Kiody Kratom – Is Kratom undoubtedly potent at alleviating discomfort?

    Kratom also goes by the name of ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’. It’s indigenous to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Kratom works as a reliever. 

    This herbal remedy is available in different strains and blends, each variety provides slightly different effects. While relieving discomfort is a universal benefit of all kratom still you need to use it carefully to get ideal results. Red strains are more effective than green and white.

    Kiody Kratom claims their top-rated kratom is exceptional for discomfort, anxiety, depression, and energy. They are located at 3902 Maize land Rd Colorado Springs, CO. Kratom is legal in almost all areas of Colorado, but the cities of Parker and Monument have banned it independently.

    The company was established in 2019 and sources its kratom from Indonesia. Their specialization is with quality kratom, 100% organic with stress-relieving qualities. With their selection of quality leaves and farms, they are offering a great price and top-shelf kratom. 


    Kiody Kratom offers all of your popular strains from White, Green, Red Maeng Da, Bali Kratom, Hulu, Elephant, Vietnam, Ketapang, and Maylay available in tea leaves and capsules. 

    Red Bali is their most popular strain among all. It is a blend of green and white strains and contains wondrous properties. 

    Strains that are preeminent for a pain reliever, addiction, and energy boosters

    They have categorized their strains into Red, White, and Green to tell you the various benefits it offers and a few ways it could help you.

    If you want to experience increased energy, mood enhancement, and stress reduction then green kratom is the right choice for you. It can be taken as a capsule or can also be combined with a drink. It will give you relaxation, a type of euphoria. 

    Red Kratom is mainly grown in Indonesia and is great for relieving not only chronic discomfort but also decreases symptoms associated with anxiety. It also helps lessen the body and muscles aches.

    White Kratom is mainly used to assist in relieving stress and mental clarity. It works as a psychoactive, suppressing the brain’s pain receptors and reducing one’s anxiety. It also helps to boost energy levels and induce a euphoric state. 

    They have also categorized the recommended strains for several medical conditions. For example, if you are having anxiety or depression what kratom type or strain works best for you

    Also, for certain strains, they have recommended which kratom should be used at which levels.

    Is Brand Reasonable In Terms Of Prices?

    Price ranges are similar for all products of leaf tea/powder. It can only vary from grams to grams. You can get 100 grams for $39.99, 200 grams for $59.99, 300 grams for $89.99, 500 grams for $119.99 and 1000 grams for $149.99.

    If you are planning to buy capsules. Their prices are as follows:

    • 90 caps – $29.99
    • 180 caps – $54.99
    • 270 caps – $99.99

    Their prices are quite reasonable. You can enjoy any product without worrying about price fluctuations.

    Unfortunately, they don’t offer any free samples or discounts with orders except for occasions.

    AKA GMP Accredited

    Kiody kratom undergoes lab examination to provide natural, 100% pure, tested, and safe kratom to its customer. The brand is GMP certified and claims that its products are tested batch-wise before showing up on the shelves each time. Though lab results are not disclosed on their website.

    They keep it real with their customers because transparency is most important when it comes to products for health and wellness.

    Side Effects Of Using Kratom

    Kratom has been described as producing both restorative and sedative effects. Acute side effects include dizziness, sweating, constipation, increased urination, and low blood pressure. 

    Kratom consumption can lead to severe addiction, a study revealed.

    Shipping And Returns

    The company offers FREE shipping to its customers if your order exceeds $100. All domestic and other orders are shipped at the rate of flat $10.

    This company doesn’t ship to the cities/states where kratom is banned. 

    You will get your order delivered in 2 to 3 days of placing it.

    Kiody Kratom has a 100% money-back guarantee return policy. If you didn’t like the product or you are not satisfied with it you can return it within the said period and get your money back. 

    Presence On Social Media

    However, they are present on social media and have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Their Facebook page is no longer available and they have minimum followers on their Instagram page. 

    It seems the company is not so active on social media platforms. To gain more popularity and positive remarks they should be present more actively on all social media platforms.

    Customer Reviews

    Kratom is a great source of relaxation and stress relief. Some use it recreationally, while others use it to treat different ailments or maybe to get high only. This is what people have to say about Kiody Kratom

    “Kiody Kratom has not only changed my life but given me an amazing community to connect with others who benefit from this amazing product. After I had my third child, I struggled constantly with anxiety and getting a restful night’s sleep.

    I would regularly wake up 3-4 times a night with difficulty getting back to sleep. Once I discovered how much Kratom relaxed me and helped me sleep through the entire night, I’ll never go back!”

    “I owe a huge thank you to Shawn & Corey at Kiody Kare! They make it so much easier to get a quality product at a great price. Everything is lab tested and is guaranteed money back if you’re not satisfied. I love the vibes at the store! They’re so willing to help and knowledgeable about their products! Colorado is lucky to have Kiody Kare.”

    “It’s the most natural, healthy alternative to sleeping/anxiety medication that I did not want to become dependent on. Shawn and Corey are full of information concerning their Kratom and always have the best tips and tricks to taking it and getting the best results. I will never take any other Kratom besides Kiody Kratom!” 

    Customer Service and Payment Options

    They have given a contact number and an email address to contact them for any queries or information regarding anything. They have responsive customer service with a friendly attitude.

    You can make payments through credit/debit cards and sadly that’s the only option they have right now.

    Is Kratom Safe to Consume?

    Including Kratom, Everything has its catch. 

    Kratom is very safe if consumed carefully. If you overdo it you will undoubtedly bear some or all of the upper mentioned side effects. Stick to a recommended dose play safe and chances are you will avoid complications.

    Final Words On Kiody Kratom

    This brand is owned and run by two partners Shawn Woodin and Corey Montenegro. They not only sell kratom but also consumes it on daily basis.

    They have a history of changing their lives with regular use of kratom and now they are on a mission to provide a healthy way to receive incredible benefits for the people without having to step into the drug world. Their all-natural and tested products are surely worth a try.

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