How Long Does Kratom Powder Stay Fresh?

    You’re probably thinking of purchasing a generous amount of Kratom powder or are just curious about how long does Kratom powder stay fresh? If you’re even skeptical about making it at home then worry not! You’re at the right place. We have the answer. We’ll also tell you how to store the plant’s powder to maintain its maximum potency for a longer duration of time.

    Kratom, also known as Ketum, Korth, Mitragyna Speciosa, Mitragyna, Speciosa, or Kakuam, is an organic compound. Therefore, like all other organic compounds, it loses its freshness soon. The herb contains alkaloids that are susceptible to the environment, however after getting expired it’s still consumable.

    What is the Lifespan of Kratom Powder?

    The lifespan of kratom powder depends upon your strategy of storing it. Are you buying it from the market or crushing it at home? Both ways, Kratom powder has a shelf life. Usually, Mitragyna Speciosa retains its effectuality for about 1 to 3 months.

    But if you buy one from the store, the product can stay garden-fresh for a longer labelled time, as the manufacturer uses antioxidant substances to influence the usability period.

    However, it’s recommended to use Ketum powder within the first three months of its purchase or make. You should buy it from those retailers who ensure fresh supply because once it crosses the desired interval, it loses its flavour and energy.

    How to Detect Unfresh Kratom?

    When the Mitragyna Speciosa deteriorates, it is easily identified. The powder changes in aroma, colour, and taste. It also disposes off a mould around it, if stored in a container.
    Many elements adversely affect it and thus contribute to fading its freshness out.

    For example, Ketum is extremely sensitive to Ultraviolet (UV) rays, Humidity, oxygen, and liquid-vapor that is brought in by several factors. Therefore, it’s appropriate to place it somewhere where it can avoid all kinds of exposure to light, temperature, oxygen, and moisture.

    Can we Store Speciosa Powder for Longer Than a Year?

    Yes. It’s possible to preserve the plant’s powder for a long-lasting period, however that applies to 1 year or 13 months max. Korth comes from a tropical evergreen tree and is grounded into fine powder after going through the harvesting and drying process. Its active compounds get affected with time.

    The environmental condition lowers the quality of Mitragyna, and that’s one reason why it can no longer be useful if hoarded for more than thirteen months. It’s always recommended to use stored Speciosa within 3 months of its production, even though you can reserve it for thirteen months presumably.

    How to Keep Mitragyna Powder Fresh for an Indefinite Period?

    Ordering a good amount of Korth at once can save you giant shipping costs. And who doesn’t want to cut back expenses?

    Moreover, if you are a fan of making kratom powder at home, then you might want to grind a large number of kratom leaves at one time and enjoy beverages and savour food with it for a long time without having to put extra energy to grind it at the spot.

    However, the question is, how do you keep the extra amount of kratom fresh for long periods once ordered or grinded in bulk? In that case, you’ll just have to follow a few simple steps to ensure standard preservation of your Mitragyna powder. Let’s get into it!

    1) Avoid Bright Areas

    You’ll need to place the herb powder away from any kind of radiation, whether it’s from ordinary or direct sunlight. Light energy can have bad effects on alkaloids and can make them ineffective earlier.

    Whereas, Ultraviolet radiations do not spare the human skin, how would they leave the powder unharmed? It surely can contaminate the chemical constituents of the Speciosa. Therefore, you’ll need to store it in a dark place.

    2) Prevent Heat and Temperature Shift

    Temperature fluctuations are dangerous for Korth’s storage. As there’s a high possibility of condensation inside the jar, in which it might have been reserved. Heat anyhow is deadly for it. You’ll have to store it where the temperature is in normal condition.

    3) Keep Away From Oxygen

    When Kakuam powder is exposed to air, it becomes stale. Oxygen detracts it from its full potency and fine shelf life. Air does bad to the herb powder. You can notice clumps or unpleasant smell abruptly if it’s contaminated with air.

    That’s one of the signs that your stored Ketum has expired. Therefore, you’ll need to reserve it in an airtight jar — preferably a glass jar or within a vacuum-seal bag.

    4) Don’t Let it Get Wet

    If you want to keep your Mitragyna powder fresh, then you’ll have to prevent any kind of moisture or liquid to get into the stored area. The powder is allergic to it. if you show any sort of negligence towards it the moulds can grow all around the jar. Humidity makes it useless with regards to its properties and existence.

