How To Make A Perfect Cup of CBD Oil Tea At Home

    The ultimate Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil tea has gained significant popularity in recent times, mainly due to both its customizable taste and easy to make recipe. Before we step up in the kitchen to learn how to prepare a perfect cup of Cannabidiol Oil tea, let me ask you, what do you know about CBD oil’s long yet exciting history? Despite the ever-growing popularity of CBD that is making you eager to learn how to make CBD oil tea at home, you must be well aware of what you are about to prepare. By the end of this read, you won’t just be able to brew a cup of CBD tea, but you will also be knowing the necessary bit about CBD oil. So hang on!

    What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most active components of the cannabis plant. Cannabis or marijuana as it is widely known dates back to thousands of years, and its use can be traced back to 1400 – 2000 BC. The first documented use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes dates back to 2737 BC, when Chinese Emperor, Sheng Nung, used to steep cannabis in tea, primarily for relaxing himself, but it was also to treat malaria, rheumatism, and gout. Despite the long history, the use of cannabis was not famous for medicinal purposes until 1839 when, William Osler, promoted its medicinal uses and benefits. It was later in 1940 when Dr. Roger Adams and his team at the University of Illinois discovered CBD for the first time.

    Let us Fly Back to the Present

    In, 2018 a cannabidiol drug was finally approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of few specific epilepsy disorders. Athletes, both professional and amateur from various disciplines and countries, use CBD, primarily for pain and other associated benefits. The CBD market is expected to surpass $ 16 billion by 2025, and it is not astonishing considering that the therapeutic benefits of CBD are now popular among the masses.

    Enough of the history and background. Grab your aprons and get into your kitchen.

    Are you excited to make a perfect cup of CBD Oil Tea?

    How to Prepare CBD Oil Tea?

    The best thing about CBD oil tea, also called Hemp tea, is that it requires no expertise and can be prepared readily, just like any other regular tea. This does not mean you can simply add CBD oil on top of your regular tea and call it a day. You must know the recipe and follow the proper steps to enjoy a perfect cup of CBD oil tea, which is not only pleasant but also healthy!

    Few tips to begin with

    Make the Most Out of Your CBD Oil Tea

    CBD does not mix easily with water. It needs fats, to which it can easily bind. CBD and fat make a perfect amalgamation. Fats let the CBD perfectly absorb and mix with the water, making your tea more effective. Fat can be cream, coconut oil, milk, coffee creamer, and butter.

    To skip the above step entirely, you can also use water-soluble CBD in which case; you would not need any fatty substance.

    Lastly, we would recommend you to buy organic CBD oil and use natural ingredients. This will allow you to enjoy the tasty beverage, along with the vital health benefits.

    Before getting into the recipe, let us quickly see the ingredients and utensils needed to prepare a perfect cup of CBD oil tea, which is both healthy and tasty!

    Few things that you will need to prepare the tea are:

    • Saucepan/Kettle
    • CBD oil
    • Teabag (any flavor)
    • Flavor Additives (Sugar, honey, cinnamon, mint, etc.)
    • Milk
    • Water
    CBD Oil Tea

    Step by Step Guide to A Perfect Cup of CBD Oil Tea

    Wait… Before that, you need to know

    The Ideal Temperature

    Despite having all the ingredients ready and your apron tightened to make a perfect cup for your wonderful evening, this scenario may not remain so perfect if you mess up with the heat!Yes, you read it right, all the efforts will flow down the drain if appropriate temperatures are not taken care of. Don’t worry; we have your back! That is why even before starting the recipe, we got it right for you!
    Excess heat can evaporate the CBD and make it less potent, who would want that?

    The maximum boiling temperature should be between 320 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Now we can begin

    • Fill the saucepan or kettle with water and bring it to boil
    • Place the teabag of your preference in the cup
    • Pour the boiled water in the cup directly over the teabag
    • Leave the tea for two to three minutes to brew
    • Remove the teabag from the mug while gently pressing it to make the most out of the teabag making sure the contents of your preferred tea bag are sufficiently released
    • Add 5 or 6 ml of milk in the cup
    • Add your pre-determined amount of CBD oil ( Recommended 1 milligram if you are trying the tea for the first time)
    • Stir well to mix all the ingredient
    • Voila! The perfect cup of CBD oil tea is ready for you to gulp!

    What is the Ideal Dosage?

    While the ideal dosage varies from person to person depending upon their needs, preferences, and general usage, for beginners, we recommend starting with one to four milligrams of oil. After a couple of times, you can adjust to your preferred dosage.

    To achieve your desired taste, use non-flavored CBD oil

    The various benefits of in taking CBD by drinking CBD oil tea does not mean that your taste buds have to compromise. This means that you can add pretty much any flavor you may prefer. Lemon and cinnamon are the popular choices of many consumers. However, to make sure that the taste of CBD oil does not get in the way of your delicious tea, we recommend you to use non-flavored CBD oil.

    With more people willing to try CBD, the most commonly encountered question, owing to its relationship with the cannabis plant is:

    Coming from the cannabis plant, can CBD get you high?

    Absolutely NOT!CBD comes from the non-psychoactive portion of the plant. That means it does not contain the stimulating properties of cannabis so that it won’t induce any effects like euphoria.

    Types of CBD Tea

    Different manufacturers have come with different CBD tea types.

    You will find it blended with the regular black or green tea, and also with some herbs and spices like turmeric, chamomile, ginger, and mint. Whereas, some producers prepare CBD tea bag with the actual hemp plant itself. You may also come across CBD mixed with tinctures. Besides, CBD teas are manufactured with variable strengths per tea bag, ranging from 5 mg to 62.7 mg per teabag. You need to know your perfect choice!

    Why CBD Oil Tea?

    The regular tea itself contains numerous health benefits including, but not limited to, antioxidant effects, improves the immune system, reduces heart condition, etc., but when mixed with CBD, the benefits become two-fold. CBD has a wide range of applications; it has been popularly used to relieve pain, decrease inflammation, ease anxiety, and also as an anticonvulsant (anti-epileptic) properties. Let’s discuss a few common benefits briefly.

    What are some of the benefits of CBD oil tea?

    1. Pain & Inflammation

    CBD tea has been used in the past to reduce pain. Researchers have found that CBD can significantly reduce pain. Apart from this, CBD also carries anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid in reducing the swelling. CBD is also known to relieve muscular spasms.

    2. Anxiety & Mood

    Some users swear by the positive effects of CBD on their mood. CBD has helped many with their anxiety and mood disorders. It can regulate mood and social behavior.

    3. Helps in Alleviating Respiratory Condition

    The tea also benefits people with various respiratory conditions such as asthma. CBD is a broncho dilator, which means it dilates or widens the vessels in the lungs. In simpler terms, it reduces the resistance and increases the airflow. Thus it is also beneficial for people with allergies.

    4. Helps Tackle Sleep

    Many users claim that drinking CBD oil tea relaxes them and allows them to sleep well. It also helps fighting insomnia and other symptoms associated with it.

    5. Alleviates Bowel Problems

    CBD tea helps in improving the digestive and immune system function as it is rich in antioxidants, relieving cramps, constipation, and diarrhea.

    Not only is the act of sipping tea therapeutic in itself, but the healing properties of cannabis-infused tea enhances the experience. Thus, CBD tea is not only pleasant in taste but also improves your health. You can take Kratom tea regularly, either just for recreation, therapeutic, or other common reasons.

    With all the information at hand, prepare your perfect cup of CBD tea!

    Do not restrict yourself to the recipe; you can always be the CBD chef and play around with the recipe by adding new flavors and exploring different flavors.


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