10 Simple Home Remedies To Treat Swollen Gums

    Swollen gums can be uncomfortable and painful, but the good news is that many effective home remedies can provide relief. This comprehensive guide will explore 10 simple home remedies to treat swollen gums. Whether you’re dealing with mild irritation or a more severe gum issue, these remedies can help you find comfort and relief.

    What Are The Causes Of Swollen Gums

    Before we delve into the remedies, it’s essential to understand what causes swollen gums. Several factors can contribute to gum swelling, including:

    Poor Oral Hygiene

    Neglecting regular brushing and flossing can lead to the accumulation of plaque and bacteria, causing gum inflammation.


    The early stage of gum disease, gingivitis, is a common cause of swollen gums. It results from the buildup of plaque on teeth.

    Dental Issues

    Cavities, abscesses, or ill-fitting dental appliances can irritate the gums, leading to swelling.

    Hormonal Changes

    Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, menstruation, or menopause can make gums more susceptible to inflammation.

    Medical Conditions

    Certain medical conditions like diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, and autoimmune diseases can contribute to gum swelling.


    Identifying the symptoms of swollen gums is crucial for early intervention. Look out for the following signs:


    Swollen gums often appear red and inflamed.


    Gums may feel sensitive and sore to the touch.


    Gums may bleed during brushing or flossing.

    Bad Breath

    Foul breath can accompany gum inflammation.


    Swollen gums can be painful, especially when chewing.

    How To Cure Gum Swelling At Home?

    Now that we understand the causes and symptoms let’s explore ten effective home remedies for swollen gums.

    Home Remedies To Treat Swollen Gums

    Salt Water

    Saltwater is a simple yet powerful remedy for gum swelling. Here’s how to use it:


    • Make a salt-water solution by mixing half a teaspoon of salt in warm water.
    • Use this solution to gargle for a while.
    • Repeat this process a few times daily.
    • Saltwater helps reduce inflammation, disinfect the area, and promote healing.

    Cold Or Warm Compress

    Applying a cold or warm compress can alleviate gum swelling and discomfort. Follow these directions:


    • Place a cold or warm (not hot) compress against the affected area for 15 minutes.
    • Repeat twice or thrice daily until you get the desired results.
    • The temperature choice (cold or warm) depends on your comfort and the nature of the swelling.

    Tea Bags

    Tea bags, mainly black or green tea, contain tannins that can help reduce gum inflammation.


    • Dip the tea bag in water for a few minutes.
    • Allow it to cool slightly, then place it against the swollen gums.
    • Leave it on for 5-10 minutes.
    • Repeat as necessary.
    • The tannins in tea possess natural anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe your gums.

    Turmeric Gel

    Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make it an excellent choice for treating swollen gums.


    • Make a paste of turmeric powder in water.
    • Apply the paste to the affected area for a few minutes. Then rinse your mouth with fresh water.
    • Repeat a few times a day.
    • Turmeric can help reduce inflammation and provide relief from swelling.

    Black Pepper

    Black pepper has natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with gum swelling.


    • Mix black pepper with a small amount of salt and water to form a paste.
    • Apply the paste to your gums.
    • Let it sit for a few minutes, and then wash it off.
    • Use this remedy as needed.
    • Black pepper’s compounds can provide relief from pain and inflammation.

    Baking Soda

    Baking soda can help neutralize acids in your mouth and reduce inflammation.


    • Make a paste of baking soda in water.
    • Apply the paste to your gums.
    • Leave the mixture to absorb appropriately and then wash away.
    • Use this remedy a few times a week.
    • Baking soda can help maintain oral hygiene and reduce gum irritation.

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic properties that can help combat bacteria in your mouth.


    • Make a solution of hydrogen peroxide in water. Add both in equal amounts.
    • Gargle with this solution for 30 seconds, then spit it out.
    • Use this solution once a day.
    • Hydrogen peroxide can help kill bacteria and promote gum healing.

    DIY Dental Spray

    Creating a DIY dental spray can provide relief on the go.


    • Mix water with a few drops of tea tree oil.
    • Spray the solution onto your gums as needed.
    • Tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties that can aid in reducing swelling and infection.

    Essential Oils

    Certain essential oils, such as clove or peppermint, can help alleviate gum discomfort.


    • Mix a drop of essential oil with warm water.
    • Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture to the affected area.
    • Repeat as needed.
    • Essential oils can provide relief and leave your mouth feeling refreshed.

    Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe vera’s soothing properties can help with gum inflammation.


    • Apply pure aloe vera gel directly to treat swollen gums.
    • Keep it applied for a few minutes, and then rinse well.
    • Aloe vera can provide relief from pain and irritation.


    In summary, using these simple home remedies in your oral care routine can help you effectively treat swollen gums. But these tips will be helpful only when you overall have a healthy way. Remember to maintain good oral hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing, to prevent future issues. If your symptoms persist or worsen, consult a dental professional for further guidance.

    Remember, while these home remedies can provide relief, it’s essential to consult a dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan if your gum issues persist. Your oral health is vital, so take good care of it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the fastest home remedy to treat swollen gums?

    The fastest home remedy is a saltwater rinse. It can quickly reduce inflammation and provide relief.

    How can I reduce swelling in my gums at home?

    You can reduce swelling using simple remedies. Some tips include cold compresses, tea bags, or turmeric gel. You can easily use these methods at home.

    What is the fastest way to get rid of a gum infection?

    The above-explained tips might be helpful for the primary level of infection. But always make sure to consult a dentist for a gum infection. They will prescribe antibiotics or recommend professional treatment.

    Does rubbing salt on gums help?

    Yes, this simple remedy is so effective. For this, you just have to rub salt on your gums, which will help reduce swelling and discomfort. However, you must do it gently and in moderation.

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