Kratom Gator Review 2024– Is This Brand Trustworthy?

    Do you think most of the Kratom products in the market are not up to the mark? Because the market is flooded with various supplements, choosing a reputable product may be difficult for kratom lovers.

    Regardless of who is the most dependable supplier, there are still many well-known vendors out there. One of these happens to be ‘Kratom Gator’, a company that is seemingly on the rise. But before buying from any brand, a thorough insight is necessary. It is where we come in to help you make the best possible decision.

    What is Kratom Gator?

    KratomGator is a local Florida-based startup that focuses on quality Kratom and excellent customer service. They discovered this supplement after suffering a critical back injury and having to take powerful painkillers.

    Moreover, they have firsthand experience with the effects of opioids on the body and the addictions that can ensue. Even though their products are not for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, Kratom does have various benefits.

    It has been a few years since this business has been in the market. As a result, their supplements have had constant improvements, making them a worthy choice for obtaining Kratom. The brand also does its utmost to provide entirely safe products for the satisfaction of the customers.

    Since 2018, they have been collaborating directly with Southeast Asian farmers to provide you with the highest-quality Kratom products available. The crew comprises dedicated enthusiasts that work tirelessly every day to help the clients access the glory of nature via the proper usage of plant-derived supplements.

    Their website is

    Available Kratom  StrainsGreen VeinYellow Strain
    White Strain
    Red Vein
    Black Kratom Powder
    Product LineupPowders and tea spills and capsulesValue PacksKratom seeds
    Product safety and laboratory testsLab-tested products lab reports on the website accreditation from AKAPremium product packaging
    Mobile ApplicationEffortless and safer Kratom ordering
    Payment methodsCredit cards electronic check crypto-currency
    Delivery detailsImmediate order dispatch order ID for tracking through customer support international shipping
    Refund policyRefunds are not applicable
    Coupon codes and discounted dealsCoupon codes are available after signing up on the website weekly discounted deals also an available discount on large orders

    Available Kratom Strains

    Kratom Gator evaluated every variant out there before finalizing the strains they would offer. In the end, they settled for the following.

    • Green Vein strain for a focused state of mind
    • Yellow powder to boost the mood
    • White strain for long-lasting energy supplies
    • Red Vein to relax after a tiring day
    • Black powder for an overall Kratom spectrum experience

    Product Lineup

    Kratom Powders and Teas

    Kratom Gator has a wide range of supplement powders that are usable for making teas. You can get these products in sizes of 1 ounce, 4 ounces, 8 ounces, 16 ounces, and 1 kilo. According to the chosen weight, the price may vary between $9.99 and $159.99.

    Moreover, the company also has several samples and three-way split packs in powder form. Any first-time Kratom users may order the former to find out the most suitable product for them. On the other end, long-term Kratom users may want something refreshing, which is what the three-way split packs offer. 

    Kratom Pills And Capsules

    Are you one of the people who have to consume Kratom on the go? Lucky for you, this brand offers both pills and capsules, which are effortlessly portable. It also means you can take your Kratom with some water or another beverage.

    As a result, supplement consumption may become easier for you. There are five different products, ranging in price from $19.99 to $50.00. With an overall weight of 2 ounces, the available quantity is 50, 100, and 200 capsules.

    Value Line

    Any person who knows the value of money would want to save it wherever they can. Kratom Gator provides you the perfect opportunity to do just that. With significantly lesser prices, you can get similar quantities as other products. The available options are 8 ounces, 16 ounces, and 1 kilo, with the price between $35.99 and $99.90. However, these products are in limited supply, with them being only 5 in total. 

    Kratom Seeds

    This form of a supplement may not be available at any other supplier. You can pick up these premium Indonesian Kratom seeds for only $25.00. This product is popular because of its rapid germination and high quantity of alkaloids. As a result, you’ll get the essential kick to start the day. The available strains are only three, with the options being red, white, and green Kratom variants. 

    Product Safety And Laboratory Tests

    Every Kratom product needs thorough analysis before it can hit the market. These tests include checking for microbiological contaminants and heavy metals that may make these products unsafe.

    Even though KratomGator claims that its supplements are lab tested, there are no reports available on their website. It doesn’t necessarily suggest that they’re lying, but it does take away the customer’s confidence in the product. Laboratory test reports are necessary as they are solid proof of a brand’s claims. 

    Except for lab tests, accreditation from the American Kratom Association is also a vital factor. It would ensure that the vendor follows GMP rules and regulations while manufacturing Kratom products.

    As a result, the supplements are consistent with high-quality and maximum safety. However, it is a shame that this brand is not present in the list of AKA-accredited vendors. Consequently, there is no knowing if they follow GMP guidelines. 

    The vendor uses air-tight zip lock bags to pack their Kratom products. It ensures that their supplements are long-lasting and not vulnerable to contaminants from the outside world. 

    Kratom Gator Mobile Application (Easy To Use)

    This vendor stands out from the rest of the market because of its dedication to customer convenience. Kratom Gator made a mobile application that has all the features of its online website. Thanks to its fast installation and order processing feature, you can now order supplements with a few taps on your phone. Moreover, you will also have their blog in your pocket from now on.

    *Users give 5-star reviews to this app on PlayStore. 

    Payment Methods

    Paying with cash upon delivery can be quite a hassle. But, this vendor keeps customer satisfaction in mind to offer more convenient payment methods. You can make these payments through:

    • Credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, DISCOVER)
    • Electronic cheques
    • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

    Shipment Details

    Anyone needing Kratom supplements on short notice will be glad to know that Kratom Gator is very speedy when it comes to shipping. Every order undergoes immediate dispatch from the supplier. After placing an order, you will get a particular order number. With this number, you can reach out to their customer support to check your shipment’s whereabouts. 

    Nevertheless, keep in mind that the vendor can’t deliver outside the US.

    Refund Policy

    Product refunds are necessary because there is an occasional mix-up where you might get the wrong order. Even though most companies do offer such refunds, Kratom Gator mentions no such thing. All they have to say on the matter is that refunds are not applicable under any circumstances.

    Moreover, they say that any opened product doesn’t have any resale value, making all sales final. Understandably so, this might be a red flag for many customers, fearing that they could make a potential mistake with the order.  

    Coupon Codes And Discounted Deals

    Anyone needing a coupon code from the brand can make an account on their website. Every time any such coupon is available, the brand will reach out to you itself on your email. 

    Moreover, the supplier offers weekly slashed prices on some of their best-selling Kratom products. You may also get further discounts on large orders.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Extensive Is The Product line?

    Gator offers a wide range of Kratom variants in different forms. They also have black Kratom powder, which is a variant almost unheard of amongst other suppliers. 

    Are The Products Safe? 

    There are some questions about the safety of this vendor’s products. Even though there are no laboratory reports on the website, Kratom Gator does test its products. Moreover, it is a possibility that just because you don’t have accreditation from the AKA, you are also not following GMP rules. All in all, there is a relatively high chance that the products are safe for consumption.


    • Wide range of products
    • Speedy delivery
    • Multiple payment methods
    • Cooperative customer support
    • Lab-tested products
    • Coupon codes and discounted offers
    • Kratom application for convenience


    • No lab reports on the website
    • No accreditation from the American Kratom Association
    • No international deliveries
    • Refunds are not a possibility

    Final Thoughts

    Kratom Gator is a unique supplement supplier in a world full of vendors. Although some doubts exist over their product safety, there is no denying that their products are on another level. On top of that, they have a mobile application that makes purchases safer and more effortless than ever. If you are looking for high-quality supplements that won’t disappoint, be sure to try out Kratom Gator.

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