How Often Can You Take A 500 MG CBD Tincture?

    CBD is winning hearts across the globe; it is a millennial elixir we can’t resist getting our hands-on.

    Alright, the real question is, “Can taking a high dose of CBD Tincture really harm you?”

    If you are a beginner or someone skeptical over the benefits CBD offers, or even a regular user, perhaps you have searched: Can you take too much CBD, or can you consume 500 mg of CBD Tincture?

    How much is a lot of CBD exactly, and how much can one consume per day?

    Unfortunately, the answer to this is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all CBD dosage. If your mind is cluttered and packed with such questions seeking the most accurate when it comes to types of CBD products being used answers, then you have landed in the right place! This article will discuss various factors affecting the CBD dosage, such as weight, age, the severity of the condition, potency, CBD tincture, and more.

    This article will help you figure out the right amount of CBD and whether a 500mg CBD Tincture will suit your lifestyle.

    What Is A 500MG CBD Tincture?

    CBD, aka Cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of active compounds (cannabinoids) in the cannabis plant. Though there has been a lot of discussion over CBD in recent years; however, CBD IS NOT PSYCHOACTIVE AND IS NOW LEGAL!

    It won’t get you high; instead, research suggests that CBD provides countless benefits to your body as well. 

    Alright, let’s get something straight, CBD Oil, and CBD Tinctures might sound the same but are completely separate products. CBD Oils and Tinctures might be packaged in the same way; however, tinctures come with a dropper-style bottle. Also, their production process and base ingredients vary.

    A CBD Oil is a composition of just two ingredients: CBD and a carrier Oil like Olive Oil or MCT Oil Coconut Oil, etc.

    Sometimes other plant compounds like terpenes and flavonoids are also extracted before getting immersed into the carrier oil. This is done via a technical process called “Supercritical C02” which maintains the quality and increases the bioavailability.

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    On the contrary, a CBD Tincture is a high-proof alcohol-based extract. The alcohol used is for extracting all the natural cannabinoids from the Cannabis plant and the product’s finishing.

    Tinctures are often mixed with flavorings, sweeteners, vitamins, and glycerol, etc.

    CBD Oils can be taken orally, and Tinctures are usually taken sublingually, i.e. placed under the tongue; this is a faster method to experience effects.

    A 500mg CBD Tincture describes the potency of the extract; the amount of CBD concentration in the tinctures. The size of the tincture bottles per volume is usually 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, etc. There are usually three types of extracts: Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and CBD Isolate.

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    [Note: Carrier Oils are inert i.e. non-reactive in nature.]

    What Is Considered As A Normal Dose Of CBD?

    An average dose of CBD ranges from 20mg to 40mg per CBD; however, there is no standard optimal dose; it varies from individual to individual. Some individuals take the lowest dose being 1mg, and some take as high as 100mg even.

    The ideal way of knowing is to start from a very low dose and increase it gradually until you discover what suits you best.

    Let’s look at some of the variables affecting the daily dosage of CBD:

    • Body metabolism and size.
    • The severity of the condition being treated.
    • CBD dosage strength. 
    • Type of CBD Product being used like CBD capsules, gummies, Oil, tincture,  
    • lotions, etc.

    [Note: We strongly urge you to consult a physician before starting any CBD product or trying a certain amount of dosage.]

    To your surprise, it isn’t strange that two individuals of the same weight can respond differently to the same CBD dosage strength; it all depends on your body chemistry. While a 30mg dose suits one person of 80kg, another of the same weight might require just 5mg; other factors play a crucial role.

    When treating a certain medical condition like chronic pain, the CBD dosage might be higher or increase with pain intensity until it is bearable, unlike anxiety, where a mild dose works best.

    When considering strength, there are three categories of CBD dosage strengths: 

    • Full-Spectrum
    • Isolate
    • Broad Spectrum

    The spectrum refers to the cannabinoid and terpene content. Top-quality brands will always display the CBD spectrum on their product and have certificates for third-party testing on their website. 

    In comparison to Full-Spectrum or Broad-Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolates require higher doses to deliver the desired effects. Furthermore, isolate-based products have a lower cost; however, it does not justify the results needed for the same effect.

    CBD Dosage Calculator

    Generally, an alternative way to determine an estimated CBD dose is based on your weight and the strength of effects you seek; usually, categorized as low, medium, and high. 

    The following measurements are taken in terms of Pure CBD content and not CBD Oil:

    • Low strength CBD: 1mg/10lbs (2mg/10kg)        
    • Medium strength CBD: 3mg/10lbs (7mg/10kg)
    • High strength CBD: 6mg/10lbs (13mg/10kg) 

    Measurement is taken as per dosage of CBD per weight

    If you don’t mind doing a bit of math and calculations then use this formula to calculate the accurate dose for your body in terms of your body and strength:


    If your weight is 170lbs and you want a dosage strength of 0.6 then:

    [170LBS] x [0.6MG] = 102 MG (CBD)

    For more information, read: CBD Dosage – How Much CBD Should I Use?

