Can I Make My Own Kratom Extract?

    Want to make your own kratom extracts? Is it safe? Is it possible? All your queries will be answered here! The concentrated mitragyna speciosa extracts are all that kratom enthusiasts talk about today. Their popularity is increasing rigorously. They are prepared from either leaves or powder and contain a concentrated amount of alkaloids.

    What Is The Difference Between Kratom Extracts And Powder?

    New kratom users often mix its powder with the powder extracts. The extract powder starts off from the leaves or the powder but is processed to become more potent. For making extract powder, the leaves are boiled and the liquid is then strained. It is then again boiled to remove excess water and is then made into a fine dark-coloured paste. The paste is then dried and again processed to form a powder.

    The kratom powder, on the other hand, is simply obtained by grinding the Mitragyna speciosa leaves. It is less concentrated than the extracts, and an equal amount of extract contains more alkaloids than the simple powder. Extract powders tend to be on the darker side in appearance as a lot of plants are boiled to produce a small amount of extract. In addition to that, extracts have a sharp smell.

    What Are The Different Types Of Kratom Extracts?

    Kratom extracts are a more concentrated source of alkaloids. They are available in four major forms.

    • Extract powder
    • Teas
    • Tinctures
    • Resin Extract

    The extract powder is concentrated from the powder or leaves by boiling them and then drying the mixture to obtain the powdered form again.

    The tea is the water-based extract obtained by allowing the kratom powder to steep in hot water. Tinctures are obtained by allowing the kratom leaves to sit along with alcohol for a long period of time. The resins are thick pastes obtained by boiling and concentrating kratom leaves or powder.

    What are the benefits of making your own kratom extracts?

    There are a lot of benefits to making your own kratom extracts. These include:

    Kratom extracts are expensive

    There is an extensive process behind the preparation of kratom extracts, and that is why they are expensive when purchased from vendors. Home-made extracts are rather inexpensive as you only have to pay for the ingredients and not for the making.

    You can never be 100% sure of the quality when buying from outside, as vendors often sell adulterated kratom extracts. This requires an additional investment in carrying out quality tests. In the end, you have to pay a lot for a small number of extracts.

    Extracts are not easily available in the market

    Vendors often have to import kratom supplies, and therefore for them, extracts are a risky product. The product can be contaminated on the way and in this way a lot of money can go into the bin. 

    As a result, not many vendors import kratom extracts, which accounts for their less available on the market. The best plan here is to prepare your own desirable extracts at home.

    You cannot find all strains on the market!

    This is a luxury you only enjoy by making your own kratom extracts. The few vendors that sell kratom extracts only have some popular strains, and if you are looking for extracts made from a special strain that is not very popular, you cannot get it on the market. The best solution here is to make your own extracts with whatever strain you like.

    You can add or remove whatever you want!

    Even if it is the first time you are trying tinctures, you will have to buy a standard packaging from the market that will go to waste if you do not like it. In addition to that, a few people like to add some other herbs with kratom powder to enjoy additional benefits or to improve its taste. In the market, however, you only get pure kratom extracts. When preparing at home, you can have all the freedom you like.

    Alcohol-based kratom extracts

    There are basically three steps in preparing alcohol-based kratom extracts. These are

    • Preparing a kratom. Alcohol and acid mixture
    • Extracting the alkaloids
    • Concentrating the solution

    How To Make a Kratom Tincture?

    One of the very commonly made kratom extracts is the tincture. It is easy to make and is highly concentrated. It is an alcohol-based extract which makes it highly potent. It is generally considered more effective than the other extracts as alcohol preserves alkaloids for a longer time.


    Before starting, it is important that you have all the ingredients on your counter. These include:

    • Kratom leaves or its powder
    • Alcohol for the base. The most commonly used alcohol is 40% ethanol alcohol, such as vodka or rum. Do not use rubbing alcohol. It releases toxic fumes as it contains hazardous chemicals.
    • Citric acid or even simply lemon juice. Either of these will increase the efficacy of the extraction as alcohol rapidly evaporates, the acid stabilizes, and reduces the rate of evaporation.
    • Wrong gauge or a digital meter to weigh powder or leaves at the start. Adding a measured product allows you to obtain extracts of the desired potency.
    • pH strips that measure the acidity level 
    • Measuring cups to measure the liquid ingredients
    • Dark-colored bottles to store your extracts and protect from light. The extracts that are protected from light tend to remain effective for longer.
    • Strainer or cheesecloth
    • Mason jars

