The 5 Best Kratom Strains For Weight Loss

    Have you ever wished to have the same curvy body like the models on the magazine’s front page?

    Are you the one who has spent indefinite periods searching diet plans and exercises on google to shed some pounds?

    If your efforts have ended in smoke, then you have landed on the right page this time. The journey of weight loss is frustrating, but the risks associated with obesity are even worse.

    Since long, there has been an ongoing battle between heart and brain to restrict food and to try some new exercises, each time losing the stamina sooner than required.

    Kratom Can Help You In The Weight Loss Journey

    Along with the countless medicinal effects of Mitragyna, an additional characteristic of kratom is its ability to combat obesity. What is better than naturally occurring leaves of the evergreen trees?

    Obesity is not only a matter of appearance, but it also affects an individual psychologically and physically. An obese person is more prone to diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, osteoarthritis, heart diseases,.

    Who doesn’t drool when a juicy, cheesy burger is advertised or served?

    Desserts excite our taste buds and fast food rules over our food choices. Human’s food choices and sedentary lifestyles have increased worldwide obesity three times since 1975, according to WHO.

    With the rise in education and awareness, our generation has been made more aware of the benefits of being fit and healthy. Even those who are within the normal limits of BMI seem to be inclined to remain active and fit. With all the fancy food available, it is a task to remain in perfect shape.

    Do You Know The Biggest Obstacle In The Weight Loss Journey?

    Lack of determination and side effects of the crash diet plans and the diet supplements!

    The chemical supplements that are commercially available claim to help in rapid weight loss but do not reveal the other side of the picture. Don’t these have adverse effects?

    Kratom, being a natural substance, protects you from the hazardous side effects, without compromising on your weight loss journey.

    Is Kratom A Weight Loss Supplement?

    Kratom is not a weight loss supplement per se, but it modifies the lifestyle. It adds to the motivation. It alters your approach to losing weight, which, in other words, means it has indirect positive effects on your weight loss journey.

    It is a lifestyle-supplement, is it even a word? No, its an expression!

    How Does Kratom Help with Weight Loss?

    Kratom is a stimulant, an energizing agent. It boosts your energy and prepares your mind to fight the factors stopping you from getting active.

    Who would have the motivation to workout at the end of a long tiring day?

    Well, ask those who regularly take kratom, they swear by its energizing potential.

    Not only it gives you a physical boost, but it also clears your mind and wipes of the depression, so you are more than ever enthusiastic about regaining your lost confidence by shedding some weight and cutting down belly fat.

    Another great property of ketum is its anxiolytic effect. It eradicates the anxiety and enhances the mood. You no longer just think and worry about your weight; instead, you stand up and run for it!

    When your nerves are relaxed, your mind is stress-free, you have a more focused approach towards losing weight.
    Then there is its effect on appetite. Kratom is known to be an appetite suppressant. With regular use, it optimizes your food cravings, modulating your food choices.

    When do we order a pizza despite having a mighty dinner? At midnight! Why? Just because of the craving! It is more of craving and less of hunger that makes you binge-eat. Kratom fights this!

    You might be thinking that if kratom decreases food intake, doesn’t it affect the blood glucose levels? This is what makes kratom a miracle herb. It suppresses the food cravings and appetite, along with maintaining steady glucose levels.

    Kratom also helps you sleep. Sleep disturbances can make it hard for you to maintain a steady weight. With a sounder sleep, the weight loss is smoother.

    Besides, if the pain is an obstacle, stopping you from exercising, kratom got that covered too. One day you may warm up your muscles, but the next day due to sore muscles, you skip exercising until you lose the motivation again. Taking kratom regularly relieves the pain, avoiding the long gaps between exercise or any physical activity.

    That is why kratom is an all-rounder. It gives you the energy to work out, relieves the associated soreness, fights off the depression and anxiety that is putting you down and enhances your mood.

    Which Kratom Strains are Best for Losing Weight?

    If you are a kratom fan, by now you must have read all about the three types of veins the kratom leaves have; Red, Green, and White.

    For weight loss, white wins the competition.

    Owing to its excellent mood-enhancing and stimulation effects, it gives you all the energy that you are looking for. It fights the urge to lie on the sofa and watch TV; instead, it boosts up your morale and clears your mind. With regular intake, you overcome the obstacle of lack of determination.

    Red strains help because of their analgesic and anti-anxiety effects. Alleviating pain helps you to add some exercises to your daily routine, consequently helping in shedding weight.

    Green strain helps its users to be more focused and active. With subtle sedative potential, it finds a perfect balance between making you active and then helps you get a good sleep.