    If you are wondering what do you need CBD for and what strength suits you best, then look at the following list of strengths recommended for certain conditions:

    • Anxiety: Medium-High 
    • Cancer: High (Pharmaceutical-grade)
    • General Health: Low
    • Migraines: Low-High (depending on the intensity of pain)
    • Nausea: Low
    • Insomnia: Medium-High
    • Arthritis: Medium-High

    Bioavailaility Of The Product

    When it comes to CBD, note that it is not soluble in water; you need to add a binding agent to experience the claimed results. Bioavailability refers to the effective percentage of the CBD product on the body after consumption.

    Traditional Oil-based products had a very low bioavailability, delivering only a limited percentage of effects, leaving 80-90% of CBD going to waste. To increase the bioavailability of CBD carrier Oils, including MCT Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil are used.  

    When it comes to types of CBD products being used, CBD capsules have a very low bioavailability compared to CBD Tinctures. Capsules undergo a process called the first-pass metabolism; a limited amount of CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. On the contrary, CBD Tinctures have a different mechanism and thus, they have swept the popularity charts in the market. 

    Water-soluble products break Oil droplets into finer particles; this increases their surface area and thus, their bioavailability, CBD tinctures deliver x5 times more cannabinoids and terpenes as compared to standard Oil-based products.

    The nano-sized micro emulsification technology is a game-changer for the CBD industry. Despite everything, their duration is shorter which is a con!

    Determining The Potency

    Determining how much CBD one can consume or generally is in a tincture is a very common concern. For this you need to keep two things in mind: 

    • Size of the bottle/tincture (ml)
    • Concentration of CBD stated on the bottle (300mg, 500mg, 1000mg, etc.)

    There is a difference between the CBD content and the volume content. Usually, bottles come in two sizes, either 15ml or 30ml. 

    If you want to determine the CBD content in terms of potency, then use the following formula and calculate your way through: 

    [CBD (MG)] ÷ [TINCTURE SIZE (ML)] = [CBD IN MG/ML] E.g.

    A company advertises a tincture having 600mg per bottle (30ml), then:

    [600MG] ÷ [30ML] = 20MG/ML

    This is the concentration strength per mg.

    Also, 1ml is equivalent to 20 drops on average per CBD bottle.

    When it comes to classifying the concentration strengths, please look at the following list to better understand.

    • Low Strength: Anything below 5mg/ml (10% concentration) is considered low strength.
    • Medium Strength: Anything between 15mg/ml to 30mg/ml (15-30% concentration) is considered medium strength.   
    • High Strength: Anything between 30mg/ml and 60mg/ml (30-60% concentration) is considered high strength.
    • Ultra-High Strength: Anything else, i.e. above 60%, is considered ultra-high-strength or classified as a concentrate.

    How Many Times Can You Consume The Tincture Per Day?

    For all those who wish to find out about how frequently they consume CBD and increase gradually, keep in mind the up-titration method; this enables you to increase your CBD content gradually.

    When it comes to knowing how much exactly you can consume and how frequently, there is no universal standard. However, one can take three times a day, a morning, afternoon, and evening drop dose. We advise all users to start with one drop per intake a day and gradually increase after a week.

    I.e. Start with one drop a day for three time-sessions will be equivalent to three drops per day in the first week. Gradually increase the number of drops over time and as per your need. For example, if you have chronic pain and gradually increase up to 5 drops, then:


    [5] x [3] = 15 CBD drops per day

    [Note: All these numeric values aren’t standard values and are hypothetically put for you to understand how to calculate as per your condition or requirement.]

    What Will Happen If You Take A High Dose Of CBD?

    The Farm Bill, 2018, legalized the status of CBD. Any CBD product having a maximum concentration of 0.3% THC is legal to use. When it comes to the consumption of very high doses of CBD, then concerns do arise. Many people question if they can include a 500mg Tincture of CBD in their routine lifestyle without facing fatality. 

    Generally, it has been researched that doses of 1500mg on an average daily basis did not intoxicate people nor prove to be lethal. However, a 2019 study stated the effects of using high doses of CBD on mice stating concerns of liver damage; this was due to CBD’s interaction with other drugs.

    We strongly advise you to consult your doctor before taking any step, especially if you want to use a higher dose and are on medications that can interact with CBD’s mechanism.

    There are very few side effects of CBD, including nausea, changes in appetite and weight, mild headaches, diarrhea, etc. However, there is no need to worry.

    [Note: CBD is not regulated by FDA.]

    Final Word

    In the end, we would just like to say that it is better to conduct thorough research and always consult your doctor to know about your body and condition. Just relax and jump on the CBD bandwagon! You won’t get high nor die! Wishing you all the best from our side! Ciao

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