Kraken Kratom Customer Reward Program, Promo Codes, and Discounted Deals

The much-awaited promo codes and deals from the most famous yet reliable kratom brand – Kraken kratom is finally here! So here ends your prolonged search for the best deals to buy kratom. These exclusive deals and discount offers are what we all want when comparing various kratom brands to make a purchase.

Kraken Kratom is offering quality kratom products that speak for their potent and reliable effects. For every dollar spent at this product, you will get equal redeemable points. You can use these points while making a purchase at Kraken kratom.

Customer Reward Program of Kraken Kratom

Kraken kratom runs a Customer Reward Program that is entirely designed to provide the customers with some additional discounts in the form of redeemable points. Do you want to know how you can get these redeemable points? Check the details below:

1) Redeemable points for rating products

When you rate any product at the Kraken kratom, you get 10 free points.

2) Redeemable points when you subscribe to the newsletter

Subscribing to the newsletter of Kraken kratom gives you around 50 points. That’s huge, no?

3 Redeemable points for signing up

You get a great deal of points when you sign up to make an account at Kraken kratom. That’s 50 points folks! Just by signing up, how easy and it can save you a lot!

4) Redeemable points for liking at Facebook

When you like Kraken kratom’s page on Facebook, you get 10 free redeemable points.

5) Redeemable points for Tweeting at the Twitter

If you are a regular twitter user, you can save 10 redeemable points from Kraken kratom just by hash-tagging Kraken kratom on your tweet.

6) Redeemable points for +1 via Google+

You can get 10 redeemable points for +1 via Google+.

Let me tell you how these points work. When you perform any of the tasks above, these points are automatically added to your account at Kraken kratom. You have to use these points within 90 days because after 3 months, they will expire.

If you want to check your balance at Kraken kratom, click on my account, and check out the option “my rewards” in the drop-down menu.

The Active Promo-codes for Kraken Kratom (August 2020)

There are four leading promo codes of Kraken kratom that can save you 20% and 10% off on your entire order. Grab these right away and enjoy the exclusive discount offers with additional off.

Promo Code # 1 SUNNY20

When you use the code SUNNY20 at the checkout, you will get 20% on your entire order.

Promo Code # 2 ONICE

The promo code ONICE will give you an additional 20% off on your entire order. Don’t forget to use it at the checkout.

Promo Code # 3 BIGSALE

The BIGSALE is another leading promo code at Kraken kratom, and it can give you 20% sitewide when you use it at the checkout.

Promo Code # 4 WELCOME10

The code WELCOME10 provides 10% off sitewide to all the Kraken kratom customers. Must use it at the checkout!

Moreover, when you register your account at the, they will send you some recent discount offers and promo codes.

Let us lead you to the top 15 discounted deals at Kraken kratom.

Discounted Deals for Kratom Powder and Leaf

1) Bali Kratom Powder (OG/DC)

This organic Bali Kratom Powder (OG/DC) is 100% fresh and lab-tested for its quality, and potent enough to provide you an ultimate kratom experience. Check there discounted offer for this strain below.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price
112 grams$27.95$25.44

2) Maeng Da Thai Kratom Powder (Red Vein)

This Red Vein strain will make your day if you are looking for some sedative effects. Check out the discounted deal below.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price
112 grams$69.99$31.50

3) Maeng Da Thai Kratom Powder (White Vein)

White vein Maeng Da Thai Kratom powder is one of the most used white vein strain among kratom enthusiasts. Check out the amazing deals mentioned below.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price
112 grams$49.99$33.60

4) Red Vein Kali Powder

If you are looking for relaxation and pain relief, do not think more, and go for Red Vein Kali powder. It will help you in ways you would have never thought about!

Check out these exclusive discounted deals below.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price
112 grams$29.95$27.25

5) Maeng Da Thai Kratom Leaf (Red Vein)

If you like to have a relaxing cup of kratom tree in the morning, this strain is what you are looking for! Head over to see the discounted offers below.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price
112 grams$69.99$31.50

6) Red Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

The strain comes from the famous forests of Borneo and is appreciated among the regular kratom users. Check out the discounted deal given below.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price
112 grams$34.99$28.99

7) Super Green Malaysian Kratom Powder

A perfect blend of Maeng Da Thai and Bali is what we call Super Green Malaysian kratom powder. The rich alkaloid content makes this strain stand out. Check out the discount deals below.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price
112 grams$34.99$27.30

8) Sumatra Kratom Powder (Red Vein)

The Sumatra variety has become the most famous product at Kraken kratom in no time. It contains 1.3% mitragynine and some other alkaloids like mitraphylline, which makes this strain exceptional.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price
112 grams$39.95$33.95

9) Sumatra Kratom Powder (White Vein)

For all the white vein kratom fans, this one will be your go-to strain because of the unmatchable effects it offers. From boosting motivation to enhancing focus, it will help you tremendously. Check out the discounted deals below.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price
112 grams$36.95$30.95

10) White Vein Borneo Kratom powder

The leaves for this strain are harvested in the early stages of plant growth. It has 1.3% of mitragynine and provides the user with rich effects.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price
112 grams$29.99$27.30

Discounted Deals For Kratom Extracts

11) Kraken Platinium Liquid Kratom Extract

If you love kratom in extracted form, you are seriously missing this product!

It is a newly emerging extract at Kraken kratom and became a bestseller in no time. Check out the discounted deal offer below.

QuantityMitragynine quantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price

12) FSE Kratom Extract

The FSE Kratom extract speaks for masking the bitter taste of kratom. The fruity wild berry flavor blended with high-quality Bali extract is what many customers look for.

QuantityBali Kratom extractOriginal PriceDiscounted price

13) Gold Elephas Kratom Extract

The Gold Elephas kratom extract is a unique strain that is hard to find. It combines larger Mitragyna Speciosa leaves, unique vein structure, and rick alkaloid profile. It has 250mg of different alkaloids per gram. Check out the discounted deals below.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price

Discounted Deals For Kratom Capsules

14) White Vein Borneo Kratom Capsules

These vegetable capsules have 750mg of While Borneo kratom powder and 1.3% of mitragynine. Capsules make it easy to swallow raw kratom powder without feeling the bitter taste of kratom.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price

15) Red Vein Borneo Kratom Capsules

The capsules have 750 mg of Red Borneo kratom powder. It is a perfect sedative and a pain killer. Head over to check the exclusive discounted deals for these capsules.

QuantityOriginal PriceDiscounted price

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