Kratom and Alcohol | Dosage Guide, User Reviews, and Potential Risks

    There are individuals who prefer to go for kratom when they are feeling low, and it will help them out just like a loyal pup never leaves the owner. Kratom is hugely used as a medicinal herb for several problems like pain management, dependence on mind-altering pills, stress and anxiety, mood-related issues, focus and concentration, and insomnia. Do you know that Kratom and Alcohol is a go-to option for many alcohol users? Especially when the hangover effect persists till the next day? Moreover, it also helps with alcohol dependence.

    Many individuals who want to quit alcohol use, but their bodies have developed tolerance against it. Kratom is popular for reducing the tolerance against substances like alcohol. But there is a lack of information available apart from user reviews.
    After going into a plethora of user reviews, we have come up with this well-crafted solution for blending kratom and alcohol.

    Let’s spotlight the essentials!

    A guide to consuming kratom and alcohol at small, moderate, and extremely high quantities

    Some people had a very calming experience with kratom and alcohol, while some others had worse one, so it entirely depends upon how your body responds to this new entry. Hence, be particular about following the safety tips.

    Consuming kratom and alcohol in small quantities

    After going through the minutest of the details users have shared on online forums, I can assure you that combining kratom and alcohol at small dosages won’t harm you in any way. I repeat, “SMALL DOSAGES”.

    You will experience the following effects:

    • A sense of relaxation
    • Optimistic mood
    • Stimulated feelings
    • Positive mental state

    Consuming kratom and alcohol in relatively moderate quantities

    The DGA (Dietary Guidelines for Americans claims that it is safe for men to have two shots of alcoholic drinks in a day. While for women, it is safe to consume one alcoholic drink a day.

    According to user experiences, most of the users had opposing effects. There is no single answer to combining kratom and alcohol at moderate dosages. You can either experience the hell of a positive and calming effect, on the contrary, it is also possible that your experience ends up being a great life lesson.

    User experiences highlighted the following harmful effects:

    1. Blurred focus
    2. Fatigue and exhaustion
    3. Stomach aches
    4. Nausea
    5. Vomiting

    Consuming kratom and alcohol in extremely high quantities

    What happens when you take too much of a coffee? Jitters all around, right? Similarly, when you overdose kratom, you are also likely to experience negative effects. Moreover, if you overdose kratom and alcohol together, you have made the most lethal mistake. Both kratom and alcohol exhibit adverse effects on higher doses because both are depressants. Hence, it is strictly not advisable to do this. There is no user review stating that combining kratom and alcohol at high doses produces positive effects.

    The users reported the following adverse effects:

    • Strong headaches
    • High-level nausea
    • Feelings of faintness
    • Hangover effect that persists the next day too

    The user reviews for mixing kratom and alcohol

    Kratom and alcohol combine to form a lethal yet intense combination, and there are many online forums where users share their experiences. Some users want to know the safe way for consumption; on the other hand, some users are eager to know the effects.

    If you have read enough about alcohol, you must know that it is not a wise idea to combine alcohol with opioids. However, kratom is NOT an opioid but does show opioid-like effects.

    If we look into the research-based evidence, there is no research claiming that kratom and alcohol can bring about negative consequences.

    Moreover, The user reviews at Reddit for the combination of kratom and alcohol are somewhat confusing. When we read the reviews, we find that every user had a different experience. Some users felt a significant calming effect and could relax, while others had terrible vomit episodes. So it becomes a bit challenging to figure out whether one should give it a try or skip the thought and move forward.

    Other forums suggest that it’s a toxic combination, and an individual should NEVER give it a try.

    Keeping these reviews in mind, one should be watchful and vigilant. Moreover, if we look at the effects, kratom is a traditional sedative, and alcohol has the properties of anti-depressants. Combining these two can be hazardous.

    How to consume kratom and alcohol in a much safer way?

    It is essential to follow kratom and alcohol safely, and for that purpose, you have to follow these three safety tips:

    1) Take kratom and alcohol in small quantities

    Although mixing them is not ideal, you should give a pause of an hour after taking kratom to take alcohol, but in case you plan to mix, go for small quantities of each. This way, you can save yourself from overdosing.

    2) Always take high-quality Kratom products from a reliable source

    Kratom is not a much-regulated substance. Hence, some vendors contaminate it. To have a quality experience of combining kratom and alcohol, you should buy kratom from a trusted and well-reputed vendor who will sell only a high-quality product.

    3) Water intake

    Because kratom and alcohol consume a significant chunk of water from our bodies, you have to keep a proper water intake after consuming them.

    What to do if kratom and alcohol overdose occurs?

    For cross-checking the situation, you should observe the symptoms that are associated with overdosing kratom and alcohol. Notice if you are feeling the following symptoms:

    • Difficulty in breathing
    • Varying heart rate
    • Loss of focus
    • Unconscious state of mind
    • Nervousness
    • Seizures
    • Delusions
    • Pale-yellow skin

    Just in case, if you see these symptoms being completely obvious after the shot of kratom and alcohol, it’s time to reach your local emergency number and call for the doctor as soon as possible.

    Final Verdict

    As there is a need for more in-depth studies for combining kratom and alcohol, one should refrain from using these two substances together. But, if you still want to give it a try, low doses of each substance is what you have to go for to be at the safer end.


    Can kratom reduce alcohol dependence?

    According to user reviews, kratom when taken before consuming alcohol significantly reduced the desire for more alcohol among substance abusers. This way, the dependence on alcohol got lowered with time.

    Is it harmless to blend kratom and alcohol?

    For some users, the experience was much safe and for others it was devastating. Hence, a safer option is to go for lower doses of kratom and alcohol at your first attempt and observe the response of your body.

    How will I recognize that I have overdosed kratom and alcohol?

    When an individual consumes relatively higher doses of kratom and alcohol, it is evident then overdose effects will appear sooner. These effects include varying heart rate, shortness of breath, seizures, spinning head, hallucinations, and unconsciousness.

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