    What Do You Need at Home to Preserve Kratom Powder?

    To keep the plant powder all freshen up, you’ll need to get the following items at home.

    1) A Quality Container

    Get impermeable glass-jars, ideally rubber-seal flip lid containers — mason jar type. These help with oxygen and air prevention. You’ll be surprised to know the amount of security they provide to your reserved powder. Just ensure the exceptional quality and they’ll do the work incredibly fine.

    2) Zip-lock Bags

    Before buying a large quantity of Korth powder, make sure that you have zip lock bags at home. These vacuum out the excess air from the bag and help the powder retain its full potency without having to deal with air. Be very careful while pushing out the surplus air because it can lose the properties of the powder.

    3) A Vacuum Sealer

    If you intend to store the powder for a long time, probably until a year, then you must get a vacuum sealer at home. It will work wonders. You’ll not have to worry about the manual process of preparing it for storage because it’ll automatically remove air and pack your powder tightly.

    4) A Clean Place

    You must leave a separate place for preservation purposes that guarantee a secure environment, free from light, steaminess, moisture, or abnormal temperature.

    Tips to Keep Your Speciosa Powder Fresh

    Here’s how you can enjoy your Korth powder for a longer period;

    1) Split the quantity of the herb powder that is desired to be stored and select subsequent glass-jars, put it in it, and enjoy when required. For example, If you purchase or grid 100 grams of Mitragyna powder then you’ll probably need 5 to 6 30 ML glass jars. This way you’ll not have to open a big jar at once and risk the whole amount of Specioca, while you can use the small jars and take out the demanded quantity.

    2) Clean the area where you want to store your Ketum jars. It adds to the list of increasing your powder’s lifespan. When you wash, scrub, moist out all kinds of water and fully dry the place, that gives the best results.

    3) Place stickers or labels around your powder packets or jars. Write the date each time you open it. Try to finish all the powder from a single packet within 3 months of its utilization.

    4) Do not use a damp spoon to scoop out the powder because it will moist the rest of the substance. Wetness can create fungus in the container.

    5) After using the powder, close the lid tightly. If you’re taking out powder from a ziplock bag then you must push out the extra air before storing it. However, we suggest you use glass jars instead of sealed bags.

    6) Open the powder bag only when it’s needed because Specioca is condition sensitive. As soon as you use some of it, put the rest of the powder in a new mason jar. Close it properly and store it in a cupboard or a dark corner of the kitchen.

    7) Store the container in a special area within the kitchen pantry or fridge. Yes, humidity is harmful to the powder, however, all that matters is what preservation techniques can highly benefit you! The way you handle and use the frozen reserve is all that is important. Use vacuum-sealed bags to store the powder in the kitchen pantry or fridge. While let it cool down to room temperature to omit excessive condensation before utilizing it. You can use this tip for extensive storage of the plant powder.

    8) Lastly, keep a check over any changes that might be occurring to the plant powder. If it’s fading in colour, smells and tastes differently, or attracting fungus or bacteria around it; DO NOT USE IT. Even if a small corner of the jar identifies the mould, don’t use the rest of it. It’s better to put healthy substances in your mouth than to get ill.

    What is the Best Way to Keep Your Kratom Fresh?

    You must follow all the pre-mentioned tips to get the finest results. However, if you’re thinking of storing a great amount of home-made Speciosa, it won’t be a suggested option.

    Whether or not you store your Mitragyna powder and take all required precautions, there’s always more risk of expiry in home-made products. You should buy a premium quality Mitragyna powder from a good retail store, one which is channeled by a reputed manufacturer.

    This is the ending-dot towards your storage of a large quantity of powder. The premium packets do cost more but provide the highest quality.

    Final Note

    To conclude, Mitragyna powder lasts long from 3 to 13 months. However, the quality deteriorates with time. It’s a perishable compound, therefore, it needs great care to preserve its best practices and retain high standards. We’ve already discussed how to do that! Get a grip on it, you’re surely going to acquire what you’re looking for.

    Moreover, we also recommend in the end to try prime quality Korth powder, if you’re planning on storing a good amount of it because it is least contaminated with environmental changes due to having extra antioxidant compounds.

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