How to Grow Salvia Divinorum?

    Hello everyone! You guys are absolutely fine and doing well. Today, I will focus on the process of how to grow Salvia Divinorum. If you want to know about step-by-step guidance on the cultivation of Salvia Divinorum, this article is going to be a lot fruitful for you.

    I’ll be discussing different ways you can adopt to cultivate salvia, how can you produce cuttings from the plant you have grown, and how to protect your plant once it is grown properly. After reading through this content, you will get to know everything about salvia’s cultivation and you will be able to effectively produce your own plant.

    Salvia divinorum belongs to the mint family that consists of multiple herbs e.g., basil and oregano. There are tons of salvia species but Salvia Divinorum is the only one that has psychoactive compounds including salvinorin A (96%) and salvinorin B (4%). If you grow your own Salvia Divinorum, you can have endless advantages.

    Before we go into the details of this Salvia Divinorum plant, it is important to know a few basic traits associated with this plant. It is basically a semi-tropical perennial plant that means it can easily grow year after year as long as you put it under optimal conditions.

    What are the Optimal Conditions to Grow Salvia Divinorum?

    As I mentioned earlier, Salvia Divinorum is a semi-tropical plant and you must not place it in temperatures lower than 10 degrees (Celsius) at any time.

    Ideal Temperature: The ideal temperature for this plant to be placed in is 15 degrees to 27 degrees on the scale of Celsius.

    Happy Environment: The best feasible environment for this plant is the one having a humidity of 50% or even more. It does not like the surroundings having less than 50% humidity.

    What are the Possible Ways to Grow Salvia Divinorum?

    If you are planning to grow your own salvia Divinorum, you can use two different ways that are the most commonly used as well as effective methods for its cultivation. I have given both of them below.

    • You can grow this plant using salvia cuttings, and
    • You can use salvia seeds as the second method.

    If you choose salvia seeds to grow your plant, you must be aware of the fact that only 1% of plants grow properly using seeds according to a rough estimate. It shows that there is a high chance that your plant will get destroy if grown by salvia seeds and that’s why this is not a preferred technique.

    I’m writing this article assuming that you are using salvia cuttings.

    How Can You Grow Salvia Divinorum using Salvia Cuttings?

    A great method to grow salvia is the use of its cuttings. It is considered the most efficient way to cultivate this plant and is adopted by a large number of people across the globe. I have divided this technique into 7 different steps for your ease. Let’s have a look at them.

    Step 1: Getting Salvia Cuttings

    • You have to get salvia cuttings from any of your friends or you can buy them as well. Salvia cutting is basically a portion cut off of a plant and is preferred by most of us to grow salvia Divinorum.
    • There are a couple of online platforms available these days, one of the online sources to buy salvia cutting is Dream Wood Shop.

    Step 2: Put Cuttings in Water Pot

    • In this step, all you need to do is to put the cuttings into the glass of water.
    • You need to put about 1.5 inches to 2 inches of water in the glass to dip these cuttings.
    • If you have multiple cuttings to be used, you should put them in different glasses. The reason behind that is if one of the cuttings gets spoiled or rotted, it will not be able to affect the other cuttings.

    Step 3: Planting Salvia Divinorum Indoor

    • This step is all about planting your salvia Divinorum indoor using water pots.
    • After multiple weeks of putting your salvia cuttings into the glass of water (placed indoor), this plant establishes enough roots and starts to grow indoor.
    • If you see that the roots are getting longer than 1 inch, it’s time for you to get some soil on it.
    • You should get a pot (water glass) and need to put loose potting soil.
    • Soil should be completely moist when you water the salvia.
    • You should still keep the salvia buddy inside for about 2 to 3 weeks so that some solid roots can be grown inside the pot before you expose them to varying atmospheric conditions.

    Step 4: Making Humidity Tent for Protection

    • This step talks about making a humidity tent for plant protection.
    • After putting them in the pot, you should keep your plant in a moist environment for a few days.
    • Nest questions are how can you make a humidity tent for your plant? There is no need to worry as it is very simple. Just get a clear plastic bag and put it in such a way to cover the plant cuttings.
    • You can also use a big upside-down jar as per your comfort instead of making a tent.
    • Ensure to fan out the humidity on a daily basis.

