The Best Way To Take Kratom For Beginners

    In recent times, kratom isn’t a rare sight. Many people from different continents are now aware of what kratom is and how it affects.

    With a large part of the world drooling over kratom, there are now a couple of ways of consuming it. No one way is right, or wrong.

    Some swear by a particular method while others may have an entirely different preference, so it is primarily subjective.

    However, as a beginner, you might want to know the best way to try your kratom, because after all, the first impression is the last.

    Even as regular consumers, the best way to take kratom is the one with the least side effects and more pleasant effects.

    So here we have compiled for you a variety of ways you can enjoy kratom and also the best way of taking kratom. We don’t stop there; we will also point out the things you should preferably avoid.

    Finding out the best way of taking kratom is no rocket science. Undeniably, it might take a few attempts of trial and error, a few changes here and there, but ultimately you will end with a perfect kratom match for you.

    For newbies, we should briefly talk about kratom

    All of you know coffee, right?

    Kratom belongs to the same family as the coffee tree. It is a Southeast Asian evergreen, tropical, herbal tree which is packed with an exhaustive list of medicinal benefits and positive effects, therefore a popular herbal choice for many.

    Over time, kratom has been made available in many forms, powdered form, capsules, extracts, tablets and loose tea.

    To choose from these forms is entirely a personal preference coupled with the benefits and the side effects each form can impart.

    Before we label any one way of taking kratom as the best way, we should first be aware of how many ways kratom can be taken. Do you know?

    What Are The Different Ways Of Using Kratom?

    Typically there are three ways of taking kratom that is reflected by the regular consumers of kratom.

    a) Directly Ingest Kratom

    Kratom can be directly ingested either by swallowing the kratom powder, by chewing the leaves or by ingesting the capsules.

    b) Process Kratom

    For taking kratom by processing it, you will either have to smoke the dried leaves or brew the leaves in water to make kratom tea. These are the two popular ways of processing kratom.

    c) Mix Kratom With Food

    Many users who do not find the kratom flavour pleasant, they mix their kratom with either fluids or food to make their kratom more palatable.

    For example, kratom can be blended with the smoothie of your choice or your favourite beverage, be it hot or cold.

    Alternatively, you can add kratom to your daily meals, for instance, you can spread it on the bread with peanut butter, honey or any spread at all. You can mix it with yoghurt; you can add to your baking goods, so on and so forth.

    For combining kratom with food, the sky is the limit!

    Let us talk about some of the most commonly used ways of consuming kratom.

    Many kratom consumers love to toss kratom directly into their mouths, with no additives and no combinations. They want it pure! This is popularly known as:

    1) Toss & Wash Method

    Not only this is the simplest way, but it is undoubtedly the quickest way of consuming your kratom.

    If you are the one who doesn’t like to combine different tastes or if your taste buds get confused with multiple flavours, then this is the method for you.

    Also, if you don’t have time to brew kratom or take loads of kratom leaves to smoke it, then you are surely going to love the convenience that this method offers.

    As the name suggests, you have to first toss some kratom powder in your mouth (here, don’t go overboard with the dosages, scoop out a desired quantity of kratom only), immediately drink water, swill and gulp down!

    Another alternative is to drink water, keep it in your mouth, then add kratom powder. This will prevent the powder from sticking in your mouth.

    However, on a lighter note, it is difficult to open the mouth when it is full of water to add powder, without spilling the water.

    Also, you can substitute water with any fluid of your choice, such as apple juice.
    Well, as easy as it sounds, it has some precautionary points that are worth mentioning here:

    When you toss the kratom powder directly into your mouth, it gives a sharp, bitter taste and the effects are also quite rapidly seen.

    Though it might be a PRO for experts, it is a CON for the newbies, so this is not advisable for beginners,

    Even for experts, it is advisable to break larger doses into bits before tossing into your mouth.

    A larger amount of powder in the mouth may stick to your mouth and throat, causing you to gag or cough.

    Also, it will be difficult for you to wash a more massive amount of powder with the water. Therefore, best is to toss a little at a time.

    2) Chewing Dried Leaves

    Many consumers buy a bulk of kratom leaves, dry the leaves and store it carefully for prolonged use.

    Chewing dried leaves directly may give you rapid effects but also a bitter taste. So again, this might not be for beginners.

    Also, this method is not suitable for those who are not aware of the correct method of drying and storing kratom leaves.

    On the other hand, this is the best way if you can buy bulk (as it is cheaper), dry it on farms and store it efficiently.

    3) Kratom Capsules & Tablets

    This is one of the most portable ways of taking kratom. Many don’t have the time to dry the leaves, then store them or brew the leaves to make tea.

    Kratom in capsule or tablet form not only saves the preparation time but also protects you from the risks and efforts of scooping out the incorrect dosages.

    With capsules and tablets, you don’t need to worry about the bitter taste, nor you have to weigh a dose before using.

    You carry the capsules wherever you go; you toss those effortlessly, with no after taste problems.

    In every fairy tale, there is a villain, so here we have a drawback to share!

    With the capsules, the effects are a little delayed; this prompts the user to take more than the desired dosage, hence a chance of overdose.

    4) Kratom With Liquids

    Some don’t like the bitterness of kratom. If you are one of them, you should take juices with kratom.

    The additional benefit of juice, besides the eradication of after taste, is that some citrous juices act as potentiators.

    With high vitamin C content, the effects of kratom get stronger and persist longer than usual.

    You can also simply blend your kratom dose with any fruits to prepare a perfect smoothie.

    Then comes the popular kratom tea. You can throw in some kratom leaves or powder into water, brew, and have a perfect cup of tea. Just make sure to add only the desired quantity of kratom to avoid overdosing.

    This method may not be the best for those who don’t want to wait 15-20 minutes watching out as the tea brews, but it is undoubtedly the best for beginners and for those who don’t like the harsh taste.

    You can always add some flavor to the tea. Try adding honey or lemon!

    5) Smoking Kratom

    Smoking kratom is no different from tobacco smoking. Some consumers like smoking kratom, but it has not proven to be effective, mainly because of the milder effects it imparts when smoked as compared to when it is directly ingested.

    A significant drawback is that you need to burn a larger quantity of kratom leaves to get a considerable effect. That would cost you double! Let alone the damage to the respiratory tract.

    6) Kratom Extracts

    Kratom extracts are highly concentrated forms of kratom. Ethanol, water or CO2 are used as solvents to dissolve the alkaloids to form a highly potent form of kratom.

    Some natural flavours are added to find a balance between taste and potency.

    Extracts don’t contain all the alkaloids of kratom, instead, a few alkaloids are concentrated to form extracts; therefore, you might miss all the benefits of kratom alkaloids!

    Also, owing to its potency, extracts may not be suitable for beginners. If you are an expert user looking for a potent kratom with the alkaloids of your choice, then this is the best for you!

    Since there is no one universal best way of taking kratom, you are the only decision-maker here.

    With the pros and cons of each method, coupled with your level, i.e. beginner/intermediate/expert, you will soon be able to decide your best way of taking kratom.

    With all the methods of taking kratom one scroll away, it’s up to you to select and find the best approach. A few trials, using different methods, is all that you need to do.

    Get experimental to find the best!

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