Kosta Kratom – Are you buying Quality Kratom From A Reputable Brand?

    Kosta Kratom is a wholesale kratom brand located outside of Orange, CA. They have been working as kratom sellers since 2007 with a very good reputation.

    The best kratom is only found in the Southeast Asian part of the world. Kratom generally grows in an area that is high in humidity and receives an ample amount of sunlight. 

    Kosta kratom works hand in hand with the farmers and suppliers in Southeast Asia to provide you with the best quality products.

    Approved ForTreating and improving the immune system and physical energy relieves anxiety
    SourceSoutheast Asia
    Popular VarietiesRed Maeng Da
    Other VarietiesBali Red, Borneo White, Malay Green, Maeng Da, Orange Cream, Chocolate Mint, Maeng Da
    FreebiesDoesn’t offer any Freebies
    PackagingSafe and Secure 
    Lab Test ReportsThird-party lab-tested products. Results are available on their website
    ShippingThey offer 24 hours delivery service 
    Customer FeedbackVery limited reviews / Lacks consumer reputation
    Coupon CodesDoesn’t offer any discounts or coupon codes

    Product Line

    Kosta Kratom products come in 3 different categories: powders, capsules, and shots. They do not have much to offer and only have limited strains. 

    Their powders come in three sizes 1oz, 2oz, and 4oz while capsules can be purchased in 25ct, 50ct, 100ct, 250ct, 500ct, and 1000ct depending upon consumers’ need and budget. Kratom shots are available in 3 different flavors in 30ml and 15ml bottles.

    Four varieties of strains which they offer are:

    • Bali Red
    • Borneo White
    • Malay Green
    • Maeng Da

    These can be purchased in powders and capsules:

    Their kratom shots are available in 3 different varieties. These shots are made distinct only through their flavors; however, the kratom quantity remains the same.

    • Orange Cream
    • Chocolate Mint
    • Maeng Da


    Kosta kratom only sells wholesale, so you can’t get your hands on their products unless you are buying in bulk.

    For powders, their price ranges from $3 to $20, and for the capsules $3 to $80. Kratom shots are sold in a minimum of 12 pieces, price ranges from $10 to $12.

    However, you can only get the exact pricing if you get yourself approved for a log-in.

    Coupon Codes And Discounts

    Kosta kratom only deals in whole selling so unfortunately, you cannot expect any discount or coupon codes for retail buyers. 

    So if you are ordering in bulk then they can cut down prices depending upon the size of the order.

    If you want to buy retail with discounted prices you have to look for a website or any forum that sells Kosta kratom products and if they are offering any coupon codes or discounts.

    American Kratom Association (AKA) GMP Accredited And Lab Testing

    Kosta kratom is AKA (American Kratom Association) GMP qualified brand. They use the highest quality stock of natural kratom powder, and ground-breaking technology to process and package their products.

    They separately lab-test each batch for contaminants, heavy metals, and adulterants to intact purity, potency, and quality. Third-party lab results are available on their website.

    Being a member of a good manufacturing process standard program adds to its authenticity and recommendations.

    Returns And Refunds

    Kosta kratom maintains its position as an exclusive wholesaler that only deals in bulk buying so it has no reason to offer any returns/refunds.

    Customer Support

    Their customer service representatives are available on call from Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm PST or you can contact them by filling a form with your information and message given on their website.

    They also have 24/7 chat support to give responsive service to their potential buyers.

    Customer Reviews

    Since Kosta kratom is not a retail brand so you couldn’t find too many customer reviews on Reddit, Quora, or any other platforms. Few of the reviews are 

    “They are an industry leader which makes sense considering how powerful their strains are.”

    “Unlike other teas that take as long as 25-30 minutes to kick in, Maeng Da usually takes effect within five or 10 minutes. The average user will be able to enjoy MD’s aroma for up to or above five hours.”

    “The taste and smell are pleasant and never overpowering.”

    Also, they are not on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


    “Shipped within 24 hours” is what is written on their website. If you want to know the shipping methods you can call their representatives or simply contact them at chat support. 


    Kosta Kratom is not a retail brand and exclusivity of their pricing page and limited information on their website will lead to a lack in many sections. 

    They do not offer a wide variety of strains but if you are on the lookout for quality and all-natural products you should try them out.

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