Inland Botanicals Review: Coupon Codes & Discounts

    When it comes to Kratom vendors, only a few companies can deliver what they claim. Almost every vendor promises premium quality and exceptional customer service. But, how many fulfill it in this over-crowded Kratom industry?

    Looking at the increased unreliability, we started a hunt for the best vendors present in the market. After a dedicated search, we found a gem of a company, the Inland Botanicals.

    Based in Texas, Inland Botanicals offers a diverse variety of Kratom, CBD, and body care products. Learn about what they have to offer below!

    Inland Botanicals; Who are they?

    The Inland Botanicals is a South-based company located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dedicated to its customers, the company offers the healthiest, freshest, and premium quality products. As per their site, their fundamental objective is to make top-notch quality health wellness products available to its customer base at low prices. Well, the company is true to its word!

    Inland Botanicals has contracted with reputable Kratom farmers in South Asia. The imported Kratom is 100% original and pure. It does not contain any additives or preservatives. Once shipped, the company gets every Kratom batch for containments from a third-party lab. The stock gets specially tested for heavy metals and salmonella.

    After testing, the Kratom gets processed in products. Talking about products, you can find everything from powers to body care soaps on their website. The company operates mostly through the online platform.

    Kratom Powders & Blends 

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    The King of Kratom Powders, Inland Botanical’s product variety will make purchasing all of them irresistible. The company offers 5-different types of Kratom powders. There are several strains to choose from within each category. These include:

    All of these strains are of the highest and freshest quality. Even the top-notch packaging reflects the importance of product quality to the company.

    Well, these were the Kratom powder strains. But, Inland Botanicals has more to offer. You will also find unique Kratom blends on the website. The 5-blends that are the specialty of Inland Botanicals include:

    • Yellow Brick Road
    • The Bulgarian
    • Solar Flare
    • Green Lantern
    • Counting Sheep
    • CBD & Body Care Products

    Apart from the stunning Kratom collection, Inland Botanicals has an extensive CBD and Body Care product range. All the health wellness items are present on the Body Bar section of the website. Here are some super useful things you will find:

    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Rejuvenating Sugar Scrub
    • Whipped Body Lotion
    • Whipped Facial Butter
    • Renewed Youth CBD Salve
    • Palm Balm CBD Salve
    • The Zeus Pet Nano
    • Magik Stick Hemp Pain Gel
    • CBD Creams
    • CBD Tinctures & Oils

    Inland Botanicals also offers special detox packs. On their site, the IB Detox Packs section leads to another company’s website, live pure. Both companies have partnered to provide effective detox packs at a reasonable price.

    Bundled Packs

    When Inland Botanicals claims to value customer satisfaction, it is certainly not bluffing. The company’s products and services are a true reflection of its customer-oriented approach.

    If you visit the official website, you will observe a section titled Bundled Packs. Do you what it means? Well, upon clicking the section, you will find three products. These include:

    • 50-grams Sampler
    • 100-grams Sampler
    • Kilo Assortment

    As the name hints, each of these products allows you to customize your Kratom powder and blends package. You can try various strains at once to ward off that indecisiveness for the next time you shop.

    The 50-grams Sampler allows up to 5-different strains with 10g each. Meanwhile, 100-grams Sampler extends the count to 10-different strains. As for the Kilo Assortment, you can try four different strains of up to 250-grams each.

    Coupon Codes & Discounts

    Although Inland Botanicals offers reasonably-priced products, you can always save more dollars on every purchase with their seasonal coupons. The company has special discounts for seasonal purchasers, and let’s not forget a 15-percent off monthly coupon.

    Currently, Inland Botanicals is offering a NOVEMBER 15 coupon that cuts off 15-percent on all Kratom products. In the past, Inland Botanicals has gone as far as offering a 50-percent discount to its customers! You can sign up for their newsletter to remain updated with all the discounts, offers, and coupon codes.

    Shipping Policies

    When it comes to shipping, Inland Botanicals is one of the most flexible Kratom Vendors of all. The company seems to understand its clientele diversity and consequent varying needs. Thus, it offers a variety of options so that you may choose one according to your convenience.

    Usually, the company delivers all orders during the working days, i.e., during Monday – Friday. However, if you need Kratom urgently, perhaps in a day or two or over the weekend, you can try out their USPS shipping. You can select your respective class and order for an urgent 1-2 days delivery. For same-day delivery, you ought to follow a set of instructions mentioned on their website, and you can avail of that too!

    Plus, you can pay through any of the following methods:

    • Credit/Debit Card
    • Cash
    • ACH
    • Cryptocurrency

    However, credit and debit cards work for established customers only. Similarly, the company expects clients that pay through ACH methods to clear their dues before receiving the order. And that’s because these payments take time. Otherwise, the brand seems to trust you just as much as you trust it with your Kratom needs!

    In terms of area, currently, Inland Botanicals caters to most states of the United States as well as Mexico and Canada. A few states where Inland Botanicals does not deliver yet, include:

    • Alabama
    • Arkansas
    • Indiana
    • Sarasota County (Florida)
    • San Diego (California)
    • Jerseyville (Illinois)
    • Vermont
    • Wisconsin
    • Rhode Island
    • District of Columbia

    Return Policy of Inland Botanicals

    Should you want to return a product, Inland Botanicals is willing to co-operate with you in that regard as well. For all warranted products, the company will offer a complete refund as you return the unused product.

    However, if the product does not come with a warranty and you still want an exchange or refund, Inland Botanicals will offer you store credit. Depending on your case, they may even offer you a refund.

    Easy Contact & On-Site Consultation

    Inland Botanicals also prides itself on having the best customer service amongst all Kratom vendors. It has a dedicated page Contact Us through, which you can call and email the company. They promise to respond to all calls and emails through their active customer support.

    Plus, another amazing feature offered by the company is on-site consultation. Yes, you can go to their office and take consultation from a certified Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner. However, the service is available throughout the summer and spring only.

    Final Thoughts

    In a nutshell, Inland Botanicals is a good place to hit up for some premium Kratom supplies and Body Care products. You can access all types of Kratom and CBD products at reasonable prices. Happy Shopping!

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