How To Make Stronger Kratom With Potentiators

    The native Southeast Asian medicinal tea leaves of Kratom are a pleasant sight for many admirers. Regular consumers of Kratom may present several ways to enjoy Kratom. Experts may also add a guide of ‘How to make Kratom stronger’.

    Different people possess a different set of taste buds. Some need a more robust kick for the brain too. It is here where a need for stronger Kratom arises.

    How many ways do you like to have Kratom? Do you like it strong?

    If you are the one who is craving for a stronger gist, you will be glad at the end of this brief read.

    Generally, for newbies, confusion is a norm. A diverse collection of data is available regarding the potentiators of Kratom, but that isn’t the only confusion.  The major concern is to balance the strength against health and wellness. So, when adding potentiators to Kratom, one must always be thinking of the right move!


    What is a kratom potentiator?

    Anything taken with kratom to enhance and prolong its effects is a potentiator.

    Now the next question arises, Do kratom potentiators work or they are just a myth to play with the psyche?

    A big yes, potentiators are legit!!

    Within a few seconds, you will be surprised to know the substances that make your Kratom stronger are not some high-end chemicals with difficult names, instead, you can find those in your home, right now! These are natural, everyday ingredients sitting in your shelves.

    Before we hop on the train to reach stronger Kratom, ask yourself:

    Why you want a stronger kick?

    Firstly, Kratom is not cheap at all. Adding potentiators decreases the quantity of Kratom required and imparts even more potent effects so who doesn’t what to save a few bucks after all?

    Secondly, the lesser Kratom is used, the lesser chances of tolerance.

    Lastly, you want a stronger and a longer effect, simply because you want it! That’s it, no questions asked!

    Best Kratom Potentiators

    The commonly known easy ways of making Kratom stronger are the following:

    Grapefruit Juice

    Grapefruit Juice

    Vitamin C-loaded citrus Fruits like oranges, lemons and particularly grapefruits have potentiating effects on Kratom. Grapefruit prolongs the time Kratom remains in your body by decreasing its enzymatic breakdown in the liver. Thus the same quantity of Kratom gives you double effects.

    You can either mix Kratom in your glass of juice and sip it or you can first take Kratom then drink the juice.



    You probably knew that turmeric is an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Now you also know that it is a wonderful Kratom potentiator., in fact, one of the best ways to make kratom stronger. Check your kitchen cabinets, you definitely have this one!



    An ultra-hydrated version of lettuce, watercress, has debatable potentiating effects on kratom. Some swear by its ability to prolong the Kratom effects, while others didn’t feel the robust they were looking for. You can always try and check if it suits you. It’s healthy!

    Watercress easily available as fresh, dried and even in capsules. Mix it with kratom and have first-hand experience.

    Akuamma Seeds

    Akuamma Seeds

    Akuamma is similar to Kratom alkaloid mitragynine in terms of effect and structure. With its distinct taste, it has the ability to prepare a supercharged product when it is combined with Kratom. Therefore, it’s a more suitable option for experienced individuals only.

    Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne Pepper

    One of the best Kratom potentiator, cayenne pepper is cheap, readily available and mixes excellently with Kratom. On its own, cayenne pepper may not be everyone’s choice due to its spicy flavour, when a little of it is mixed with Kratom and taken with water, it prolongs and potentiates the effects of Kratom.

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    The tangy taste of ACV is not everybody’s choice. When mixed with Kratom, the acid of ACV increases the absorbability of Kratom through the stomach and delays the metabolism thereby prolonging the effects.

    On the hand, ACV with Kratom may not please your palate!

    Kratom Tea

    Some may argue this as a potentiator, but if you want to try, go on with the reading.

    Adding Kratom to hot water increases its potency. To make a stronger cup of Kratom tea, play with the Kratom quantity and the water content to reach the desired dose. Solute and solvent!
    For first-timers, one gram per serving is the safest option. Whereas regular consumers prefer five grams per serving. Ten grams generates robust Kratom tea.
    The upper limit, which is not to be surpassed, is FIFTEEN grams.

    Simmer, not boil, the tea for more than the usual time. The longer the brewing tea is exposed to heat, the more water it will evaporate, leaving behind a concentrated drink.

    Chamomile Tea

    Adding chamomile tea to kratom lengthens the duration of kratom effects. It is one of the famous Kratom potentiators. Either add Kratom to lukewarm chamomile tea and gulp it down or toss Kraom then drink the tea.
    Chamomile tea is preferably avoided with the white and green strains of Kratom which, being relaxants, would rather counteract the Kratom effects.

    Apart from chamomile tea, other herbal teas also strengthen Kratom.


    Caffeine charges the Kratom!
    Coffee and other caffeinated drinks when stirred together with Kratom, enhance its effects on the brain.
    You may want to try this you are a coffee-lover!