    The Following Are The Directions For Making kratom Tincture

    • First of all, separate the leaves or powder of your desired strain. This step is crucial since the type of effects your kratom extract will have depends on the choice of your strain.
    • Generally, it is advised to make your first shot with 4 to 5 ounces or 100 to 150 grams of powder or leaves. This makes an amount of tincture equal to one tincture bottle.
    • Once you have separated your desired strain in the right amount, it is time to add alcohol. Add the kratom powder/leaves to a mason jar and pour alcohol into it. The leaves/powder should not cover more than half of the jar, and the amount of alcohol should completely submerge the kratom leaves/powder.
    • The ratio of kratom powder/ leaves and alcohol should be 1:4. This means for every 4 ounces of kratom powder/leaves. There should be 1-liter alcohol.
    • Add citric acid to this mixture. Citric acid is a weak organic acid and is easily available at local grocery stores. As an alternative, you can also use lemon juice or simply squeeze a lemon.
    • The pH strip is used to measure the pH while adding citric acid. The pH should reach 4, and once it does, you should stop adding citric acid. Avoid adding too much acid, as if the tincture gets too acidic, it will lead to canker sores in the mouth.
    • Once the acid is added, seal the mixture and keep it in a cool, dry place. Shake the mixture vigorously and continually and keep it sealed for about a week. During this time, place the jar in a hot water bath for an hour and then remove it. Repeat this procedure three or more times.
    • Cook the mixture on a crock pot on a very low flame for about 3 days.
    • Strain the mixture and pour the liquid into a clean jar. Allow it to evaporate once half of the liquid is evaporated. Pour the rest into bottles.

    Healthy tip!

    If you have a health condition that prevents you from consuming too much sugar, you can add a little glycerin to your mixture of alcohol, kratom leaves/powder, and acid. This is also good for those who cannot consume too much alcohol.

    Water Based-Kratom Extracts

    You can also produce a water-based tincture if you want to avoid alcohol completely. However, it will be less potent. Water-based kratom extracts are a viable option for all those running from alcohol and acids. They are not as potent as alcohol-based tinctures, but they are a healthier option. 

    How To Make Kratom Extract Tea?

    Kratom teas are the simplest of all the extracts. For making kratom tea, crushed or whole kratom leaves are steep in water. You can prepare it even on the go if you have hot water and kratom leaves. The preparation is quite simple. Add your recommended dosage of kratom leaves in a container and pour hot water ( not boiling water). All the contents steep for 10 minutes and then drink strained or with leaves.

    It is important to note that the water should not be very hot unless it breaks down the alkaloids, and the tea will only be concentrated if you allow it to steep longer.

    How To Make Kratom Resin Extract?

    The resins do not contain a lot of liquid. That is why they are thick and more like semi-solid paste. They are very concentrated and thus potent. To make kratom resins add kratom powder in a container and add water. 

    The quantity of water should be so that it covers the powder completely. Mix it thoroughly and then lemon or lime juice into it. Allow the whole mixture to steep overnight. The mixture should be frozen to a solid. 

    In the next step, add this solid kratom mixture into boiling water. Then again, add lemon or lime juice and allow a quarter of water to evaporate. Allow the mixture to cool and then half of the water to evaporate. After that, simmer this wet powder once again in boiling water and follow the last procedure. Repeat this process once more, and after you have evaporated half of the water the third time, transfer the mixture to an oven-safe dish. Cook the contents in the oven at 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. After the evaporation of water, a thick paste will be left behind.

    Which Is The Most Potent Extract Of All?

    According to many users, they find it a little hard to decide which is the most potent of all. Both tinctures and resins are very potent and concentrated. Rein extracts are somewhat harder to prepare, but tinctures take longer. In addition to that, not many users like to take their kratom dosage in the form of a thick paste; however, when added to shakes and smoothies, resins can be an ideal treat. Tinctures, on the other hand, have to be consumed raw.

    The Benefit Of Kratom Extracts And Their Dosage

    The best thing about kratom extracts is that you take your recommended dosage. You need to take a lot less than the powder or leaves. Kratom extracts are usually labelled as 15x, 25x, or 50x, which simply means that the extract is 15, 25, and 50 times more concentrated than the powder. You can design this potency at home depending upon the amount of powder or leaves used and the amount of tincture produced.


    Kratom extracts can easily be prepared at home with little effort. The homemade extracts are pure, less contaminated, and inexpensive. In order to keep them for a long time, store them in dark-coloured bottles and in a cool, dry place. In addition to that, keep the bottles away from sunlight.

    No information mentioned above is backed by the FDA. It is collected from regular kratom users and is not intended to endorse any medication to cure any disease or ailment.

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