Kratom Drink Mixes – 9 Best, Easy And Tasty Combinations To Feel Good

    Kratom has been a part of the life of Southeast Asians for many centuries. However, many users take kratom in capsules, gummies, tablets, tinctures, powder, or raw leaves. Some individuals choose to blend kratom with something that can overcome its bitterness. Mixing this unique therapeutic with a beverage is simple, giving you the health benefits and masking its natural taste.

    If you are worried about how to drink kratom, here we have gathered some easy-to-make kratom drink recipes for all of you who want to enjoy the perks of this incredible substance without its earthy flavor. Mixing kratom in food or beverages does not lower the efficacy of this plant. The only thing to remember is that these verdant leaf’s effects can show their effects after 10 to 15 minutes; otherwise, this particular beverage is perfect for unwinding. 

    What Are Kratom Drink Mixes?

    Kratom drink mixes contain powdered or liquid kratom as the primary ingredient. Kratom powder or extract is mixed with water, fruit juice, or other beverages to prepare kratom drink mixes that help avoid its bitter taste.

    Kratom is becoming a world-famous herb for its miraculous power to relieve distress and agony, increase focus and energy and produce euphoric effects; many people want to add it to their diet. This tropical plant has two main alkaloids that make this plant very potent: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

    But what about taking kratom in a blended, flavorful combination to enjoy all its magical wellness advantages? When you mix kratom in any beverage, it becomes extraordinary. If you want to explore more about the best kratom drinks, keep reading.

    How To Take Kratom Drink Mixes?

    When we talk about taking this tree leaf in the form of liquid for refreshment, many combinations come front. These unlimited combos are perfect for everyone. But it is crucial to ensure one thing before mixing kratom in your favorite beverage method that is

    • The liquid should not be hot to avoid the deformation of this plant’s active components.

    Why Should You Take Kratom Drink Mixes?

    One can take kratom in any form. You may chew, swallow or brew it into something. But what about having a reinvigorating glass that will give you aroma, toothsome flavor and energizing boost? Most users search for mixing kratom in a drink rather than taking capsules or powders directly. So it is a better option to try kratom with something more revitalizing.  

    Try Some Easy To Make DIY Kratom Drink Recipes

    Either you want to mix this medicinal plant leaf in your morning coffee or pre and post-workout beverages; if you like kratom and hate its somewhat earthy flavor and want a fix, no problem. Luckily, we got you the answer to making the best kratom drinks by listing the most sumptuous recipes. Stop blending kratom with simple water or milk that is most probably quite difficult to ingest; try tasty energy kratom drinks; you can  consider the following suggestions below.

    Orange Juice with Kratom

    If you are looking at how to drink kratom powder, let us look first at some juice kratom drink choices. We all love to have orange juice; its unique sweet and sour taste is fantastic. Orange has vitamins and nutrients as a juicy fruit with citric acid to make your body healthy.

    This kratom and orange juice fusion are ideal to have for breakfast. The citric acid in orange will help carry the herb’s alkaloids into your body more effectively. All you need is two ingredients; oranges and your choice of mitragyna powder. Squeeze four oranges to make a glass of orange juice, mix it with kratom powder and enjoy it.

    Lemonade And Kratom

    Another juicy and mouth-watering treat to mouth is Lemonade, which is our favorite childhood beverage. Taking a cold, refreshing, luscious glass of Lemonade in the afternoon is a plus in summer. This bittersweet liquid will become a fantastic mixture if combined with kratom powder. The intense citrus in the lemon will cover the bitterness of kratom and give you its benefits with a burst of refreshment. To make it, prepare the Lemonade, but use raw sugar or honey, squeeze some extra lemon drops to eliminate the earthy flavor of this green plant, and finally, mix your preferred strain powder.

    How To Make A Kratom Juice Drink?

    This beverage is for those who are very conscious about their diet. Like this herb itself, grapefruit also has some bitterness. The stirring taste of grapefruit helps to overcome the flavor of this tropical plant’s leaf.

    Adding this herbal powder to a glass of grapefruit juice will give you many health advantages and nutrients. So take a glass of grapefruit juice and then blend it with your choice of strain powder. Although mixing two tart-flavored things seems weird, the resultant extract will be very satisfying and promising regarding wellness.