    Are you aware of the word ‘tolerance’?
    Tolerance is one of the downsides of using kratom regularly, i.e. with the time, you may require more amount of Kratom for the same effect. Magnesium has the ability to fight tolerance.

    Magnesium is an effective way to make Kratom stronger.

    Magnesium Taurate, easily available online, has astounding effects when combined with Kratom. Alternatively, smoothies containing magnesium-rich foods such as bananas, figs, and avocados, can be taken with kratom with an added benefit of pleasant taste.

    Caution: Magnesium plus Kratom is for experienced and healthy individuals ONLY. It can have adverse effects on unhealthy people, like it has the ability to slow the heartbeat, especially in patients with heart failure.

    Which method should you use to make Kratom stronger?

    Each body has a unique palate, taste buds and a different reaction depending upon the way the organs absorb the chemicals. Here trial and error may be needed to find your perfect Kratom blend.

    Start low, go slow! All these potentiators are natural ways of getting a stronger punch. Try once and again till your brain and palate together shout: YES! this is the right combo!

    Apart from these additives, variable strains of Kratom are available, each with different effect and intensity.

    For beginners, it can be a heinous task to look into each strain and read the ingredients before buying. The strength of Kratom is also determined by the drying process of the Kratom leaves. Different vendors advocate different Kratom farms; therefore, reliable sellers and resources are your best bet.

    Strains of Kratom

    Each strain of Kratom has a different strength. Some strains prepare a stronger cup to sip.  The difference lies in their origin, growing, harvesting, drying and mixing processes. For those who want to avoid the trouble of getting into details, they can rely on the colours. Kratom leaves have been classified into three according to the colour of the veins:

    • Red
    • Green
    • White

    Red Vein Kratom

    Kratom leaves with red-coloured veins and red stems are the most common strain known for their stronger and potent effects. This strain is popular as a herbal substitute for the pharmaceutical analgesics with its pain-alleviating characteristic. Besides, red-veined type helps relax the muscles and imparts soothing effects. The calm journey ultimately lands you in a sound, pain-free sleep

    Green Vein Kratom

    Kratom leaves with all-green parts have moderate strength, somewhere between the red and white strains. Bagging along the good properties of both red and white strains, it is partially euphoric and mildly stimulating. Also, this strain relieves pain and relaxes the muscles but in a non-sedating fashion. So if you have mild pain, but you have work to do, grab a cup of green Kratom. It will relieve the pain without putting you to sleep!

    White Vein Kratom

    Leaves with white veins and stems are known for their euphoric and energising properties, boosting stamina, mood, alertness and motivation. Being least strong, it is a suitable substitute for caffeine drinkers, i.e. tea, coffee, and energy drinks.

    Interesting Fact:  If you see any other color, think of it as a combination of strains. For example, Yellow is a blend of green and red.

    The strains of Kratom are further sub-classified according to the place of origin. Different islands have been the source of the Kratom plants, such as Islands of Borneo, Sumatra, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.; hence the names. So, usually, Kratom strains are named after combining the colour and the place of origin, for example,

    Red Sulawesi Kratom, produced from the red-veined leaves of Kratom plants grown on the Indonesian island, Sulawesi.

    Sulawesi Kratom comes from the islands and rainforest of Indonesia. Available in red, green, yellow and white strains, it has been rewarded with many positive reviews. For those who are tired of drinking the commonly known strains, Sulawesi Kratom is their saviour with its unique taste and a pleasant aroma.

    Sunda Kratom comes from the Sunda islands in Southeast Asia. It’s not a single island, instead a bunch of islands belonging to Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and East Timor; therefore, this strain is unique in having a combination of effects. It is available in varieties of red, green, white and also yellow. With its substantial health benefits and milder taste, it’s a go-to Kratom drink for many.

    Riau Kratom originates for the eastern coast of Sumatra. It has recently gained popularity due to its combined attributes of Sumatra and Indo Kratom in which it grows. It is available in red and green, each having its benefits. All in all, it’s best for long-lasting soothing and stimulating effects, which are not as potent as other strains.

    Which Kratom strain is the strongest?

    This question, despite being legit, can’t be crumbled into a sentence. The strength is subjective, depending upon the desired effect and the preparation method.


    If strength is sought in terms of pain relief, Red Maeng Da is known for it, along with its exceptional mood-enhancing characteristic. Besides, Red vein Bali is also phenomenal when it comes to pain relief.
    Bentuangie is a choice when you want relaxation and pain relief but not sedation.


    White Maeng Da and Kapua strains top the list for many consumers when it comes to stimulating effects.

    Relaxation and Mood

    Red Borneo acquires the best reviews among regular users when relaxation and anxiolytic effects are desired.

    To climb up the ladder of Kratom, you must be well-acquainted with the dosages, potentiators and the strains of Kratom that can perfectly amalgamate the benefits of Kratom with the desired strength.

    Happy drinking! Don’t overdose!


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