    Among the most popular strains of ketum that reduce the reading on the weight scale, Thai and Maeng Da kratom top the list.

    1) Thai Kratom

    It is the most potent appetite suppressant among the kratom strains. White veined Thai is known for its energizing and stimulant effects. Regular users have reviewed it as one of the best kratom strains to help them maintain the energy levels needed for a workout. Moreover, its effects are long-lasting.

    Red-veined Thai should be preferably avoided due to its strong sedative potential, whereas green strain has an effect midway between both. However, it is less beneficial than white-veined Thai for vitalizing.

    2) Maeng Da kratom

    Maeng Da Kratom from Thailand shines the brightest when it comes to enlivening. It is a blend of potent alkaloids specifically aimed at recharging you. Especially, the Gold Maeng Da Kratom and White Maeng Da strains, which have unparalleled effects on mood and cognition.

    With the combination of energy and euphoria, you will be able to fight the urge of lying down on your couch; instead, you will be pumped up for the desired physical activity. Good mood affects your food choices too. With a boosted morale and active body, one is destined to have a perfect shape!

    3) White Mahakam Kratom

    White Mahakam is known for its mood-enhancing and vitalizing effects. This strain has a substantial impact on suppressing appetite without making you agitated. Other kratom strains like that form Lombok and the Sundanese kratom are also known for helping consumers maintaining their motivation for losing weight.

    4) Red Riau Kratom

    This kratom strain grows in Indonesia. With its miraculous healing effects, it has helped people in managing their post-workout pain. If you want to exercise regularly or go on a jog, you need calm nerves. Red Riau makes sure your anxiety in under-controlled, giving you the peace of mind you need.

    5) Green Elephant Kratom

    Physical activity requires motivation, stamina, and energy. Green Elephant kratom, with its stimulating effects, fades off the laziness and builds up the energy and stamina required to get active. It also improves mood and focus.

    What Makes The Above Strains Of Kratom Stand Out?

    The discussed strains have a robust effect in shedding weight due to the abundance of the alkaloids. Kratom has 25 different types of alkaloids, mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are the primary alkaloids responsible for the effects that contribute to your weight loss journey.

    What Is The Dose Required For Shedding Weight?

    No two bodies react to any drug similarly. One may have all the desired effects, while others may experience only a few. This phenomenon is more valid for herbal supplements. Therefore, kratom has variable effects on different people.

    From the feedbacks of the regular users, it is safe to deduce that moderate doses of kratom, i.e., 2 to 3 grams, should be sufficient for a substantial impact on body weight.

    Some consumers weren’t satisfied with the results of moderate doses, so they went a step ahead and increased their dosages for the desired effect on the weight.

    If you are taking kratom for the first time for shedding weight or cutting down your tummy, you should start with lower doses, i.e., 1 to 2 grams. You can always increase the dose once you are accustomed.

    How Long Should I Wait Before I Can See The Results?

    The weight loss journey is never easy. It is not rapid.

    No one loses weight overnight in a healthier manner. The pounds that took time to stick to different parts of your body need some time to shed off too.

    Correct food choices, physical activity, and regular kratom won’t fail you!

    The good news is that the consumers of the kratom report experiencing suppressed food cravings and decreased appetite after a few doses of kratom.

    They advocated for the beneficial effects of kratom on their food choices, mood, strength, energy, and morale, which together helped them reverse the movement of their digital scales. It no longer drove forward!

    Does Kratom Have The Problem of Rebound Weight Gain Once Stopped?

    You might have come across people who lost their weight while dieting but regained couple of Kgs again, even more than the baseline weight.

    This is because the commercially available diet supplemets are designed in a way that the user has to take them continuously, once stopped, they tend to gain more weight. Call it a marketing strategy or a side effect, either way it is a draw back of taking these supplements.

    Kratom, on the contrary, is a naturally occurring herbal supplement. It might not give you overnight results, but surely it won’t let the shed weight to return.

    Take-Home Message

    Obesity is a silent killer. Not only it shatters the confidence but bags along with a wide array of medical conditions. To choose to shed weight is not merely to please yourself or society; it’s to get healthy.

    A healthier weight loss should ideally be free of crash diets and commercially available, so-called diet pills; instead, it should be a slow, steady, and nutritious approach.

    High morale, physical activity, healthier food choices, along with herbal supplements like kratom as an adjunct can help you achieve your desired weight.

    Whether you choose Thai or Maeng Da strain or any strain of kratom, don’t forget to start low and go slow. Do not overdose. Excess kratom won’t help you get a flatter tummy or a lean body any sooner; it might contribute negatively to your health.

    Good luck with a happier weight loss journey!

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