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    Krabot is a well-reputed online vendor. It offers an array of kratom products and kratom strains. Along with the wide variety of interesting products, it has also made space in customers’ hearts by offering many customer incentives.

    At, you will find the very fine quality of kratom products as they source the Kratom from the Southeast Asia region, which is known for producing the best quality kratom.

    What Makes Krabot a Renowned Brand?

    Krabot is famously known as the best online vendor of Kratom, as from harvesting to packaging to shipping to customer service, all is done by the professionally trained staff. Moreover, Krabot provides you very much affordable products comparatively to its competitors. It caters from small kratom packs to large packs but all at good prices.


    Krabot has the best product selection and offers unique blends. You can find Kratom in different forms such as raw Kratom powder, capsules, Kratom tea, soaps, Kratom isolate, CBD, and extracts from Kratom tree leaves.

    Finely Grounded Powder

    Standard Kratom Strains

    Some of the standard Kratom strains available on Krabot are:

    Unique Kratom Strains

    Krabot also offers a wide variety of unique strains that make it distinct from its competitors, who sell common kratom strains.

    • The Green Vein Kratom Powder
    • The Green Sundanese (OG)
    • The Krabot Evening Blend
    • The Krabot Rising Sun and,
    • The Yellow Vietnamese Kratom Strain.


    Krabot offers unique kratom blends in capsule form rather than just focusing on traditional strains. That includes:

    • Signature Morning Blend
    • Stem Capsule, and
    • Vein Capsules.

    The capsules are easily dissolvable that makes them more effective.
    (Each capsule contains 1000mg of kratom powder.)


    For the kratom enthusiasts, Krabot has introduced an attractive product in the form of kratom soaps that mostly kratom vendors do not offer.

    • Cocoa
    • Naked
    • Coffee cream

    Tea Powder

    Are you looking for something that gives you a soothing and calming sensation? Well, Krabot brings you kratom tea in a variety of flavors.

    Sample Packs

    Krabot offers an array of kratom capsule and powder sample packs to the newbie. They provide 10 sample packs of strains in four different sizes varying from XL to S.

    (In XL size sample, you will get 2000mg of premium Kratom strains)

    Other Products

    As Krabot promises you to always provide the best quality at an affordable price. So, you will also find the best Krabot branded accessories such as digital pocket scales, measuring spoons, sanitizers, and face masks.

    Bestselling Strains Of Krabot

    1) Green Maeng Da

    Green Maeng Da Kratom has gained exceptional popularity among kratom enthusiasts. Krabot guarantees to provide clean and fresh quality green Maeng Da Kratom. It is sourced from the green leaves of Thai Kratom from the deep jungles of Southeast Asia. Green-veined Kratom is an exceptional strain possessing several beneficial effects.


    • As Kratom is believed to give a pitch to the body, Green Maeng Da is the best energy booster. Its effect stays for more than six hours.
    • Green Maeng Da is proved to support mental functionality, helping in better focus and concentration, thanks to its alkaloid property.
    • It gives a perfect kick to confidence and mood and relieves anxiety.
    • Green Maeng Da offers mild relief from pain.

    Packaging and Pricing

    Krabot makes sure to provide 100% pure and fine quality Green Maeng Da kratom. Before packing, they process every batch through stringent testing procedures to maintain consistency, purity, alkaloid content, and microbial elimination.

    Krabot offers different pack sizes of Green Maeng Da powder; you have several options to choose from according to your preferences.


    2) Red Bali

    The other most famous strain is Red Bali because of its ability to give quick possessions. It is obtained from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa. This red vein kratom gives pleasant yet calming effects.


    • Red Bali Kratom strain always gives breathtaking and calming effects thanks to its soothing and sedating properties.
    • Red Bali Kratom is also known for giving stimulating possessions when taken in low dosage. It includes the active alkaloid content, which results in more focusing and concentrating.
    • The amount of soothing and relaxing possessions depends on the dose of Red Bali kratom. The more the dose of Red Bali Kratom, the more you will experience the relaxing sensation.

    Packaging and Pricing

    At Krabot, you will find Red Bali kratom at very low rates.


    3) Red Horn1000mg Capsules

    Red Horn Kratom is highly in demand among all Kratom varieties because of its strong and long-lasting effects.
    Krabot sources it from the west Kalimantan forests of Indonesia. It is also available in powder and extracts.


    • Red Horn has strong potent property, so the use dosage is lower than other strains.
    • It is also taken for chronic pain relief thanks to its high concentration of alkaloids.
    • It is known for lifting moods and soothes the mind and body.

    Packaging and Pricing

    Krabot packs these capsules in UV blocking colored bottles. The bottles feature DryPack ® to fight against the moisture and preserve the content of the capsules. Krabot offers 1000mg per capsule.

    30 Cap.$14.99
    60 Cap.$27.99
    180 Cap.$74.99

    4) White Maeng Da

    White Maeng Da is a popular energy and productivity booster. Krabot obtains it from Indonesia and is processed and tested in a state-of-the-art laboratory.


    • White vein kratom is known for its unique energetic properties.
    • It’s normally used to replace the morning coffee cup or as a stimulator during an exhausting day.

    Packaging and Pricing

    At Krabot, the utmost care is used to process this Kratom and ensure that Kratom is purely organic, contains zero impurities, and is highly potent.


    Krabot Discounts & Coupons

    Krabot offers various discount coupons and reward points for each purchase you make. Moreover, they usually offer promo codes of up to 35% discount on Reddit and other social media sources like Facebook.

    Customer Loyalty Program

    Krabot has now introduced a 5% cash back program for all its members. The member will get reward points every time they make a purchase or write reviews.

    15% OFF Coupon

    Refer to your friend, and your friends will get a 15% discount on their first purchase, and you will get 500 reward points to redeem them for cash.

    Why Choose Krabot?

    A well reputable kratom vendor with 100 percent customer trust as the quality of the product is specifically monitored by experienced personnel.

    They offer Kratom in various kinds with a variety of strains and blends with a 100% money-back guarantee. Not just the products are top-notch, but they know all the tricks to retain long-term customers. The evidence can be seen by looking at the number of online users’ reviews.

    The quality of products cannot be matched, as every product is undergone from the rigorous screening process and is processed at the state of the art facility.

    Numerous product options are available to choose from the red, white, and green strain. They have wonderful responsive customer service, and a website where placing an order is as simple as a piece of cake. So, if you want Kratom of the utmost quality, you can opt for Krabot with closed eyes.

    What are you waiting for? Let’s begin to place some orders!

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