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    Company Analysis

    Kats Botanicals came into existence around 2016, when Justin Kats, the present founder, and CEO, decided to become a vendor for the people’s betterment. After failing to find good quality products in the market, the company took it upon itself to match customer needs and offer services at the most reasonable prices. This botanical vendor found its base in New Jersey and has a diverse working staff and customer support, such as farmers and chemists. On top of that, there is also a workforce for marketing that helps Kats Botanicals expand its base.

    Kats Botanicals’ products are available on their website

    Recommended forPromoting health
    Source of HempFarms at 8000 feet altitude in Colorado, USA
    Source of KratomA dependable farming group from Indonesia
    Popular productsGreen Maeng Da Kratom; Red Maeng Da Kratom; Spacebird Kratom Powder; Natural Tincture-Full Spectrum CBD Oil; Turmeric Powder Capsules; Kratom Dog Chews Calming Formula
    Range of productsKratom powders; Kratom capsules; Specialty blendsMoringa; Shilajit; Turmeric; and Valerian rootKratom dog chew formulas; Flavored canine hemp oils
    Product pricingPrices range from $5.99 for the Kratom powders to $139.99 for the CBD oil tinctures
    Lab testing transparencyThe third-party lab test reports are available on the company’s website
    FlavorsCBD oil tinctures: Natural; Blueberry; VanillaEdible pet products: Bacon; Chicken
    ContaminantsThe products are free of harmful heavy metals, microbes, and other contaminants.
    Shipping informationShipping is available for all US states, except Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin.
    Refund policiesFull refunds are applicable for up to 30 days of the purchase.
    Customer serviceOffice number: (877) 301-9923Email: 

    Recommended For Promoting Health

    The company states that they understand the fact that life can be difficult sometimes. As a result, they strive to bring about a positive change through their products. You can easily incorporate their products into your daily life for an optimum experience and to feel better.

    Kats Botanicals claims that other vendors don’t do justice to their customers through mediocre products or below-average lab testing. Moreover, the products offered by the company are free of additives and coupled with top-notch lab testing in a certified facility. These measures ensure that you can consume Kratom and CBD products without worrying about any adverse side effects on your health.

    Source Of Hemp

    The hemp extract is a necessary ingredient for making CBD products. This full-spectrum element comes from high-altitude farms in Colorado, namely, eight thousand feet. It makes them the very first hemp flowers growing at such a height anywhere around the world.

    Apart from that, Kats Botanicals’ farmers work under strictly required rules and regulations to maintain a healthy and reliable environment. Drip irrigation and nutrient tracking of the soil ensure that the hemp flowers flourish in a favourable condition. This method for making CBD products means there are more cannabinoids and nutritional substances in the raw material.

    Source Of Kratom

    Kats Botanicals has a reliable partnership with an Indonesian farming group, allowing top-quality products to come through a dependable source. The Kratom leaves grow in an ethical environment where their freshness and potency reach a maximum.

    Following traditional techniques, the Kratom is picked by hand and left under the sun till it is dry. After grinding the leaves, they depart for New Jersey, where they undergo further processing.

    This undying commitment to quality perfection is what sets this company apart from the rest of the market.

    Popular Products

    Green Maeng Da Kratom

    Kats Botanicals’ Green Maeng Da Kratom is a signature Green Vein Kratom obtained from the Bunut district of Brunei. It is vastly known for its potency, and it is generally the first option for both beginners and experienced supplement users, as it includes elevated amounts of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, the two different alkaloids known for Kratom’s effects. The green vein to white vein ratio is 80% to 20%.

    This green vein strain has various positive influences, including increased sensations of pleasure, ease, and relaxation. Green Maeng Da Kratom from Kats Botanicals is a terrific solution for individuals seeking a better life with a proven Kratom variant that performs on power.

    Red Maeng Da Kratom

    For making this fan-favorite product, the company began by blending Indonesia’s white vein Kratom with Red Vein Kratom from the Borneo region. The white vein variant undergoes an outdoor drying process for 48 hours with the leaves still intact to create the correct alkaloid composition. On the other hand, the red vein Kratom goes through an indoor fermentation process inside burlap bags for three days. After rigorous experimentation, the company settled on a 60/40 ratio in the red vein’s favor.

    This strain supports daily recuperation and a visible health balance in your life while also restoring inner peace. With this potent Red Maeng Da strain’s heightened development and cognitive performance, you can become more focused.

    Spacebird Kratom Powder

    With a 2:1:1 ratio of green, red, and white vein Kratom, this strain is the summit of a mountain of different Kratom strains. If you are looking for a wide range of potent effects that last longer, look no further than this product.

    Several drying procedures are employed to create the strains that make up this Kratom mixture. For securing the alkaloid content, the workers let some of the Kratom leaves dry outdoors, indoors, or a little bit of both. Afterward, the laboratory tests and complex spectroscopy validate the alkaloid amount, the plant compounds that are principally accountable for this strain’s potent effects.

