — from kratom to ethnobotanicals to spices to whatnot.

    Choosing between different kratom vendors can be confusing — there are so many out there. And if you’re new to kratom or have limited money to spend, choosing the right vendor becomes essential. In this review, I’ll guide you through Herb Stomp kratom to help you decide if it’s worth it. Let’s find out!

    What products does Herb Stomp offer?

    As I mentioned, Herb Stomp not only offers kratom but also sells seven other categories of products. I’ll break these down for you.

    The first category is tea. Herb Stomp sells all kinds of tea — Chai, Citrus Green, Darjeeling, and whatnot. If you are a tea fan, you should visit the website. And not only does it sell tea, but it also sells tea accessories. These include sieves and teapot bags. That’s a lot of tea.

    Next is the category you’re probably looking for — kratom. But I’ll cover it in the next section. For now, let me mention the Herbs and Spices category. This category is huge — it spans over 10 webpages! Therefore, I can’t discuss each product in this category, and you’ll have to explore it yourself.

    Then, if your house smells bad or you’re just feeling spiritual, you should visit Herb Stomp’s Incense category. You’ll find products ranging from as low as $3 to as high as $22. Choose your aroma. Next up is the Ethnobotanicals category.

    Ethnobotanicals are plants found in different regions of the world. Again, the product list in this category is huge. Just note that many products on the website are for educational/research purposes and not for human consumption. So be careful before you make your purchase.

    If you are a DIY fan or, for some reason — make soap, you should visit the Essential Oils category.

    Herb Stomp sells 33 different essential oils. These are used in aromatherapy and some skin and hair products. You’ll also find the extracts/tinctures category on the website.

    Extracts come in two forms — liquid and powder.

    Finally, the company also sells capsules and capsule machines. However, these are not kratom capsules (check out for kratom on sale). Herb Stomp sells empty capsules, and if you run a business, you might want to check these out.

    Note: There are other minor categories as well, but it’s impossible to cover them all. Head over to the website to find out more.

    Which kratom strains does the company offer?

    Herb Stomp offers 4 strains — green, red, yellow, and white.

    You can buy Green Bali, Green Hulu, Green Malay, and Green Maeng Da kratom within the green strain. You can choose from Red Bali, Red Malay, Red Maeng Da, and Red Sumatra if you’re a fan of the red strain. The white and yellow strains offer limited choices. You can buy White Maeng Da or White Vein, and if you choose the yellow strain, you only get one option, which is Yellow Vein.

    Additionally, the company also sells plain Maeng Da kratom. Unfortunately, the company only offers kratom powder — I couldn’t find any options for enhanced extracts, crushed leaves, or capsules. So if you take your kratom with tea or are too busy for extracts and powders, you might want to look for another vendor.

    Currently, Red Sumatra, Red Malay, Green Hulu, and Maeng Da seem to be trending on the website. You can buy 1 oz of Red Sumatra for $10 and 1 kg for $125.

    Red Sumatra Kratom Herbal Stomp

    Similarly, the Red Malay sells for $10 an oz, and $125 a kg.

    Green Hulu Kratom Herb Stomp

    The Green Hulu is slightly more expensive — at 1 oz for $12 and 1 kg for $150.

    Red Malay Kratom

    And finally, if you want some good ol’ plain Maeng Da, Herb Stomp sells 1 oz for $14 and 1 kg for $175.

    Maeng Da Kratom Strain

    How safe are Herb Stomp’s products?

    Unfortunately, Herb Stomp is not AKA GMP verified. This means we don’t know what manufacturing procedures the company follows and if they are according to the AKA’s standard.

    To make things worse, I couldn’t find any lab test reports on the company’s website — presumably, the company doesn’t perform third-party lab testing of its kratom. And this means that we don’t know the composition of Herb Stomp’s kratom and if it’s safe for use.

    But of course, the company’s kratom will not kill you. If it were that harmful, there would’ve been reports of it on the internet and the company would not have been in operation. So the only real concern here is that of kratom’s efficacy and any side-effects that might result because of how the kratom is manufactured.

    Is the company honest?

    Yes. The company does not make false medical claims about kratom on its website. And even if some such claim slipped past the website’s editors, you’ll find a disclaimer on the homepage saying that the information presented on the website is not checked by the FDA and therefore, should not be taken for medical advice. 

    How are the company’s products priced?

    Prices at Herb Stomp seem low compared to other vendors. For example, at Herb stomp, you can get 1 oz of green Maeng Da powder for $14. The same product sells for $16 at PurKratom and $33 at Red Devil Kratom.

    But keep in mind that other vendors like OPMS kratom are AKA GMP verified and conduct third-party lab testing of their products. Therefore, Herb Stomp’s low prices might come at the cost of low-quality and unsafe products.

    What do customers think about Herb Stomp?

    The company has a rating of 4.9/5 on Facebook. But this is based on only 39 opinions. Plus, it’s Facebook, so we are never sure of how authentic those reviews are.

    But the customers seem pretty satisfied with the company’s performance — the product quality and the shipping. You might get a great deal because the prices are low, and the product quality looks high.

    What payment, shipping, and refund options does the company offer?

    You get two payment options — credit card or Venmo. With a credit card, you fill in the order form at the website and check out. The company representative will then call you to process your credit card information over the phone. If you think this is unsafe, you can pay through Venmo, a digital wallet.

    The company only ships within the United States. The products get shipped through USPS, and the time it will take your order to reach you depends on the shipping category you choose. First Class Mail delivers your products in 2-4 days, Priority Mail in 2-3 days, and Express Shipping within 1-2 business days.

    Currently, there’s an offer running on the website, which gives you free Priority and Express shipping on all orders. And if you place your order before 3 PM, you’ll get your product on the same day. So if you want free and fast shipping, order now.

    You’re given a tracking ID that you can use to track your orders. However, the company does not ship kratom to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin. And neither does it ship to the following counties: Oceanside, CA, San Diego, CA, Sarasota, FL, Jerseyville, IL, and Union County, MS. If you’re in one of these locations, you’ll have to look for another vendor.

    The good news is that the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. The bad news is that the offer only applies to unopened packages. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, simply send the unopened package back and write an email to the company requesting your refund. The company will refund you the full purchase price — the cost to ship the product back will not be compensated for.


    If all that information is too much for you to handle, here’s a quick summary.


    • Low kratom prices compared to other vendors
    • Same-day shipping (if you order before 3 PM)
    • Free and fast shipping (if you order now)
    • Good product quality as reflected by customer reviews on Facebook
    • 100% refund on unopened, returned packages
    • A plethora of products other than kratom
    • You can track your orders using a tracking ID


    • Not AKA GMP verified
    • No third-party lab testing of kratom
    • Doesn’t ship outside the USA — and even within the USA, doesn’t ship to certain states and counties
    • No kratom capsules or leaves — only powder
    • A relatively limited range of kratom strains
    • Credit card information is processed over the phone — might be unsafe
    • No cash-on-delivery

    Final Thoughts

    All in all, Herb Stomp is certainly not a bad choice. The kratom is cheap and the customers seem happy about it. Right now, you’ll get free and fast shipping so if you want to shop at Herb Stomp, hurry up.

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