    Step 5: Fertilizing Salvia Divinorum Plant

    In this step, you will see how to fertilize your Salvia Divinorum plant.

    • You should start giving a little bit of fertilizer to your plant after one month of putting it in the soil pot.
    • You can use any general fertilizer but you always need to make sure that you are not overfeeding your plant with the fertilizer.

    Step 6: Re-Potting

    • This step deals with the re-potting of your Salvia Divinorum plant.
    • After a few months, you should keep on shifting your plant to the larger pot because it keeps on growing every day.
    • You should put it into a (lightly) shaded area where no direct light can fall on your plant.
    • Ensure that your plant is not exposed directly to the plant for more than 3 to 4 hours on a daily basis.

    Step 7: Your Plant is Ready

    • Once you are done with all the things explained above, your plant will be perfectly ready.
    • Start enjoying with the Salvia Divinorum plant you have grown.
    • Congratulate yourself first because you are one of the lucky persons who have grown their own plants at home.

    If you want to have more details, you can take a look at The Salvia Divinorum Grower’s Guide.

    How to Maintain Your Self-Grown Salvia Divinorum Plant?

    I have provided a few suggestions for you to maintain your self-grown plant. These suggestions will be quite beneficial for you to take good care of your plant. Let’s take a look at them.

    • You should water your plant whenever you feel the soil is drying out. When the leaves of your plant begin to wilt, this will tell you that your plant is in need of more water.
    • Try keeping your plant in a warm and bright location.
    • If you have placed your plant indoors, you should take it out only on warm or rainy weather to allow rainwater to wash your plant as rainwater is considered as the best solution for the better growth of ay plant.
    • The height of Salvia Divinorum can be as tall as 8 feet (in ideal conditions). In this case, you should trim the top of the plant as it forces your plant to grow outwards. Make sure that you are not trimming too much because it could be serious damage to your plant.
    • It is good to have a shop buy fertilizer for the healthy growth of your plant.
    • If you have a plan to use your plant by yourself, do not use any harmful toxins to deal with the pests and keep investigating the safe alternatives.
    • A good preventative measure is to place a bowl full of beer near your Salvia Divinorum plant against slugs who are usually attracted by beer.

    How to Get Cuttings from Your Own Salvia Divinorum Plant?

    I have listed a few steps to help you get cuttings from your self-grown plant.

    • Make sure that are using a clean blade to produce fine cuttings.
    • Cut the stem just below the node. This is the point from where roots get developed.
    • Make sure to keep the cut wet until you transplant it into the soil.
    • This will be a fresh cutting having no roots. So, cover the cut and place (up to 1 inch above the cut) in a gel or rooting power to stimulate the growth of the root. You can do it before putting your cutting in soil.


    According to research, it has been reported that if you grow your salvia Divinorum using its seeds, there is roughly a 1% chance that it will grow perfectly. 99% of the time, it becomes unable to grow properly using this cultivation technique.

    My Recommendation

    As I mentioned in the above section, there is a high probability that your plant will get destroyed if you try to grow it with the seeds. So, I would recommend you not to use seeds if you are interested in their cultivation rather you should use salvia cuttings as it is the most efficient method. You can get the desired results on time if you are using salvia cuttings.


    Growing your own salvia Divinorum plant always gives you tons of benefits. From the above discussion, we can easily conclude that growing this plant is not a big deal at all. All you need to do is to take good care of your plant when it is in the phase of growth. The plant needs fertilizers for its healthier growth. You should always keep an eye on that.

    I hope you are now well aware of the cultivation process to grow your Salvia Divinorum plant. I have tried my level best to let you guys know about everything associated with the growth of this plant. I have provided my recommendation as well to make the scenario easy for you.

    Here is all from today’s article on how to grow salvia Divinorum? Hope you have enjoyed the content. Please provide us with your feedback.

    Thank You!

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