    Kratom And Milk

    If you are not juice taking person, you may wear a healthy milky blend before bed or while rising early in the morning to feel calmer and relaxed. Mixing kratom with milk is rare among users, but it can give you a good experience.

    This milky beverage will be a tasty and nutritional blend for you. You can use flavored milk like mango, banana, strawberry, or chocolate. Add the desired amount of kratom powder in cool milk and avail yourself of it.

    Kratom In Protein Shake

    A protein shake is a must for all who want to achieve fitness goals, but luckily, you can mix protein shakes with kratom to make it a perfect fit for you. This nutritious blend will give you a boost of vigor to offer you energy before and after doing the workout. So add the powdered form of kratom leaves to your protein shake and experience more stamina and power to exercise than just a regular shake. 

    Making A Smoothie To Take This Liquid Kratom Extract Drink

    Another easy and delicious method is blending kratom with a smoothie, which will be a great combo. This recipe is famous for its nutritional perks, finger-licking texture, and taste. 

    To attain the desired thickness, you must add the required amount of kratom powder, your favorite fruit or vegetable, in a blender and blend it well. Add water, simple or flavored milk and yogurt to enhance flavor. 

    To make it sweeter, add any sweetener, but natural ones like raw sugar or honey are preferred. If you want to have this kratom smoothie cool, you can also add ice. 

    Kratom Tea

    After discussing all the cold beverages, here comes the traditional method of taking this magical medicinal plant in a hot drink. You should use flavored tea instead of a simple one to avoid its gritty and earthy flavor.

    First, make a regular tea and let it cool at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes. All this is to avoid the denaturing of active ingredients of kratom. Add the evergreen tree leaves and seep into the tea for another 5 minutes. After that, you can add natural sugar or honey to enhance the taste, and you are good to go with a very vitalizing and blissful cup of tea.

    Kratom Coffee

    Although taking this dazzling green leaf in tea is traditional, mixing kratom with juices, smoothies, and shakes is the latest. Mixing kratom with coffee is also worth it. The blended aroma of coffee with this herbal extract will give you and more calming and revitalizing effect.

    The ingredients of both complement each other in a significant way. So whether you take a mug of coffee in the morning or evening, mix it with this fantastic kratom powder to feel a mesmerizing and provoking result. But as you have read earlier, you should avoid mixing kratom powder into a very hot coffee to save it from denaturing.

    Kratom And Chocolate

    Chocolate is famous for its unique taste and mood-enhancing properties, but you can add somewhat gritty kratom powder to your cocoa-based beverages. This blend may sound strange, but it is very flavorful. The delightful drink requires a cup of chocolate milk and the powdered form of this natural herb. Mix both wells and enjoy a chilled or hot cocoa and kratom-infused drink.

    User’s Review About These Energy Drinks Containing Kratom

    Personal experience of kratom blends may differ. But most kratom enthusiasts are optimistic about drinks with kratom and also like this method of taking kratom in a liquid form. Users combine kratom with drinks as a daily beverage instead of simple water. Another used kratom-infused buttermilk to have its potential effects without feeling its bitterness.  

    How Many Times Can You Take Kratom Drinks In A Day?

    The dosage of this herbal beverage varies from person to person. You can take kratom drink mixes in the morning, afternoon, or late evening. Taking a small dose of this medicinal plant and having a gap of 5 to 6 hours between the drinks is suggested.

    Additionally, overconsumption of any therapeutic can make you dependent on it, so it is essential to use kratom drink mixes in a  balanced way with a prescription from a healthcare provider.

    Can You Drink Alcohol With Kratom?

    Mixing alcohol with kratom can be dangerous, enhance its soothing effects, and may lead to worse conditions like sweating, vomiting, and even death if taken in a higher dosage. Both can interact and overstimulate the user. So you can think about mixing it with anything but, of course, not with alcohol.  

    The Final Wrap Up

    As mentioned earlier, kratom drink mixes recipes can be a heavenly and blissful blend for all of you. These pocket-friendly and easy ways to take kratom-infused beverages are safe if one takes them right. So try kratom drink mixes and add a small amount to your favorite drink to experience a refreshing and energizing boost.

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