    Natural Tincture-Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Kats Botanicals’ CBD tincture acts complementarily with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The potent cannabinoid elements provided by the product help do the following:

    • Establish a harmonious effect over an over-worked nervous system
    • Improve cognitive capacity and concentration
    •  Better sleep quality and prevention of episodes of insomnia
    • Help deal with everyday stress
    • Optimize the body’s natural regulative mechanisms

    Turmeric Powder Capsules

    Turmeric is made from plant rhizomes in the ginger family and consists of a naturally beneficial compound known as curcumin. In ancient times, people used this powder to treat joint, skin, and gastrointestinal conditions. And today, Kats Botanicals encapsulates this magic powder for your benefit. The various advantages of using it include:

    • Enhanced brain functioning
    • Prevention of oxidative tension
    • Improvement in heart health
    • Supplemental support to the joints
    • Betterment of physical well-being

    Kratom Dog Chews Calming Formula

    The company proudly provides this bacon-flavored product for the relaxation of your pet dog. As a result, your dogs can also enjoy a Kratom-infused formula along with you. The small and tasty chews will provide the same effect that countless people regularly experience on a national scale. Each of these chews has two hundred and fifty milligrams of Kratom and easily digestible elements for your dog’s ease.

    Range Of Products

    The company has a diverse range of products to be able to stand out in the market. Having various products means that they can cater to the general botanical community without making anyone feel like they’re missing out. The product line includes the following:

    • Kratom powders, capsules, and specialty blends
    • Botanicals including Moringa, Shilajit, Turmeric, and Valerian root
    • Botanical pet products such as Kratom dog chew formulas and flavored canine hemp oils 

    Product Pricing

    • Kratom powders: $5.99-$34.99
    • Kratom capsules: $19.99
    • CBD oil tinctures: $44.99-$139.99
    • RENEW CBD lotion: $24.990
    • CHILL Relief CBD roll-on: $29.99-$69.99
    • CBD Salve: $44.99-$59.99 
    • Moringa powder capsules: $19.99
    • Shilajit: $49.99
    • Turmeric powder capsules: $19.99
    • Valerian root capsules: $14.99
    • Kratom dog chew formulas: $29.99
    • Flavored canine hemp oils: $29.99

    Lab Testing Transparency

    Kats Botanicals claims that except for ethically harvesting the Kratom leaves and Hemp flowers, the raw material is also thoroughly tested. Before processing begins, the harvest undergoes evaluation from a third-party laboratory. These tests happen in Maine, Us, which happens to be one of the most reliable labs in the nation.

    For ensuring health and safety, the three main tests performed are HPLC, GCMS, and TLC. The company mentions lab testing on its site, and whenever you order a product, a specific product lab test is also a part of the package. Upon request, you can download the lab test to make sure there are no harmful additives in the supplement. This step ensures that every customer gets complete lab testing transparency and complete satisfaction in their purchased botanical products.


    The CBD oil tinctures are available in blueberry, vanilla, and natural flavoring. On the other hand, the edible products for pets have the essence of bacon and chicken.

    Are There Any Contaminants?

    Kats Botanicals has made sure to follow the strict guidelines of the American Kratom Association for their CGMP facility. As a result, no product is tampered with, and every batch gets prepared with constant quality control. Moreover, all the products undergo tests for heavy metals and microbes. Any product batch not meeting the requirements doesn’t get to be a part of any further processing.

    Shipping Information

    Shipping is relatively fast if you know when to order. If someone places an order before 2 pm in one of the supported states, they may get their order on the same day. If the products are out of stock when ordering, the delivery may take up to a week. Anyone who likes to stock up on botanical products will be happy to know that there is free shipping on orders above a hundred dollars. However, there are many places where Kats Botanicals still doesn’t deliver, such as Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, and some counties like Ontario and San Diego.

    Refund Policies

    Since they’re very confident in what they sell, the vendor guarantees a refund for any product that fails to impress. If the product is unused and it hasn’t been thirty days yet, you can still get a full refund without any questions asked.

    Customer Service

    For anyone new to the botanical market, Kats Botanicals has an entire team for answering customer questions and guiding them towards what they need. There’s an ever-present customer support team available through live chat, email, and phone. The company also has a Facebook and Twitter presence where potential buyers can get updates on their favorite products. Other than that, their Facebook group has thousands of members that can help you pick out a suitable product.

    Pros And Cons


    • There’s a wide range of products that is probably unparalleled in the botanical market.
    • The products contain more than 40 various psychoactive compounds, improving cognitive function.
    • The Kratom and Hemp are from organic farms that ethically harvest the leaves and flowers.
    • The product blends pack a considerably powerful punch and surprisingly long-lasting effects.
    • Thorough testing at one of the most trustworthy third-party labs in the country.
    • The company provides a downloadable test report for each purchased product.
    • Any product that dissatisfies the customer is refundable for the entire cost for up to thirty days.


    • Since the product line is so diverse, it can become confusing for someone buying botanicals for the first time.
    • Because of the high demand, many popular products often go out of stock, which means that pre-placed orders take longer.
    • Many US areas still do not have support from Kat Botanicals.
    • The products have not undergone evaluation from the FDA.

    Final Thoughts

    With everything in consideration, it is safe to say that Kats Botanicals’ strength lies in its product diversity. However, some shortcomings exist, such as delivery restrictions in some places and delays due to running out. But other than that, this company seems to be on the right track. Thanks to their endless determination for customer satisfaction and product safety, Kats Botanicals is undoubtedly one of the most dependable names in the market.

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